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What is Communication Server in a Network: Meaning and Definition

Updated on April 29, 2013

What is a Communication Server: Article Summary

This hub will contain the meaning and definition of a Communication server within a network. What does a Communication Server do and where it is usually used for.

Definition of a Communication Server in a Network

The definition of Communication Server in networking is quite confusing. But it is mainly used especially by the Telecommunication companies, and hardware and software manufacturers as well as its vendors and distributors. Communication Servers are used for standard computing and a main foundation server to established and build network infrastructures. It is widely supported especially by the ones in the Communication Industries because it helps them to add value to its system infrastructure while dealing with the ever changing clients and buyers’ needs. Communication servers are reliable, flexible, useful, usable and accessible. It is flexible in a way that it lets the company to easily modify its infrastructures to protect its clients’ investments. Aside from that it is also easy for the company to integrate applications from time to time that it sees good and beneficial for its businesses. It is useful in a way that it can perform what the users expect it to do and provide; while, it is usable because communication server provides many tools for the tasks that needs to be done and tools for some development purposes.

Where Communication Server Used for

Aside from the functions that said above, despite of its popularity in Telecommunication Industry, Communication server is also used in digital imaging especially in health technologies and aerospace technologies. Its functions contribute better ways for many kind of technologies nowadays. The main reason for this is its flexibility to meet the demands of the fast changing trends of a modern world as well as its ‘high availability’ standard and ‘fault recovery’ options.

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