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My Travel Dreams Of Taking A Gap Year Holiday Around The World

Updated on July 8, 2009

So I have gathered a few of my hubs together that have a common thread.  That thread is about travelling abroad and doing something fantastic with your life.

Hubs About Taking A Gap Year Trip

I chose to write about travel and going to far off places because I hope to be able to do something like this in the future.  The opportunity to take a gap year trip would be fantastic.  I am no longer a student so it would be sort of a sabbatical for me but I would readily leave my place of work to go gallivanting all around the world.

Doing some research into the subject has made me realise that there is absolutely no reason why this could not become my reality. I am a couple of years from my 40th birthday but that doesn’t mean that extensive travel has to come to an end for me does it?

Time to take that gap year holiday around the world
Time to take that gap year holiday around the world

Hubs About Considering Volunteer Work Abroad

There are choices to be made about what one can do during a gap year abroad.  You could decide to do voluntary work, help with the work of protecting endangered species or to work in an orphanage with needy children.

My choice would be to go to a South American country where I could learn the language.  I live in Europe so going over to Spain wouldn’t really be much of an adventure for me as I could pop over there and spend the weekend if I so wished.  However going all the way to South America would be something else completely. 

The best way to learn a foreign language is to live in the country and to be surrounded by the culture.  I have worked with children in the past so this would most probably be my choice.

Hubs About Travel Insurance

I know that I will need to look into getting good quality travel insurance that is relevant and specifically designed not only for the budget traveller, but also for someone who isn’t eligible for a young persons discount card. The insurance policy would need to cover all the areas necessary so that I can go off without a care in the world knowing that everything is completely covered.

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