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What is a Database Server and What is a Database Server Used For

Updated on April 29, 2013

What is a Database Server: Article Summary

Includes definition of database server and answer to a question on what is a database server used for. It will also provide examples on how does a database server works in a backend and frontend systems both in the online and offline environments.

Definition of a Database Server

The database server is a computer application that process, store, analyze and categorize data’s or information entered from other computer inside a network. Database server can be used online or offline without an internet connection as long as the computers are networked. There are many databases available worldwide but some of the well-known are the Oracle Database Server developed by Oracle Corporation, MySQL Database developed by MySQL AB Company now a property of Oracle Corporation and Microsoft Access developed by Microsoft Corporation.

What is a Database Server Used For

Database server is essentially the one that organizes and stores data’s entered by the users in a network of computers. Database system is specially used for systems or computer applications that collect data’s from its user. So that, when a certain information is needed from previous transactions, the client could easily check it by requesting the database to display the data for some evaluation. Additionally, database server are usually used in the banks, schools/college/universities, stores/malls, e-commerce websites, accounting firms and other companies which inputs and retrieve important, large chunks of data’s every day.

How does a Database Server Works

Let us cite an example in an offline and online environment or in a network of computers that are connected wired and wirelessly.

Example of how the Database Server Works offline (Wired Computer Network)

For example, an ‘Enrollment, Billing and Grading System’ of a University. This whole system has 3 modules, the Enrollment Module, the Billing Module and the Grading Module. The 3 modules could not work without the other, because each is valuable to the other. Duringthe enrollment period, the enrolling officers are required of two things.

1. Enter the name, address, guardian and other information of a student in a form inside the computer for the new students to be saved in the database server and be enrolled. This act uses the Enrollment Module, when the student will pay for the enrollment fees, the act would be using the Billing Module.

2. Enter the ID Number of the old student, (use Enrollment Module), then check his/her grades if there are failed grades (use Grading Module), and check whether he/she has balances (use Billing module) then assign appropriate courses for him/her (use Enrollment module), then pay for his/her enrollment fees (use Billing Module), now he/she is enrolled. New data’s will be saved to the database such as the subject enrolled by the students. So that when the entering of grades will come, the computer will simply retrieve the data’s in the database and update. That is how important database servers are, it makes work fast and easy.

Similarly, the saving and retrieving of information is only possible with the use of a database server. The use of database server provides history and it is valuable for institutions such as school/universities, banks and malls. It is just like a cabinet full of folders, papers and receipts, only the folders, papers and receipts are inside the database server, which then make things better.

Example of how the Database Server Works Online (Wireless Computer Network)

One of the best examples is Ebay, an online e-commerce site with many signed-up sellers and buyers. In order for the site to accommodate large number of users and saved all the actions or transaction each user made, the database server is very essential. Without the database server, things like this might not be possible. Through its database server, the data’s can be saved, organized and retrieved every time it is needed.

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