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What is a Computer Server and What is a Computer Server Used for

Updated on April 29, 2013

What is a Computer Server in Networking: Article Summary

This hub will contain the definition of a computer server in computer networking and will also mention the answer on what is a computer server used for in a network, especially in a cyber café or internet café, and office network or home network.

Definition of a Computer Server in Networking

A computer server is the leading computer of the other computers inside the network. Usually, you can find a computer server in a cyber café, in your office computer network or even in your home, provided that you have group of computers and other devices that are connected to each other. In a cyber café, you can easily pinpoint which one is the computer server because it is the one which is used by the café manager in allotting the time bought by the customer. The owner of an internet café may also have a computer server in his office to monitor the activities and time consumed by all the computers inside the café. Usually, the computer server is way more powerful in terms of CPU capabilities than the other computer inside the network. It has more efficient computer memory to hold some applications that is accessed by the member computers when needed by the customer or client’s computer. Similar in a home network, there will be at least one computer that will act as a server in order for the owner to manipulate the devices and applications inside his own network. While, in an office network, computer servers are usually located on the IT department, which has employees that were hired in order to manage the network activities of the entire office; but if such department does not exist, more or less computer servers are located on the table of the Network Administrator or System Administrator’s office. Either way, the one which holds the computer server in an office network is a person that holds a special skills in computer networking and administration in general.

What is a Computer Server Used For

Computer Servers are used in many ways. It solely depends on how big and small a network is. Computer servers also represent any kind of servers that is used in organizing large number of computer applications like what the application server does. It may also use on storing, transporting and delivering of online data's such as what the web server, DNS Server and the proxy server do. Moreover, Computer server is also excellent in hosting interactive computer applications such as online games. Aside from that, it could also be used on storing, organizing inputs in a database. Its functions are too many to mention in details, but bottom line, computer server makes certain things tidy, efficient, and accessible inside a network.

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      Rasna Aisha 4 years ago from Manila, Philippines

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