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BlossomSB profile image

Bronwen Scott-Branagan (BlossomSB)

Apprenticeship Alum

Joined 6 years ago from Victoria, Australia. Last activity 3 hours ago.




Also follow me on:

My husband, who was an Anglican priest, our family of five children and I, have lived in several different towns and countries. We began our working lives as primary school teachers and later studied together at George Brown Missionary Training College in Sydney. We also studied to be Lay Preachers. I have taught at all levels from preschool to university and retired from preaching after fifty years.

My degrees are in education, School Librarianship, Theology and Psycholinguistics, and Applied Linguistics (ESL/EFL).

Church activities: Service Leader, playing my flute in the Band and volunteer teaching ESL.

Hobbies: Writing, painting in a variety of media, gardening, knitting, embroidery, travel, and catching up with children, grandchildren, friends and relatives.

Please Note: All printed and photographed material of mine is not to be reproduced and, without my explicit written permission, remains my copyright property.

Facebook fan page:

Books available for sale: I have published seventeen books so far. My latest is in response to a question from a neighbour. I couldn't find one that she thought answered her question, so told her I'd write one. Hopefully it will be helpful to others and I know it was a good thing to think more about for me, too. The title is 'Do You Love God?'

HubPages: This site is great fun. I recommend it. You can join by clicking here:

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  • My Keepsake Locket

    My Keepsake Locket

    6 months ago

    Among my small collection of jewellery are two lockets. One of these is a special keepsake that holds many happy memories.

  • Have You Got Your Hanky?—Reflecting on My Personal Collection

    Have You Got Your Hanky?—Reflecting on My Personal Collection

    14 months ago

    A search through my handkerchief treasure box reveals many happy memories and interesting information about the development of the kerchief.

  • Ageing and Memory: My Experience Participating in a Research Study

    Ageing and Memory: My Experience Participating in a Research Study

    15 months ago

    I had the opportunity to participate in a research study that examined the effect of brisk walking on memory. I found the study to be a very positive experience.

  • Epaphras, the Home Missioner

    Epaphras, the Home Missioner

    22 months ago

    The word 'missionary' is comparatively new. It usually denotes 'sending out', but Christians who stay at home can also be missioners, encouraging others to show their love for God and their neighbour.

  • Historical Album Views of Australia

    Historical Album Views of Australia

    23 months ago

    It's not the photos in this album that grabbed my attention, but the illustrations that were done long ago of many Australian towns, buildings and monuments. How so many have changed!

  • Nutty Chicken Noodle Hot Salad

    Nutty Chicken Noodle Hot Salad

    23 months ago

    An unusual, tasty luncheon dish that ticks all the boxes for those on Gluten Free, FODMAP and Diabetic diets.

  • Are They Cornish Words?

    Are They Cornish Words?

    2 years ago

    I discovered that no one else seemed to use some of the words our family used. Thinking that they must be related to my ancestors I wondered if this might happen to other people, too.

  • How to Grow Sweet Potatoes in a Container

    How to Grow Sweet Potatoes in a Container

    2 years ago

    Growing your own vegetables is such fun and it can be done in a small garden in a container. Then you know that they are truly organically grown and they're so fresh and such healthy food, too.

  • Gluten Free Microwave Banana Cake

    Gluten Free Microwave Banana Cake

    2 years ago

    This Gluten Free Banana cake can be made so quickly, and by using Lactose Free milk it is also suitable for those on a FODMAP diet.

  • How to Preserve Heirloom Photographs

    How to Preserve Heirloom Photographs

    2 years ago

    Our photographs may become heirlooms and along with those we have inherited that are already heirlooms they deserve preservation. This useful article suggests a number of ways of doing this.

  • Little Tich Tychicus

    Little Tich Tychicus

    2 years ago

    Tichicus is mentioned five times in the New Testament, yet he seems to be small and unimportant. We never read of anything he said or did, except his willingness to be helpful to Paul.

  • Praise to God

    Praise to God

    2 years ago

    How important it is to praise God! There are so many everyday events in our lives where His love shines through and it's a great privilege to be able to praise Him for these blessings.

  • Paved with Good Intentions

    Paved with Good Intentions

    2 years ago

    We often have good intentions, but then comes indecision and inaction and nothing gets done. Sometimes we just need that impetus to get us going on the right road.

  • Kids Crafts: How to Make an Elastic Band Harp

    Kids Crafts: How to Make an Elastic Band Harp

    18 months ago

    Making an elastic band harp can be fun and a great activity for a rainy day. It's also educational and you will have most of the materials already at hand.

  • Wave of Prayer Around the World

    Wave of Prayer Around the World

    2 years ago

    The Wave of Prayer is one of the annual activities of the world-wide Mothers' Union. This article describes what may happen in the service in one of the MU groups in Melbourne, Australia.

  • Doll Collecting

    Doll Collecting

    4 years ago

    Collecting dolls can teach us many things about dolls in history. Some of us collect them on purpose, and some collections, like mine, just happen.

  • Dried Grasses Arrangement

    Dried Grasses Arrangement

    4 years ago

    Arrangements of dried grasses are easy to prepare, cost nothing, and help to cheer the house with natural reminders of Spring.

  • Gluten Free Melting Moments

    Gluten Free Melting Moments

    5 years ago

    These delicious melt-in-the-mouth treats have few ingredients and are easy and quick to make.

  • Our Names, Pet Names and Nicknames

    Our Names, Pet Names and Nicknames

    5 years ago

    Our names become part of us and expansions such as pet names, nicknames and diminutives often become part of us, too.

  • The Princess Parrot

    The Princess Parrot

    20 months ago

    The Australian Princess parrot is beautiful in the wild, but it can also make a delightful pet.

  • Saying Goodbye to an ESL Class

    Saying Goodbye to an ESL Class

    5 years ago

    Unable to find ideas for an ESL final lesson in any of the resources, this is what I devised and hopefully it may be useful for other ESL teachers.

  • How to Pack and Prepare for a Holiday

    How to Pack and Prepare for a Holiday

    6 months ago

    Happy holidays need planning ahead. Making lists and ticking off items is essential if you want to have a worry free holiday and make great memories!

  • Drawing: Freehand Doodling is fun

    Drawing: Freehand Doodling is fun

    5 years ago

    Almost everyone enjoys doodling sometimes, but doodles can become an interesting art form as well.

  • Taiwanese Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet

    Taiwanese Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet

    5 years ago

    This is a very useful and tasty gluten free recipe. Some variations are included.

  • Descriptive Versus Prescriptive Grammars

    Descriptive Versus Prescriptive Grammars

    5 years ago

    This is the final article on linguistics and the changes that have come about between descriptive and prescriptive ways of looking at grammar.

  • Hand-Held Fans

    Hand-Held Fans

    2 years ago

    Fans, their age-old history and their uses. From royal courts, to dancing, to church liturgy, they have found a place in many cultures.

  • How to Paint a Fan for a Useful Gift

    How to Paint a Fan for a Useful Gift

    5 years ago

    Fans make useful gifts or party or wedding favours. They are inexpensive to purchase and can be decorated by adults or used for kid's craft.

  • Chinese Watercolour for Painting Orchids

    Chinese Watercolour for Painting Orchids

    6 months ago

    The orchid is known as the Spring Gentleman and is rich in symbolism. The article includes information about orchids and instructions for painting them.

  • Chomsky and Transformational-generative Grammar

    Chomsky and Transformational-generative Grammar

    5 years ago

    Although there have been substantial changes in Chomsky's system for a transformational-generative grammar over the years since it was first proposed, his contribution is seen as important in the discipline of linguistics and Chomsky himself is seen as an important system-builder.

  • Grammar and Structural Analysis

    Grammar and Structural Analysis

    14 months ago

    Structuralists and Descriptivists had different approaches to the study of grammar and this can be especially seen in the work of Bloomfield and Chomsky.

  • Knitting Project: a Cosy Rug

    Knitting Project: a Cosy Rug

    22 months ago

    A cosy rug can be a useful project for any time of the year. It will help to use up those odd balls of wool and can be a welcome gift - made with love.

  • Descriptive Grammar

    Descriptive Grammar

    5 years ago

    Discusses the limitations of a prescriptive grammar and the development of a more liberal approach that resulted in a variety of descriptive grammars as linguistics developed into a separate discipline.

  • Honest-to-God Honesty

    Honest-to-God Honesty

    5 years ago

    The human quality of honesty is important, but this article is mostly about the popular cottage garden plant known as Honesty.

  • Children's Craft: How to Make Bookends

    Children's Craft: How to Make Bookends

    5 years ago

    Instructions are given for making bookends for a children's bedroom using materials found around the home using greeting cards. Creative suggestions are also provided for other materials that could be utilised.

  • How to do Brass-Rubbings

    How to do Brass-Rubbings

    5 months ago

    Many cathedrals and churches in Britain have memorial brasses that were set in the stone floors to mark burial places in medieval times. Since Victorian times it has been a popular pastime to make rubbings of these brasses and it can be fun and educational at the same time.

  • Summer Delight: Jellied Beetroot

    Summer Delight: Jellied Beetroot

    2 years ago

    An easy recipe for jellied beetroot is preceded by a brief history of the of this ancient vegetable, followed by its uses, nutrition and other methods of cooking through the ages.

  • Helmet Seashells

    Helmet Seashells

    5 years ago

    The Helmet seashell is a member of the Superorder of Caenogastropoda, as is a smaller member of the Helmet family, the Bonnet seashell. Because of their size and appearance, they have been attractive to tourists and collectors and some species are now protected.

  • Easy Yule Log Cake Recipe

    Easy Yule Log Cake Recipe

    5 years ago

    This recipe takes very little cooking and can be made right up until the day before Christmas. Even children could follow the simple instructions although if you want it to look good as well as taste great, an adult hand would be useful for the decorating.

  • John Calvin's Hermeneutical Perspective

    John Calvin's Hermeneutical Perspective

    5 years ago

    The writings of John Calvin greatly influenced the Reformation and continues to influence the Protestant Church today. A study of his work reveals several flaws in his thinking but also highlights the lasting significance of his contribution to Biblical hermeneutics.

  • St. Augustine's Contribution to Biblical Hermeneutics

    St. Augustine's Contribution to Biblical Hermeneutics

    6 months ago

    St. Augustine, an African priest who was made a bishop just before the beginning of the fifth century, wrote many works that are considered seminal in the area of Biblical Hermeneutics. However, he was also responsible for promoting some views that were more influenced by Cicero and Plato than by...

  • How to Write a Formal Report

    How to Write a Formal Report

    5 years ago

    The main elements of a formal report or a dissertation contain certain rules and there may be requirements in different institutions and disciplines. The basics are shown here and could be useful in helping to construct a variety of report papers.

  • Cowrie Seashells

    Cowrie Seashells

    3 years ago

    Cowries are a species of marine molluscs and have been utilised by man for over nine thousand years. Some species, although beautiful, are very common while others are extremely rare. This article concentrates mainly on cowries from the Pacific area, but they come from the warmer seas in many parts...

  • The Paper Nautilus

    The Paper Nautilus

    5 years ago

    The life of the paper nautilus and its delicate egg-case is discussed, concluding with a warning that global warming may contribute to its extinction.

  • Recipe for Cauliflower Cheese

    Recipe for Cauliflower Cheese

    7 months ago

    This versatile recipe may be served as a main luncheon dish or as a side dish. It does not take long to prepare, is a healthy alternative to a pie, and is sure to be welcomed by the whole family.

  • How to Organize a Fun Vintage Fashion Fundraiser

    How to Organize a Fun Vintage Fashion Fundraiser

    14 months ago

    Many people have vintage and even antique apparel hidden away, and a fundraiser is a good opportunity to show them off. But, even a small show needs to be planned carefully if it is to be successful.

  • The History of Grammar

    The History of Grammar

    21 months ago

    A brief look at language study and grammar, including traditional types of grammars and universal grammar as seen by grammarians and linguists.

  • Chinese Watercolour Techniques for Painting Bamboo

    Chinese Watercolour Techniques for Painting Bamboo

    5 years ago

    Learning how to paint bamboo is one of the first lessons when exploring Chinese watercolour techniques. The materials needed are set out and the steps to master for the painting are explained along with some interesting information about bamboo and Chinese symbolism linked with bamboo.

  • Simple Paper Crafts for Kids

    Simple Paper Crafts for Kids

    2 years ago

    Paper crafts are a great way to improve kids' fine motor skills. The equipment is inexpensive and they can have lots of fun paper tearing, folding, cutting, glueing and weaving paper.

  • Simple Handmade Greeting Cards

    Simple Handmade Greeting Cards

    2 years ago

    Suggestions for making handmade greeting cards include the use of photographs, purchased stickers and scrap-booking materials, quilling, calligraphy, sketching, drawing and painting your own. You can even make matching gift tags. See the article for more ideas.

  • How to Choose Plants for Container Gardens

    How to Choose Plants for Container Gardens

    8 months ago

    This article discusses the need for good planning before commencing such a project. Learn how to choose decorative plants for growing indoors and outdoors and how to care for them, including information on nutrition and dealing with disease.

  • Flute Breathing Exercises

    Flute Breathing Exercises

    22 months ago

    This article on flute breathing exercises discusses how we breathe, types of breathing and which is best for the flautist and also for the player's general health. Some breathing exercises that help with the control of breath are explained with diagrams along with an emphasis on the importance of...

  • Caterpillars, grubs, maggots and weevils

    Caterpillars, grubs, maggots and weevils

    5 years ago

    A brief verse, for the Poem a Day challenge for April, and also a look at some types of insects and how they affect our daily lives.

  • Wise Sayings: An Old Autograph Album

    Wise Sayings: An Old Autograph Album

    10 months ago

    A number of entries in an autograph album, 1910-11, follow particular themes, such as Christian and Moral, Friendship and Funny. The album includes illustrations in some entries, a number of signatures and addresses from people living in the Daylesford and Chewton areas of Victoria and also in...

  • An Acrostic Poem about God's Love

    An Acrostic Poem about God's Love

    5 years ago

    A poem that uses all the letters of the alphabet, four times for each letter. It is inspired by Lamentations 3, which does the same thing with the Hebrew alphabet. While recognizing the difficulty of such a construction, it aims to praise God for His great love in sending His Son, Jesus, so that...

  • Growing Older Gracefully

    Growing Older Gracefully

    6 months ago

    As we age our bodies grow older but often our minds remain fresh. We should learn from the past and use the wisdom gained from our experiences to look forward to the future and with God's help complete our projects while we are still able to do so.

  • How Can We Keep Sundays Holy?

    How Can We Keep Sundays Holy?

    6 months ago

    The Fourth Commandment tells us to take a day of rest, but we rarely seem to find time to do this. Rest is as important for our spiritual and physical well-being as rests are in music as they contribute to the harmony.

  • Sunset: Reminder of God's Care (A poem in Rictameter)

    Sunset: Reminder of God's Care (A poem in Rictameter)

    3 years ago

    Two attempts at using rictameter to write about a sunset.

  • A Small Unit Garden: some ideas

    A Small Unit Garden: some ideas

    5 years ago

    A surprising number of vegetable can be planted in pots and tubs in a small garden. Even when the space is restricted a small Worm Farm can be very beneficial. Discusses how to care for the worms.

  • Preparing Sunday School Activities for Children During Lent

    Preparing Sunday School Activities for Children During Lent

    5 years ago

    When we are not so busy, holiday time is a good opportunity to plan special Sunday School activities relating to the Church Year. There are suggested ideas for activities Lent, Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter Day, including a Sunday School Camp.