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To all thinkers & other logically inclined folks out there, what makes some people think and act

in ways that are contrary to reason, intelligence, and logic? Why do these same people cling to beliefs and mores that have no intellectual basis, acting and thinking at the basest, instinctive level? What makes some people quite hesitant of using logic, reasoning, and intelligence when presenting their premise?

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Best Answer Austinstar says

18 months ago
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    Amanda (Amanda108) 18 months ago

    Are you truly in favor of censorship? I'm curious. You don't run into many writers who would say to ban or rewrite a book, nor blame it for the world's problems.

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Amanda (Amanda108) says

18 months ago
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Dr Billy Kidd says

18 months ago
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  • Austinstar profile image

    Austinstar 18 months ago

    You hit the nail on the head. We are but one species among millions.

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Kiss andTales says

18 months ago
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    Kiss andTales 18 months ago

    If a person is fouled mouth , repulsive , inconsiderate, hateful, I certainly believe in censorship, because if the power is in my hands to wash the mouth with soap as example then good as done. To add then they have lost respect and creditability


TheBizWhiz says

18 months ago
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