What is the worst experience you have had staying at a hotel, motel, inn, resort

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  1. SweetiePie profile image83
    SweetiePieposted 10 years ago

    What is the worst experience you have had staying at a hotel, motel, inn, resort, or bed and breakfast. Describe an experience where you had an exceptionally dirty room, or really bad room service

  2. Carolina Crete profile image76
    Carolina Creteposted 10 years ago

    Yuck. Bed bugs.  Just the words make your skin crawl don't they ?  Unfortunately for my nieces, last year on holiday they ended up in a hotel room with bed bugs.   It was a beautiful hotel, clean, spotless in fact, and a place that they have stayed... read more

  3. Triplet Mom profile image65
    Triplet Momposted 10 years ago

    Sometimes hotel stays are just not what you expected. Staying in a four star hotel does not make you exempt from having a negative experience. Here is one of my not so great hotel experiences. read more

  4. cblack profile image59
    cblackposted 10 years ago

    The room didn’t seem bad when we first arrived...The bed had been pissed in and then made right over it. read more

  5. Valerie F profile image56
    Valerie Fposted 10 years ago

    The worst time I ever had staying at a hotel involved me actually spending several hours in the emergency room. At the time we made our reservation, I asked front desk specifically if they were hosting a certain sci-fi convention my husband and I wished to attend. As I was seven months pregnant at the time, the option to walk to a conveniently located room anytime I needed a rest during the convention was very important to me

    We arrived to find that the hotel in question was hosting a chef's convention, and that the sci-fi convention was at another hotel five blocks away. Now, I'm normally a pretty tough girl good at taking things in stride. I didn't think the walk would be all that bad- at first.

    But the weather was warmer than I expected, it cost $3 just to touch a bottle of water, and my energy level just did not keep up with the demands of the weekend plus the additional demands of hoofing it with a baby on board.

    Now if front desk had just told us, "No, we're not hosting this sci-fi convention. You'll want to stay at this other hotel," I might not have ended the convention dehydrated, exhausted, and drifting in and out of consciousness as an ambulance sped me to the hospital.

    Thankfully, Baby and I came through this all right, but I'll never stay at that hotel again.

  6. Jessay profile image79
    Jessayposted 10 years ago

    Saying it was my "worst" is an exaggeration. It was a great hotel, with very cool design elements, in southern Mexico, but at 10 or 11 they turn on the house stereo loud enough to be heard for blocks. When we checked in I asked for a quiet room and the man just continued without acknowledging my request. Guess he didn't want to tell us the truth and loose our business.

    They want to create an outdoor clubby atmosphere where beautiful people want to chat and dance through the night. Chatting would be hard. Other than the loudness, it was a cool place. All of the rooms, face this deck so there is no way to get around the sound. They do provide ear plugs in the rooms to help. The music gets slightly louder at midnight and goes until 2 a.m.. Once the deck shuts down, it is pretty easy to sleep.

    Read trip advisor before making this mistake.

  7. Paul H Bartoswicz profile image61
    Paul H Bartoswiczposted 10 years ago

    Mine was when we were in the Dallas are for a company function. We stayed in a "very upscale" hotel just outside of Dallas. First the reservations were all screwed up as each of us salesmen were assigned room-mates prior to the trip and when quite a few up us checked in we were put in rooms with 1 bed, and the beds were only doubles at that. Then additionally the hot water system of the hotel could not handle the number of showers that were being taken so the people on the upper floors ( the higher up in the company you were for the most part the higher up you were on floors) either got no showers at all because the pressure would not reach that high when so many people on the lower floors were taking showers or they had no hot water. Finally we had to check out in the morning but still had some meetings before we left for our planes and the hotel managed to lose several peoples luggage that were supposed to be stored in the concierge closet.

  8. eunettab516 profile image58
    eunettab516posted 9 years ago

    Stayed at a hotel in Barbados where the towels were so thin you could see through them.  And when a friend needed shampoo they poured some in a glass and handed it to her.

  9. fastfreta profile image76
    fastfretaposted 9 years ago

    I checked into one of the better class hotels in Las Vegas, and immediately had an eerie feeling.  I'll give you the short version. (Being somewhat of a clean freak, I usually ask for and receive clean bedspreads, not really worrying  about pillows, because  I usually carry my own pillows).  I arrived in the hotel late one night, and I had forgotten to bring my pillow, but I checked the pillowcase and nothing.  For some reason the next morning I decided to pull the pillowcase  off the pillow and my eerie feelings were validated.  The pillow had blood all over it, in addition I pulled back the sheet and there was more blood on the mattress.  Needless to say I was moved to another room. That's the gist of the story, more to the story, but too long to print here.

  10. sukena@gmail.com profile image39
    sukena@gmail.composted 9 years ago

    well i have never been stayed in hotel because unfortunately i have never been out of country and unfortunately  i have relatives in almost all cities so    so many rude attitude stories
    !!1 u seem interested Ha ha ha

  11. dras profile image60
    drasposted 9 years ago

    I especially hotels that aren't honest about their location online. They'll lie and say something like "safe neighborhood" and then you arrive and find out that it's anything BUT safe. I've been tricked into booking rooms in dangerous high crime areas numerous times. On one occasion, I was booked into a hotel that was right next door to a sleazy strip club.

  12. Trish_M profile image81
    Trish_Mposted 9 years ago

    My husband & I had booked a holiday on the Costa del Sol in Spain. We love Andalusia ~ but not Torremolinos. Anyway, we found ourselves booked into a hotel in that very town.

    We were on the main road, so lorries passed our room constantly ~ night and day. There was an outdoor cinema ~ right outside our bedroom window, so we could watch and hear films all through the night ~ a novelty at first.

    The food was disgusting ~ flies everywhere.

    The swimming pool contained about one foot of green slimy water.

    The bed was infested with various varieties of insects ~ and cockroaches lived in the cupboards.

    The water was turned off regularly.
    We filled the bath, and bought a bucket, so that we would have water to flush the toilet ~ but the maid very kindly emptied it for us.

    We complained, but were told that there was a drought on the Costa, so that no hotels had water. Furthermore, we couldn't move because the whole of the Costa del Sol was fully booked.

    We did a bit of detective work, discovered that this was completely untrue, demanded to see the rep (who had pretended not to be in) and got ourselves moved to a luxury apartment, in the hills, further along the Costa.

    Our nightmare hotel behind is, we started to have a really lovely holiday.

  13. jerseys4kids.com profile image52
    jerseys4kids.composted 9 years ago

    I was travelling through Thailand with my wife , who is Thai.
    We were on Kao San Road , and we had been travelling all night on the train from Northern Thailand. I went to find us a room , while my wife was shopping. Most of the places on Kao San road were full , but I managed to arrange a room above an Indian restaurant. The owner told me it would be ready in about an hr. So I met up with my wife and told her I found a room , and we went for a bite to eat before going back to check in. On arrival I was told that " WE DO NOT ALLOW THAI WOMEN HERE". I was furious , I could not believe this Indian Man , who was not Thai , was telling me that My Thai wife could not stay in his crappy little hotel. This kind of thing is common in Thailand.

  14. lillm profile image60
    lillmposted 9 years ago

    We found a bat in our room. They gave us a discount for catching it and releasing it back outside.

  15. Briton profile image61
    Britonposted 8 years ago

    Memphis , Old , Howard Johnson being renovated, rooms were filthy, doors damaged, windows with no locks, drunken workmen, and a really agressive desk attendant, told them where to shove it and went elsewhere.

  16. super-man profile image61
    super-manposted 8 years ago

    I had to pay for $300 worth of room service I didn't order and someone next door was making strange sounds and a what I believe was splashing noises

  17. profile image48
    lylaburns123posted 7 years ago

    My husband and I went to Las Vegas for our five year anniversary. We stayed in what we thought was five star, but it was NOT! The shower had hair all over it, the sheets were dirty, the TV didn't work, the food was disgusting, oh man I could go on! Needless to say we cancelled our reservations and ended up staying at the Wynn where we knew we would have good service. Going forward I always check the hotel news before booking and that has seemed to help. http://www.hospitalitybusinessnews.com

  18. Buck Remington profile image75
    Buck Remingtonposted 4 years ago

    I had a security guard constantly following me around and banging on my door because of complaints that where made against the room next to me. Regardless of how many times she was proven to have the wrong people and that it was the same group causing the issues, she kept assuming it was my room for some reason. It even got to the point when I was having a hard time getting to sleep because of the "check ups" that where happening.


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