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What is a Web Server, What is a Web Server Used For, How Web Server work

Updated on April 29, 2013

What is a Web Server: Article Summary

Definition of Web Server, answer to a question on what a Web Server used for as well as give some examples on how Web Server work.

Definition of a Web Server

Web servers are very important especially in the World Wide Web. We cannot browse websites and surf web pages without a web server. A Web Server is the one which is responsible in delivering your requested web pages or web sites. There are millions or even billions of web servers worldwide and every web servers has also its own address which is called a web server IP (Internet Protocol) Address. This Web server IP address will then be used in the exchanging of information between internet users and surfers worldwide. We cannot send information without knowing the address or the number right? It is also similar in the web, web servers cannot communicate with each other and deliver the requested information to the client’s computer without an IP Address.

What is a Web Server Used For

Web server is used for communication inside the World Wide Web. There are many functions of web server but it is primarily used for sending and delivering of data’s and process request from the users through the use of internet.

How a Web Server Works

There are many computer terms that are involved on how a web server works. One for that is the used of HTTP or the Hypertext Transport Protocol. HTTP is the one which is used for data transfer of the web servers to user’s computer. HTTP was developed upon the development of the early World Wide Web by Tim Berners Lee who was working at CERN, a European’s Organization that has groups of scientists for Nuclear Research. Another term is the used of HTML or the Hypertext Mark-up Language. HTML is a set of tags that is a vital ingredient in making and building websites or sets of web pages. These set of tags are being read by the computer browsers such as Mozilla, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer and display it as text or images on user’s browser window. Another one is the scripting languages, the main use of scripting languages is to add spice on what the HTML cannot offer such as interactive media and all, but similar to HTML, scripting languages are also being read by the browsers before it is displayed in the user’s computer. Another one, is the IP (Internet Protocol) Address. I think IP address is quite familiar to all of us. ISP or internet Service Provider is the one, which give an IP address to a user’s computer upon the connection to internet. These four terms, HTTP, IP address, HTML and Scripting languages have important rules on how a web server works. HTTP is the foundation of data transfer, which enables the web servers to transfer the HTML and Scripting Languages it holds to the user’s IP Address. For a more funny illustration, Web Server is like a delivery boy in a Pizza house and his motor cycle is like the HTTP, IP address is like the house address, and HTML and Scripts are like the delivered Pizza.

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