We Are Indeed the "Final" Generation!?!?!

Are We the Last Generation Currently Living on Planet Earth!?

Are We the End of Days Generation?
Are We the End of Days Generation? | Source

Could We Be the "End of Day's" Generation!?

With all of the Negativity, Earthquakes, Weird Weather (including worldwide Flooding's), Strange Snowfall, Killings (Even Animals Killing People), Murders and Kidnappings, Economic Issues Globally, Pillars of Smoke (Volcano Eruptions, Raging Fires), Civil Unrest and even Turmoil. It’s a wonder there are still people living on the Planet! This may also showcase Where Your Hearts are, so are Your Treasures? Though much of this has been forewarned in advanced, in fact the Bible states many of these things Which are Currently Taking Place, thousands of years before Today, at Present.

Do You See the "Signs" of the Times?!? How could a book, written long before this Current Age we are Living in, Accurately Predict the Events of Our Time? Could this book, the Bible have some kind of divine connection? If so, how come man will not heed the warnings, advice and even the teachings which are contained within those pages? Why? Do You See the "Signs" of the Times? These are questions many people have been asking for quite sometime. All of which are not hard to answer, however do require something from us to acknowledge the truth.

The Age of Grace..., Is About To End? No really, in June 2016, did anyone of you hear about an incident involving a 5 year old girl in Twin Falls County, ID.? It’s what happened after the incident which is the most upsetting, there was nothing done about it afterwards!?! This 5 year old girl was minding her own business, playing in her front yard! When 3 Syrian refugee boys 13, 9 and 8 take this little girl and assault her! The first instinct of the officials from this county was to dismiss the incident and say it never happened?!? Wait What...? Read the Link, for yourself! This is an American Citizen, a young girl of an American Family! If this doesn't wake you up the fact, that "We are Indeed the Last Generation," I don't know what will!!

Yes Lord Jesus, Please Come Quickly!!!

Hear a Word From Yeshua Hamashiach, Jesus the Messiah!!

Don't Be Fooled, You Can Know for Yourself!

Don't be a Fool and Don't be Fooled.
Don't be a Fool and Don't be Fooled. | Source

This Book We Call the Bible

The Bible, a book which defies logic, is prophetic and requires the proper guidance to rightly understand it. Just for a person to read it as a book, it is nothing more than a bunch of stories, which focus on a group a people throughout most of its pages. Even though it tells how to get to Father Jehovah God and what process you must take to do so. That alone makes this more than just a book. Not to mention, since you are reading this as a book, to grasp what is talked about in the book of Revelation. This seems to be a book that is apocalyptic in nature, referring to the treatment of a certain group of people during the Roman Era. In this person's mind reading that, those events in Revelation do not apply to the here and now of our day. Or do they?

Many would simply believe there is "no God", yet having read the Bible from front to cover, how can you come to this conclusion? What did they miss? The answer is nothing; this is in The Devices of the Enemy! They simply didn't have the right tools to discern the messages the entire Bible is revealing. The Bible isn't some book which anyone can just read and automatically tell what Father Jehovah God is saying in His Word. There is something or someone rather which is needed to assist us in receiving the messages we need when reading the Bible. Remember, the Bible is Father Jehovah God's Word. He speaks to us within the pages of the Bible. To ascertain those messages, we need Father Jehovah God's Holy Spirit to rightly divide the Word of Truth or the Bible. We can't just read the Bible; it’s a book which is alive, full of life and full of answers. We have to be complete to understand the messages contained within. To do so, we must be born again. Why is this so important to note and where are you going with this? Keep reading and you will find out.

A Double Witness to Strange Ring in Jerusalem, the Lord Jesus Christ Will Soon Appear!!!

Like the Lord God, We Have Three Parts

Become Complete Today!
Become Complete Today! | Source

The Reality and Actuality of Humanity?

When we are born into this world, we are incomplete or 2/3 or (.66) a person. The last 1/3, unfortunately many don't ever receive. So what are these thirds and why is this important to ascertain the Bible? When Adam was created in the Beginning, he was created in the image of Father Jehovah God. This being said, Adam was a whole being with a body, soul and a spirit. Just like Jehovah God is three parts: Father God (Spirit), the Lord Jesus the Son (Body) and the Holy Spirit (Soul). We are indeed made in Father God’s image!

This is why the devil (Satan, Lucifer) hates All Humanity. We are made in the image of the Almighty Jehovah God and the devil can't stand us because of this fact. So when Adam and Eve ate of the fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. What died was obviously not their body or soul, they were still alive, able to walk and talk. Their spirit died, they lost 1/3 of how they were initially created and this goes for all of us who are born into this world now, today. We are born incomplete, being only 2/3's of ourselves. Why is this important to make note of?

This is Why Humanity Needs Jesus!!!

The Gog Magog War, We Are This Close!!!

The Bible, the Oldest Book of Human History!!

The Holy Book, the Bible!
The Holy Book, the Bible! | Source

The Uniqueness of the Lord God El Shaddai, Elohim!

It is true that we are created in the image of God, being made with three parts, a Body, a Soul and a Spirit. However God is unique in how He can use His three parts, while being One Entity, He can be everywhere, anywhere and aware of all. For example, God the Father is in Heaven; when the Lord Jesus walked the Earth, He was here and the Father was in Heaven still. In the Beginning Father God hovered over the waters of the Earth and at that time the Lord Jesus was in Heaven. When the bush was burning on Mount Sinai, the Holy Spirit was upon the bush and the ground where Moses was standing. All while the Father and the Lord Jesus were in Heaven. It is very apparent that while the Lord God is three parts, which can be in more than one place at once. If fact, when Jesus was baptized, the Holy Spirit descended and spoke. Father God can be at several places and more than just one at a time.

So the Lord God is indeed unique, we on the other hand can't separate ourselves. Wherever we go, "All" of us are in that one spot. Humanity is made in the image of the Lord God, not with the same abilities as Father Jehovah God. To be restored to the complete form as Jehovah God intended for us, we need to accept the sacrifice Jesus Christ made for us at the cross. In so doing, we must also receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit and this is what makes us "whole" again. All three parts being restored and life being given back to us; at this point, we are no longer 2/3's a person or just a body and a soul. We are given the spirit back to us by the Holy Spirit of Father Jehovah God and will guide us as we walk with Him. This is Why We Need Jesus, to be made whole and to restore that which was stolen from us through Adam and Eve by the god of this worldly system, the devil (Lucifer, Satan).

The Lord God Loves you so much, He could have simply wiped out Adam and Eve, all of Creation, and started over again. Father Jehovah God didn't and the plan He set forth through His Only Begotten Son the Lord Jesus, is how we can be restored and made anew!

A Triune God, The Trinity Explained!

As the Bible States: God the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.
As the Bible States: God the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. | Source

Jehovah is a Trinity or Triune God!

Father God is a Triune God! One God, Three parts, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit!! Even the Bible states "God works in Mysterious Ways...," and "His Ways Are Higher Than Ours..." So, how could anyone from Humanity put limits on an All Powerful, All knowing and Ever Present Being?!? How is this even possible? Since Father God is the Creator and He created us, we are merely created by Him. This means we have No Right to reduce an All Powerful God down to something we can understand!!!

There be three parts to One God; there be three parts to One God! Man has No Right to say otherwise! Since the Bible states, "God the Father, Son and Holy Ghost (Spirit)," the Bible is God's Word and Jehovah, Jesus and the Holy Spirit would never contradict the Word of God, Ever!!

Praise Father God for being much Higher than Us!! Humanity Needs Something to Look "Up" To!

A World with 7 Billion People and Climbing?

The Creation in Genesis and the Beginning!?!

The Six Days of Creation! So Where is the 7th Day?
The Six Days of Creation! So Where is the 7th Day? | Source

To Understand the End, You Have to Know the Beginning!

So far we have talked about the Bible, the Uniqueness of God, the fall and restoration of mankind. What does all of this have to do with being the "Last Generation?" To understand the last of something, you must know the beginning and this is with all things. No one can just build a car or a house without a plan, design or a blueprint, right? There is a process to everything, so why not Human History and the Creation? There is obviously a Creator, which is established to be Father Jehovah God. The things in this life, the world, and the universe are the created; even things we can't see are also created by this same Creator. Those things which are not seen were once "Good", but more on that later.

In the Bible, God created the Earth, the Stars of Heaven, Animals, Mankind, every living thing we know today and we see all of this is in perfect order. The Earth is at the right distance from the Sun, a Moon to help with the seasons and time, the right amount of life supporting elements (Oxygen, Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide, Argon, etc...), and everything which most people take for granted. See, nobody realized Father Jehovah God is a Scientist and Loves Math. This is why everything is in the kind of "Order" it is and works the way all things do. Which all of these things still work just as they did in the beginning. It took Jehovah God six days to accomplish all this He has given to us and on the seventh day He rested. Ask yourself, How Great is Father Jehovah God? Father God also established the seven day week, in which we all know, live and often go to work by. Come On Friday's, I need my Weekends!!! Oh, Sorry about that..., let me clear my throat here.

Why is this important to note the seven day's or the first week in the creation? The bible also states that to God: "one day is a 1000 Years and 1000 Years is a day." Could there be a deeper message there? Indeed, there is. This is why someone can't just read the Bible as just a plain ole book. This is why we need the Holy Spirit to guide us as we read God's Word. It’s alive, the Holy Spirit is alive and to rightly divide the Word of Truth, we can't being dead (in spirit) or only 2/3's to understand the Holy Bible, then the Bible becomes only a book full of stories and nothing more. So what this says is this, the Creation in Genesis, took six days and which means it will also only last for 6000 Years. Whaaaat!?! Exactly, there is only 6000 Years of Human History on this planet so far, not billions of years as many scientists would have you to believe. So Jehovah God created everything in six days and the seventh He rested, which means there is another 1000 Years left, right? In total, mankind will have 7000 Years on this Planet we call Earth.

Where are We now on the God's Timeline, are we close to this Seventh Day Yet?

People Going About Their Own Lives!!

There are so many People Just Living Their Lives.
There are so many People Just Living Their Lives. | Source

Where is Humanity as a Whole?

Right now, Humanity as a whole is ensnared in a system which is very hard to break free from. We go about our daily lives, generally unaware of what is happening to our fellow man in this life. We get so entangled in work, living, surviving, getting things, so much so that we sometimes don't get enough sleep or rest. Generally speaking, people are tired, distressed and miserable as a whole. We watch the daily news, reality shows, or even sports; all of which are distractions or The Devices of the Enemy, to keep you from finding out the Truth or being made aware of any truths. Not everyone, but a great majority why is that? Where Will You Call Home when you close your eyes in this life, the life you are currently living. Will you be Pulled Out of the Fire? Could it all go back to the worldly system and the one which is really in control of it? Why is it this same entity doesn't want anyone to see him for what he really is? Ponder these for a moment and think who it might be, it may not be who you think?

Now there are more than Seven Billion People on the planet and this number is steadily rising. The number seven is also significant, how so? On the seventh day of creation, the Lord God rested. He also stated that the seventh day or Sabbath day is a Holy day; so the number seven is a very substantial number. Get this, there’s now more than 7 billion people on the planet and which can't be a mere coincidence. This is yet another clue to know where we are on Jehovah God's Timeline, we are indeed on borrowed time. Which is why the god of this worldly system has been working so hard to keep as many people in the dark, so who is this entity and what does he want from or want to do with Humanity?

The god of this worldly system of fleshly men, government and money

The god of this worldly system, the one who controls the governments of this world.

Don't be fooled, this is the god of this worldly system of man.
Don't be fooled, this is the god of this worldly system of man. | Source

The devil (Lucifer, Satan), the one who controls this worldly system of man.

Whether you know it or not, the devil (Lucifer, Satan) controls this worldly system of man, governments and money. This is the entity which caused man to fall from the beginning of Creation, with Adam and Eve. Even he wasn't always evil, Father Jehovah God also created him and all of the fallen angels which are now following the devil after he sinned against Father God in Heaven. Lucifer as he was originally called by God in Heaven, was Father God's favorite Cherub or Archangel. He could make music, was an Angel of Light and was set up as the Chief Cherub or Chief Archangel. So he had some authority, which Jehovah God gave him and trusted him with. Somewhere along the way, Lucifer wanted to become greater than Jehovah God. He figured he could replace Jehovah, take over His throne and reign in Heaven instead. Because of his authority which God gave him, he influence a third of the Angels in Heaven to try to overthrow Jehovah God and His faithful followers. Lucifer and his followers were defeated and cast out of Heaven. Father God created Hell as the punishment for Lucifer and the now fallen angels. At their fall, Lucifer became known as Satan, the devil (the sworn arch enemy of Jehovah God) and the Fallen Angels became demons, servants to the devil. Satan, the devil didn’t lose all of his authority, it has been twisted into evil purposes, now used to confuse or confound, instead of the Praise and Worship of Father Jehovah God.

Hell was never meant for Humanity and yet men, women and children all end up there. Everything goes back to the fall of Adam and Eve, when they ate of the Fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Has anyone ever asked why there was a Tree with both Good and Evil? If Father God just establish Creation and He said it was "Good," when did Evil take place? It had to be before the Lord God put the Tree of Good and Evil into the Garden of Eden. So why did Father God test man? If His Angels which He created could be tempted and establish evil in Heaven. Would Man fall as well? We already know the answer, the only difference is “we” were tricked into doing so by the devil (Lucifer, Satan) into taking the fall. We didn’t decide to do this of our own accord, we were influenced into doing so. What did the serpent, possessed of the devil tell Eve? The Bible says: “You will not die, for God knows that in the day you eat of the fruit you will be like gods, knowing both good and evil.” So Eve ate of the fruit because she wanted to be like Jehovah God (sound familiar), then she gave it to Adam and he ate of the fruit.

From that point, the devil took or stole some of the dominion which man had because “we” are made in the image of Father Jehovah God. Which is also why the devil hates us, because we remind him of Jehovah God, his sworn enemy. So when evil crept into our being by eating the fruit, the spirit within us died or fled from us. What we lost was our spirit, the righteous spirit to do the Will of Father God. This was the Holy Spirit, which is what makes us whole or complete. Father Jehovah God is Holy, He can’t be around any sin, wickedness or darkness; it’s not of Him. When Adam and Eve ate the fruit, they disobeyed God and He sent them out of the Garden of Eden. Not only did we lose the Holy Spirit, but the dominion we had over this Earthly Realm. This is why the devil is the "god" of this worldly system, he took or stole it from us in the beginning.

Only through the Lord Jesus can we have these things be restored to what it was before Adam and Eve sinned against Father Jehovah God. This is Why We Need Jesus and to be Pulling People Out of the Fire!

What Father God Said, Comes to Pass!

So it is Happening, Biblical Prophecy!
So it is Happening, Biblical Prophecy! | Source

Now that we know the Beginning, Where do We Go From Here?

Where to go from here is we must begin to realize why we're the last generation. It is Very True the Lord Jesus Christ Conquered All at the cross and we have Eternal Life in Him. As the bible states: “in the last days, there will be wars and rumor of wars, earthquakes in diverse place (areas that normally don't have quakes like Oklahoma), strange weather (Superstorm Sandy, More Cat. 5 Hurricanes, Tornadoes in Unusual Places, etc.), Signs in the Sun, Moon and the Stars (Solar CMEs, Blood Moons, Unusual Meteor activity, Comets, etc.).” There are indeed plenty of things which are happening right now, today. In fact, there have been more animal and fish die-offs as of recent than ever before, more sea creatures are beaching and there have been lightening killing and/or injuring more people than ever. Since we are so wrapped up in our daily lives, we often overlook these facts which are going on all around us right now. Father God is trying to get our attention as a “whole” and as a whole, we aren’t listening nor are we sensing what He is telling us. Father God is Clearly About to Make a Major, Mighty Move, Do You See the "Signs" of the Times?

This is why we are the Last Generation, 6000 Years has already gone by. In fact more than 6000 Years, we are indeed on borrowed time. There are but four major events left, two of which will lead to the end of things as we know them or are familiar with. At present, we are seeing a huge, massive push for peace in the Middle East with Israel and the world. Even the Bible talks about the covenant with many and there will be peace for one week (Seven Years) and the covenant will be broken in the middle of the week (3.5 Years). We are seeing the beginnings of the peace process right now, in fact as of 6/3/2016, the United Nations and several other countries are trying to force Israel to split their land. At the same time Israel is ready and willing for Peace in the Middle East. Is the time really at hand, is Jehovah God about to move and change the world forever?

The Bible Proves 7000 Years of Human History

Seeking Peace With Israel in the Middle East!?!

What the Bible Warns is About to Unfold, Now!
What the Bible Warns is About to Unfold, Now! | Source

The Significance of the Peace Deal and The Lord God’s Timeline!

Why is this so significant? According to the Bible, the land of Israel is the land which was promised to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob from Father God. In the Bible, Father Jehovah God, says the Israeli people are the Apple of God’s Eye. He protects them, provides for them and keeps them for Himself as His People. The Bible also states: “I will bless those that bless you and curse those that curse you.” The world should not mess with the Israeli people and especially not the land of Israel. The event which will take place and establish Peace in the Middle East is accomplished by the antichrist, the lawless one, the son of the devil, Lucifer and Satan. If we are seeing the push for this agreement now. How close are we to this taking place? Very close indeed.

If you want more proof, even some Rap Artists, Celebrities, Star Athlete's, and Elite Government Officials are all saying "Life Begins when to Church Ends" and Christmas 2015 was Our Last Christmas!” This was stated by some in 2015 and again earlier this year, "Google" these phrases and see for yourself. I wonder who they are talking to or serving. This proves without a doubt we are close something coming which will change history and the world as we know it!

One event which will change history is the Rapture of the Church or the Bride of Jesus Christ, so How Much Time Is Left to Prepare? Whether we (the Bride) are here or not when the antichrist is revealed doesn’t matter, we will be with the Lord Jesus, which matters more than anything!! The other two things happen during The Tribulation Period, which is before the last 1000 Years, the Millennial Reign of Jesus Christ here on Earth. Which is the 7th day represented in the Creation, the last 1000 Years of Humankind is the "Rest," by the rule of King Christ Jesus! Hallelujah!! No more getting up to go to work, no more wondering if you have enough money to take care of my needs, no more worrying about putting food on the Table, no more being concerned with the cares of this Life!! Praise God, the Lord Jesus will be here soon!!! The Time is now to Prepare Your Hearts for Eternity!!

Come to the Lord Jesus, it is so Simple Even a Child can Do This!!

Choose Jesus, He is the one Who can Set You Free!
Choose Jesus, He is the one Who can Set You Free! | Source

The Lord Jesus, the One Who Can Set You Free!

As I mentioned above, this worldly system which we are unfortunately a part of is set up and controlled by the devil (Lucifer, Satan). All of his followers who willingly, unwillingly, faithfully and naturally born into, the devil is laughing at. He is saying "you fools, you are mine and you don't even know what I have in store for you, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha...!!!!!" The only way to make him stop laughing is to deny him and serve a new master (Who Do You Serve), one who can keep their promises which is freely given and to have All Can Call Upon the Name of Jesus. Why serve a master who wants to destroy you, kill you and torment you? Why deal with depression, misery, being fussed at, tortured or any unpleasant thing or form of treatment!?! Is the promise of more torture, torment, depression, pain, death for all Eternity worth it?

Come to Jesus Christ, the One who defeated all those things with His very life at the cross. He, as God in the Flesh, physically died so we don't have to spiritually die and this goes for anyone who comes to Him. The Lord Jesus is waiting, will you come to Him; do it today, right now. Don't wait!! He is calling you to come, let Him write your name in the Lamb's book of Life in Heaven. Come, accept Him while He can still be found! Confess with your mouth "Jesus is Lord", believe in your Heart that Father Jehovah God Raised Him from the dead and you will be Saved!

It's so simple and Jesus will hear you wherever you are, at home, at work, in jail, in the bathroom, when you feel alone. Wherever, whenever, we can call upon the name of the Lord Jesus; you too can become free of this worldly system and have life with Him in Heaven!

Word From the Lord, The Dove is About to Fly!!

The Once Invisible Demons, Become Visible and On The Loose... This World's Soon Reality!?!?!

This Darkness is About Be a Visible Reality Here on the Earth!!!!
This Darkness is About Be a Visible Reality Here on the Earth!!!! | Source

What is the "Final" Solution?

If by now you haven't realized, Father God is True to His Word, then I am not sure what it will take to realize the Finality of a Life without Him. If Pulling People Out of the Fire doesn't get the attention, nor the "Hell" walkthrough video contained within this article, I don't know what will? Whether you get it or not, Father God El Shaddai is going to do exactly what He said, rather you are ready or not. As the world has been watching and should be very aware of, there have been plenty of floods, fires, storms, volcanoes and earthquakes. No one can say "they had no idea this was going on," or "no one informed anyone of these things..."

El Shaddai will not wait forever, in fact, He Will Not Wait until 2017! Pope Francis and the Queen of England have already stated: "this Christmas was be the last Christmas (December 2015)..." President Obama is also waiting for the Rapture, "Life Begins When the Church Ends..." Right now we live in The Age of Grace, where the entire world is given by Jehovah, undeserving favor or un-karma, if you will. This world isn't in total chaos, total turmoil or any major profound changes because El Shaddai's Hand is still giving us the "Good" things in the World. Read The Age of Grace and see what happens when this Age ends? The "Final" solution will be darkness ruling this Planet, which will face destruction, unprecedented evil and vile creatures walking the Earth to cause Fear and more destruction!! This is Why Humanity Needs Jesus and Now is the Time to Prepare Your Hearts for Eternity!!

Do you really want to be a witness to these thing? Know this, there is a Way to Escape! The escape plan is The Pre-Tribulation Rapture, just before The Tribulation Period!!

Jesus Christ, God in the Flesh is the Only Way! Acknowledge Him and what He did just for you at the Cross, and to will be Free of this World to Come!

Are We The Last?

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Trumpet sounds. Jesus is coming soon

There will be Only 7000 Years of Human History?

We are Currently in the 6000 Year Timeframe.
We are Currently in the 6000 Year Timeframe. | Source

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