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L. Sarhan was a senior SEO writer and channel manager in the fields of animal sciences, paranormal phenomena, and local guides as well as an copy editor, and fact-checker with the Helium Network for seven years before deciding to expand her writing potential by working toward a B.A. in English and Creative Writing through Southern New Hampshire University. During her time with the Helium Network, L. Sarhan won first place in several writing contests from marine biology and cetology to animal rights and conservation. After the Helium Network shut down, she continued writing articles for several online publishers.

L. Sarhan is currently working on a memoir of her experiences surviving severe sepsis, ARDS, and spending a month in a coma. Not only does she discuss her near-death experience and being forced into an alternate reality, but she also educates the reader about E.coli, sepsis, acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), and what it is really like while in a coma.

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        Curious Question

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        Ugh...stolen work?

        3 years ago

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        Culture Sections?

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      • New to HubPages

        New to HubPages

        3 years ago

        I just joined and started writing here at HubPages today. I am not new to freelance writing but I know each site has it's own way of doing things. I published six Hubs today and was wondering if I could get some...