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What is one thing you have never ex;perienced or seen that you would love to do

  1. freecampingaussie profile image62
    freecampingaussieposted 6 years ago

    What is one thing you have never ex;perienced or seen that you would love to do like the ocean

    or something else because of where you live ?


  2. Tusitala Tom profile image63
    Tusitala Tomposted 6 years ago

    So many things I would like to have done but which not only money but age precludes me doing - next life, maybe!   So what are those things?

    Scuba diving on the wrecks of the warships which went down in Iron Bottom Sound in the South Pacific.   Surfing the big waves (assuming I had the courage) off places like Bells Beach and Hawaii.

    Hang gliding over a the edge of a beautiful mountain range, and/or flying alone in a glider high aloft of towering thermals.

    Trudging cross country across some of the Wildernesses greatest trek routes.

    What would you like to do?

  3. amilypitt profile image60
    amilypittposted 6 years ago

    actually i have done almost all the things that i want to do in my life, but one thing is missing. I want to do wild life photography and want to travel all over the world. I will do it in the same life and i mean it.

  4. dinkan53 profile image77
    dinkan53posted 6 years ago

    I love to spend some time on beaches, watching the waves but 'Everything that's realistic has some sort of ugliness in it. Even a flower is ugly when it wilts, a bird when it seeks its prey, the ocean when it becomes violent'.
    Sharon Tate

  5. marshacanada profile image76
    marshacanadaposted 6 years ago

    I recently walked about 200+ kilometers along the Camino de Santiago pillgrimage from France,across the Pyrenees to Spain. I would like to return and finish the whole walk in Spain-about 600+ more kilometers.
    I would also like to write a really good book.

  6. lburmaster profile image84
    lburmasterposted 6 years ago

    I have actually done everything except gone into outer space... So I would like to go back to the mountains.

  7. CrisJeanVirtudazo profile image58
    CrisJeanVirtudazoposted 6 years ago

    -I want to spend more time in swimming. I want to spend my days if only I have the money to spend. big_smile In doing this, I would like to have a partner. The one that I love

  8. hetty frederik profile image59
    hetty frederikposted 6 years ago

    No comment. I have experienced sea sickness when traveling on ships as a small child. Apart from that I kinda like the ocean...

  9. freecampingaussie profile image62
    freecampingaussieposted 6 years ago


    I have done a lot of amazing things like swam with a turtle, held a crocodile etc , seen a lot lof places however I would like to revisit New Zealand , drive across America , revisit Europe , go to Greece & Spain for the first time etc !
    We are having a new experience this year , staying at the top of Australia to experience the wet season !

  10. Leanna McCarthy profile image68
    Leanna McCarthyposted 6 years ago

    i'd like to ride a camel through Wadi Rum.

  11. mljdgulley354 profile image60
    mljdgulley354posted 6 years ago

    I have been to all the states west of the Mississippi so I would like to go to Maine or Florida someplace like that.

  12. Suzie HQ profile image96
    Suzie HQposted 5 years ago

    Good question!! I think i would love to go deep into a tropical rainforrest or even a swamp and see crocs in their natural habitat!! Well . . .you did ask!!!