Has anyone here come in contact with the murky world of espionage?

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    Lantokeyposted 2 years ago

    Has anyone here come in contact with the murky world of espionage?

    Things are not quite what they seem!

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    FitnezzJimposted 2 years ago


    My guess is that everyone on the internet has been subjected to espionage activity.  We hear about corporate and government compromises in the news all the time.  If my understanding is correct, those compromises happen because hackers routinely search the internet with software that looks for computer systems that are not protected against all possible weaknesses.  The sophistication of the hackers ranges from little kids with fat fingers who don’t know any better, to sophisticated organizations sponsored by foreign governments who DO know better, but just don’t care.
    Online, we are all subject to contact, even if we are not aware of that contact.

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    limpetposted 2 years ago

    Not me but i befriended a lady who was a retired governess who volunteered for the Royal Navy (Women's Division) in 1940 as a typist located at Fleet headquarters. She always spoke about the good times but never really told me her actual duties until just before her passing. She told me she actually knew who the characters in Ian Fleming's Bond series of novels really are.