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How can we change the current social attitude that holds an individual's life as having no value?

The current employment and economic status has vividly shown how little value is placed on people's lives. God places people in our lives who are our responsibility. They can be your employees, your children, you tenants, your constituents and so forth. Makes no difference, when it comes to the Spiritual impact of neglect, depravation, abandonment and associated abuse. How can we, as individuals, initiate change to hold employers, parents, community members, government officials accountable for people's lives?

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Everyone is Unique and Special80

Everyone is Unique and Special

7 years ago
Changing Values; Yes Sarmack, I Think We Can89

Changing Values; Yes Sarmack, I Think We Can

7 years ago
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Beata Stasak says

6 years ago
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6 years ago