I love my Sony Ericsson K800i, its more than just a cellphone.

  1. JPSO138 profile image76
    JPSO138posted 10 years ago

    I am recently a proud owner of a Sony Ericsson mobile phone and was very much impressed with all its capabilities. Aside from the usual calling and text message capability, it packs a wide variety of applications that you can use most especially if your a music lover, a photographer, an internet buff  or an instructor who uses power point presentation.  First is its music capability. It has a built in FM radio and can likewise store MP3 songs.  You can listen to music directly from the phone or through the earphone that comes with it. And believe me the quality is very good.  Second is the camera.  It has two cameras, front and back.  The front camera can be utilize if you wish to make a video call and the back camera can be used to take pictures with a 3.2 megapixel quality and a cybershot capability.  This means that the pictures are clear and with the cybershot capability, you can take 9 frames of pictures with just one shot and choose from among which to save. You can also use the phone to browse through the internet since it has GPRS capability and can link you with the internet anytime.  The phone comes with a remote control feature application.  Using this feature, with bluetooth capability, you can manipulate your laptop for as long as it has bluetooth capability. You can open files, play your windows media player and open and close powerpoint presentation.  Practically you can operate you laptop without touching it just by using the phone. so during discussion and presentation, all I need to hold is my Sony Ericsson.