What are you supposed to wear on a formal night on a cruise?

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    horatio2398posted 6 years ago

    What are you supposed to wear on a formal night on a cruise?

    What are you supposed to wear on a formal night on a cruise? Is a skirt or casual dress ok? Are jeans ok in the dining room on casual nights? Please answer! These answers can be towards teenagers as well!!

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    kittythedreamerposted 6 years ago

    Jeans are definitely okay on casual nights. As for formal nights, I usually wear a pretty sundress or a cocktail type dress. Any sort of dress will work, in my opinion. As for guys, collared dress shirts and slacks on formal nights are just fine. Ties and tuxes are not a necessity at all. Hope this helps!

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    Ayseposted 6 years ago

    This answer is based on my 1st experience on a cruise ship just a few months ago.  The following I found were essential, so it's best to be prepared.

    - I brought spanx with me so that I could look my "very best" for one of the formal evenings.  I brought it to wear under my slim fitting black skirt & a pretty ruffled halter top.  Let me just say, thank God that I did.  I had no idea how much swelling I would experience by just being at sea.  If I hadn't brought my spanx to wear underneath my outfit, I would have never been able to zip it up.

    - I also brought 2 sets of black slacks in two different sizes (Again, very helpful considering the swelling).  Very easy to dress up or slightly down. 

    - Closed toe flats were essential.  Just simple yet elegant pair to dress up or down.  These could be worn with slacks, skirts, dresses, and jeans.

    - Slim fitting or skinny jeans are very simple to dress up.  Throw on a nice chiffon blouse (with cami of course) and drape it with some long pearls (real or costume), a ring.  Finally add a pair of satin kitten heels and clutch.

    - What ever you do, don't forget your makeup and accessories.  Even a scarf with neutral or fun patterns can really dress up an outfit.  I'm a total hat and scarf girl so, for me, it's not about the jewelry.  Day makeup can be spiced up in the evening by adding eyeliner and deeper blush color, with a hint of color on the lips.  Playing up the eyes instead of lips will allow your audience to notice the "entire" you and not get stuck on just your dramatic lip color.

    - Dont's forget your SPF 30+

    - Bringing a small cross body clutch will allow for day time excursions as well as formal evenings.  When switching it from day to night, just tuck in the chain and use it as a clutch in hand.  Simple yet elegant, but, be sure to keep the color of this clutch more on the neutral side.  More like a nude rather than black.  Unless you plan on wearing all black all the time, then that's an exception.

    These suggestions are good for woman of any age.  Keep it simple yet fun...enjoy!