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  • How to Hard Boil Eggs

    How to Hard Boil Eggs

    8 years ago

    How to hard boil eggs? Get a pan fill it half way with water, put the eggs in the water, heat on the stove till boiling, turn off the heat and after 10 minutes cool them down, crack and serve. Voi la.

  • Generating Electricity from Plants

    Generating Electricity from Plants

    9 years ago

    There are several methods to generate electricity from plants. One way has been discussed in another lens of mine, in which the plant pigments were extracted and used to paint glass plates, exposed to the sun light and a potential difference has...

  • Getting Rid of Cockroaches

    Getting Rid of Cockroaches

    9 years ago

    And the preparation starts by knowing your enemy. Hi ... I admit I had this issue for over 3 years in the past. I live in an apartment complex and for some reason some units are infested with cockroaches. Mine was one of them. Before you judge,...

  • Air Quality Indoors | What You Don't Know about Indoor Air Quality Can Harm You!

    Air Quality Indoors | What You Don't Know about Indoor Air Quality Can Harm You!

    9 years ago

    In this age of air conditioning and closed air circuits we are suffering the consequences in the form of respiratory system diseases. Chronic illnesses like asthma and chronic bronchitis are mostly due to the exposure to external effectors that...

  • Fishless Oceans by 2050!

    Fishless Oceans by 2050!

    9 years ago

    Fishless oceans by 2050! This is not a joke. Today, May 28th 2010 the United Nations Environment Programme announced that we only have 40 more years before we run totally out of fish! Click here to read more about the report. And this is not a...

  • Plant Electricity | How To Generate Green Electricity From Plants

    Plant Electricity | How To Generate Green Electricity From Plants

    9 years ago

    In a new desperate attempt to produce renewable energy from natural non-emission sources, a team of researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology was able to produce electricity from the broad leaf Maple trees. The energy produced with...

  • Nitric Oxide (Nitrogen Monoxide) Side Effects

    Nitric Oxide (Nitrogen Monoxide) Side Effects

    11 years ago

    Nitric oxide is a neurotransmitter and haemodilator (causes blood vessels to relax and expand). It is important for normal brain functions as it transmits signals between nerve cells in the brain, and it helps in relaxing blood vessels so that they...

  • Leaky Gut

    Leaky Gut

    9 years ago

    A leaky gut is the one that allows the passage of substances from the intestinal cavity into the blood stream through the lining layer of the intestine. This is what a leaky gut is in plain English. This condition has been under diagnosed and, in...

  • Network Marketing Economics

    Network Marketing Economics

    9 years ago

    In business there are some basics for anticipating success or failure for any new business idea. Network marketing is not different. If you want to succeed with network marketing you need to understand some simple, yet very important facts about...

  • Network Marketing Dropout

    Network Marketing Dropout

    9 years ago

    I bet there are hundreds of answers for this question. Everyone who joined a network marketing opportunity in the past and dropped it a few months later have their own unique reasons. Sponsors who don't know more than pushing you to do just the same...

  • How to Find a Niche for your Affiliate Marketing?

    How to Find a Niche for your Affiliate Marketing?

    9 years ago

    Finding a niche is the first step on the road to succeed with affiliate marketing. Find the niche and you are half done. Really. If you find your niche the rest is a routine work, like finding the keywords, building a campaign, writing the content,...

  • Off The Wall

    Off The Wall

    9 years ago

    Michael Jackson's Off The Wall album has such a special value for several reasons. First of all, It's Michael Jackson's first solo album. It included the first song wrote solely by Michael Jackson himself: Don't Stop Till You Get Enough. It came...

  • Work-From-Home Business | The Plan

    Work-From-Home Business | The Plan

    10 years ago

    Work from home business, like any business, needs planning. Not just any plan, you need a really good one in order to survive bad economy like the current recession. Work from home business is now a high demand item, especially with the late...

  • Go Green At Home

    Go Green At Home

    8 years ago

    This has been created in April 2010. After a short weird winter, which was warmer than any winter I lived over the past 40 years, I believe that the change in the Earth's climate due to our irresponsible consumption of energy has reached a point...


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