The Joys of travelling - The little things

  1. John999181 profile image60
    John999181posted 8 years ago

    I adore travelling though it's the little things that you may not even notice until you've had a good think about that makes it that little more special.  Here are a few examples of the little things that I love about travelling......

    I love taking public transport while I'm away where I normally just sit there looking around, taking in the surroundings, mainly thinking, "whats a lad from Newcastle, England doing here, sitting on the underground in NYC, or riding a bus travelling across China. I feel as if I have no right to be there and think wow!!!!!!!

    I also love when I check into a hostel and you open your room door for the first time and you find beds with the odd body in, even thought its only 4pm in the afternoon. Others are unmade with clothes scattered around the floor next to it, and you see the odd travel guide book lying on the bedside cabinets, along with a half drunk bottles of water. You feel like the new kid on the block as everything looks new to you though you soon settle in and after a couple of hours, you know your temporary room mates who you've exchanged stories with. Soon, your travel books or unmade beds then greets the new, new-comers who you then quiz them on where their from and where they've been.

    I like when you have to leave early to head off to your next port of call. Perhaps a 7.30 bus meaning your have to get up at about 6am. You find yourself sorting your stuff out in your dorm the night before, making sure you have everything ready to shoot off in the morning. You normally leave your clothes that you'll be wearing and your washbag on the top so when you wake so can navigate in the dark, trying not to wake anyone. You return from your early morning shower, tip toeing back into the room to you awaiting stuff. You gather everything up, packing it into your bag. The noise of you clicking your backpack shut rings out around the room.... CLICK!!!!! CLICK!!!!!, and the pull of draw-straps tight ZZZZZZZZZZPPPPPP....., a final glance around the bed, checking nothings left then off you go...... A sleeping head normally lifts up, who you possibly haven't spoke to during the 3 days of staying, and says, "Safe travels mate"

    Finally, the phone calls home. It doesn't matter if its in a phone booth or sitting at the edge of a desk in some office that offer cheap International call, you seem to shut off and forget where you are, if only for a few minutes as you chat away to your friends from back home. Everything around you is a blur as you blabble on with loved ones for a bit, then as soon as you put the phone down and turn away from the phone, BANG!!! back to reality. Its great, as you almost convince yourself your back home for a few minutes and forget that you are actually where you are and the next thing your hussling through the streets of busy down town New York, or have just merge back in with the crowds of Chinese as you explore the mazed hutongs of Beijing.

  2. jdaviswrites profile image90
    jdaviswritesposted 8 years ago

    i think this would be better off as a hub instead of a thread here in the forums. click on 'start a new hub' up at the top right. if you'd like, add some photo and video capsules, throw in this text, proofread and publish... hub number one


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