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Judy Ward (dogmama58)

Joined 13 years ago from Hutto, TX

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    Quanah's Big Adventure With Auntie Gala

    22 months ago

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    Quanah and the Snow Storm

    2 years ago

  • 3

    Bubba Arrives At The Rainbow Bridge

    2 years ago

  • 2

    Itty Bitty Lily Kitty Comes In

    2 years ago

  • Quanah Gets His Home

    Quanah Gets His Home

    3 years ago

    A dog is looking for his forever home and finally finds it.

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    Bubba Busts a Move

    3 years ago

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    Bubba And The Hurricane

    5 years ago

  • Bubba On His Own

    Bubba On His Own

    5 years ago

  • Adrianna: The Perfect Punishment

    Adrianna: The Perfect Punishment

    5 years ago

    Adrianna thinks of the perfect punishment for people who engage in dog fighting.

  • Julou Dogs Chip's Happy Valentine's Day

    Julou Dogs Chip's Happy Valentine's Day

    6 years ago

    Chip was new to the Julou Dogs' household. Well, he had been born there 10 years ago, but he left to be with his Mama Betty when he was 8 weeks old, so he hardly remembered the place at all. Chip's Mama Betty passed away suddenly, but when she...

  • Julou Dogs Happy 4th of July

    Julou Dogs Happy 4th of July

    3 years ago

    It was the 4th of July and the Julou dogs, Caesar, Tsin'tia 2 and Ginger were in their secure back yard, enjoying the far off fire works but also seeing and hearing some closer to home. Mama Judy and Daddy Lou went out in the front yard to see the...

  • Julou Dogs Happy St Patrick's Day

    Julou Dogs Happy St Patrick's Day

    5 years ago

    The Julou Dogs, Ginger, Caesar and Tsin'tia II woke up early on March 17. They stretched, yawned, scratched and trooped out the doggie door for some morning outside time. The three dogs roamed around their yard, sniffing things and doing what dogs...

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    Julou Dogs Hoppy Easter

    5 years ago

    Mom was baking again. Caesar, Tsin'tia 2, Chip and Ginger could smell all kinds of goodies cooking in the oven. While tempted to go see what was in the oven, Caesar remembered his very painful accident with the oven at Thanksgiving when he burned...

  • A Chew Toy for Cerberus

    A Chew Toy for Cerberus

    5 years ago

    “Gah! What is that foul stench?” Adrianna spat. She had been walking through the market in San Francisco, enjoying the sunny day, the crowd and the market itself. But a group of teenagers had just passed with a crying child. As they passed...

  • Julou Dogs' Merry Christmas

    Julou Dogs' Merry Christmas

    4 years ago

    Two weeks before Christmas, Mama Judy put up the Christmas tree in a corner of the living room. This was not a new tradition and Ginger, Caesar and Tsin'tia had all seen the Christmas tree in its corner in years before. Even the cats, Jethro and...

  • Julou Dogs Happy Thanksgiving

    Julou Dogs Happy Thanksgiving

    3 years ago

    Thanksgiving is hard on a Ridgeback's sensitive nose!

  • Our Cats: Sammy and Smoky

    Our Cats: Sammy and Smoky

    5 years ago

    In about 1990, my brother and sister-in-law took in a cat who turned out to be an expectant mama. The kittens were born at their house in Round Rock and were cute little things. They did have some trouble finding homes for the kittens and found...

  • When Did I Become a Fuddy-Duddy?

    When Did I Become a Fuddy-Duddy?

    9 years ago

    Remember when we were teenagers? Or better yet, in our lower 20s? We owned the world! We had friends and we could drink and vote and the world was ours! The future stretched before us in all its bright, shiny glory and potential. We were going to...

  • Happy St Patrick's Day

    Happy St Patrick's Day

    4 years ago

    The Irish are a happy people and have their ways to deal with life’s ups and downs. When we are happy, we drink! When times are good, we drink! When times are hard, we drink! When we lose at love, we drink When...

  • Karelian Bear Dogs

    Karelian Bear Dogs

    10 years ago

    Karelian Bear Dogs originated in northern Europe, mainly in Finland. They are related to other breeds develped in that area. They are hunting dogs, used to hunt small game as well as the bear hunting which gave them the name Karelian Bear Dog. The...

  • Addison's Sleepy Time Tale

    Addison's Sleepy Time Tale

    4 years ago

    Once there was a little girl named Addison. She was as beautiful as a princess and had a lovely family. She was loved very much by her Mommy and Daddy and her grandparents and aunts and cousins and pretty much everyone else, too. Addison loved to...

  • Julou Dogs' Scary Halloween

    Julou Dogs' Scary Halloween

    3 years ago

    All Ages: Halloween Adventure

  • Our Cats; Zorro

    Our Cats; Zorro

    8 years ago

    We got Zorro when I worked at insurance company in Austin, about 1993, after the company moved to the offices off 2222 in Austin, Texas. One fall morning I parked and headed to the in door as usual when i was confronted by a tiny black kitten...

  • Our Cats: Tigger

    Our Cats: Tigger

    5 years ago

    When we moved to Austin for Lou's job in late 1982, we had my elderly dog, Tache and my cat, Ouija. We rented a duplex on Cinnamon Path in South Austin. One Sunday while walking Tache in the early morning, I heard a kitten meowing it's little lungs...

  • A Dog Called Little Stay Awhile; Remembering Puppyhood

    A Dog Called Little Stay Awhile; Remembering Puppyhood

    6 years ago

    2007 Puppies learning to eat solid food. I've realized lately that I don't really remember much about Tsin'tia II or Caesar as puppies. I remember an incredible amount about of Tsin'tia I's puppy days, and a little from Quanah's young months, but...

  • Ginger's Big Adventure

    Ginger's Big Adventure

    8 years ago

    Ginger safely home. I drove down to Brenham, Texas from Hutto to pick up Ginger, one of our 2005 Nikita/Indy puppies. Her owner died suddenly & her family had to move. Her family was supposed to be trying to find a place to live where they could...

  • My Fantasy: Livin' In The Hill Country of Texas

    My Fantasy: Livin' In The Hill Country of Texas

    10 years ago

    We once lived out in the Texas Hill Country and it has been my dream to own land there ever since. The place we lived on had 300 acres and only 3 houses. It was GREAT! Lots of room for the dogs to run, quiet most of the time, beautiful in all...

  • Dogmama's Poetry

    Dogmama's Poetry

    4 years ago

    Chocolate Drop, don't lie so still. I fear to go to wake you will Reveal that you have slipped away To The Rainbow Bridge today. I am not ready to let you go! Stay here tho the swift creek flow Is calling you away from me. These past 15...

  • Ridgeback Tales: A Dog Called Little Stay Awhile

    Ridgeback Tales: A Dog Called Little Stay Awhile

    6 years ago

    Chapter 1: The Best $40 > The 4th of July weekend of 1988, my husband and I spent the best $40 we’ve ever spent in our lives. Since my old Miniature Poodle, Tache, passed on in 1986, Lou had been talking about getting a Rhodesian...


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