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Marathi, Hindi Internet on Android Phone

Updated on March 24, 2012

Android phones mostly never support Devanagari script. It is the writing script of Marathi and Hindi languages in India. It is strange when billions of the people speak these languages. I mean developers pay their attention to some thousand people, but they are ignoring these billions of the people. It is good that Indian people mostly know some basic English, but that doesn't mean that you can ignore their native language. I face many difficulties because my Android phone never support my language and I see only squares. My Marathi blog readers send me mails every day. Mostly these mails are in my own Marathi language. I can't reply them from my phone. I open up my laptop only to reply them. This is so frustrating. I even can't read any Marathi or Hindi Blog articles. These were the important problems in front of me.

Android Internet Web Browser for Hindi
Android Internet Web Browser for Hindi

Web Browser to read Marathi, Hindi Internet Content

Then I found the solution to my problem in the Android Market. There is one web browser which renders Hindi Unicode within the application using Hindi Unicode web fonts. Now, I can read my favorite Marathi, Hindi blogs on my Android phone. The name of this application is SETT Hindi web browser. Android Market is now known as Google Play. So it is available in the Google Play for free of cost.

This web browser supports flash, blocks spam, sync bookmarks, etc. You can use this Andriod web browser in the full screen mode and you can open unlimited tabs. More than 50 thousand people downloaded this Android application on their phone and this application have 4 star ratings. You can also buy Ad-free version of this Android phone web browser.

I hope you found this hub helpful. If someone in your family or friend circle is facing the same problem, refer them to this article.


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