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    Pao de Queijo Recipe English / Portuguese (Bread of Cheese)

    10 years ago

    A great treat in Brazil and Portugal, the cheese bread (pão de queijo) is a great enjoyed recipe of mine. Friends and family go crazy over it. Goes great with morning or afternoon coffee, and makes a great snack. Its a hard cheesy gooey baked ball...

  • Beautiful Manhattan Travels (with HDR pictures)

    Beautiful Manhattan Travels (with HDR pictures)

    12 years ago

    My recent trip to Manhattan was nothing short of spectacular. Staying in East Harlem with a friend made my first visit the absolute best. I got to experience all the boroughs in my nine day stay. Flying in, The beautiful city of Manhattan Flying...

  • The Ultimate Cheesy Party Jokes

    The Ultimate Cheesy Party Jokes

    6 years ago

    Hey, wanna hear a pizza joke? Nevermind, it's too cheesy. How about a construction joke? Actually, I'm still working on it. Want to hear a joke about my penis? Never mind it's too long. Wanna hear a joke about my vagina? Nevermind, you'll...

  • Tired of Craigslist spam? See here if the email you got has been blacklisted!

    Tired of Craigslist spam? See here if the email you got has been blacklisted!

    12 years ago

    If you are like me, you list alot of stuff for sale on Craiglist versus Ebay. Not only is the site easier to manage and completelly free, its all local so the stuff you sell, usually sells for the right price you want and its quick and easy. ...

  • Hot holiday items for 2012

    Hot holiday items for 2012

    12 years ago

    While other hubs tell you all the great items for kids, what about the early teens and teens out there? I have a compiled a list of gifts that will be sure to put a smile on any kids face, even adults. iPod Touch 4 - Apple's darling device for...

  • Kinect: The Good The Bad The Ugly

    Kinect: The Good The Bad The Ugly

    13 years ago

    I got the Kinect Bundle today, and decided to do a mini review of my trials and tribulations so far after only two days. The Kinect 4gb Console bundle came from Best Buy, I did an in-store-pickup, and was surprised by the fact they actually had some...

  • Raining fish from the sky

    Raining fish from the sky

    14 years ago

    You might have heard on the news latelly that in Australia, Lajamanu to be exact, had a falling out of fish in their town the other day. This happened not only once, but two afternoons in a row. Hundreds of small white fish fell from the sky on...

  • Tom Vilsack and Monsanto Equals Change?

    Tom Vilsack and Monsanto Equals Change?

    13 years ago

    On Dec. 17th Tom Vilsack was chosen as Obama’s nominee to be the next U.S. Secretary of Agriculture. Vilsack ran on the 2008 campaign for president and has ties to Monsanto. "Vilsack has repeatedly demonstrated a preference for large industrial...

  • AT&T and the iPhones Visual VoiceMail Problem

    AT&T and the iPhones Visual VoiceMail Problem

    14 years ago

     Since around January of this year, I began experiencing a problem with my jailbroken 3g iPhone. It seemed like I was getting no new voicemails for what seemed like forever. I found this out the hard way when I thought to call my voicemail by...

  • What the AIG bailout, CRA, and Glass-Steagall have to do with you

    What the AIG bailout, CRA, and Glass-Steagall have to do with you

    12 years ago

    Repealing glass-steagall Act had nothing to do with giving poor people mortgages- it made it so that insurance companies, banks, and anything else could all melt into one mega-financial institution, and it was the brainchild of McCain...

  • Disillusionment of the American Dream - The Great Gatsby Review

    Disillusionment of the American Dream - The Great Gatsby Review

    5 years ago

    The disillusionment of the American dream, it is spread through out Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby. From the beginning we have the main character of the story, Gatsby, who is following his very own version of the American dream, Wealth. He...

  • 25

    Cars in the 1920s

    5 years ago

    With over 40 companies making cars by 1929 Ford had quite the competition on a saturated market. The industry boomed and society changed as public transportation dwindled and personal cars more common

  • Baseball Face Spasm Humor

    Baseball Face Spasm Humor

    16 years ago

    click pictures for a bigger view .:LiveImagePhoto:. for more pictures like this, visit my site above.

  • The Crucible Summary

    The Crucible Summary

    13 years ago

    Abigail Williams: The tale of a rebellious teenager. written by: 8th Grader R.R. (lip) Back in 1692 the paranoia of witchcraft had reached epic proportions in the little town of Salem, Massachusetts. Arthur Miller's classic play The Crucible...

  • Think about it

    Think about it

    5 years ago

    Could someone ever get addicted to counseling? If so, how could you treat them?If God sneezes...what should you say?Should vegetarians eat animal crackers?What do sheep count when they can't sleep?Why do fat chance and slim chance mean the same...

  • All the worlds population

    All the worlds population

    5 years ago

    If we could shrink the earth's population to a village of precisely 100 people, with all the existing human ratios remaining the same, it would look something like the following: There would be: 57 Asians 21 Europeans 14 from the Western...

  • Descriptive Personal Poems

    Descriptive Personal Poems

    12 years ago

    Tankas Carefully I walk Trying so hard to be brave They all see my fear Dark glasses cover their eyes As mine, flow with tears. As I sit here now Dreaming of your warm embrace I cry and wonder Why you left me alone To dream of your, love and...

  • 146

    The Diarrhea Song

    6 years ago

    when your talking to your daughter and you feel that poo poo water, diarrhea, diarrhea when you running from police and you feel that anal grease

  • Republican To English Dictionary

    Republican To English Dictionary

    13 years ago

    Republican to English Dictionary... In case you've been having trouble recently in deciphering speeches and news reports: alternative energy sources /n./ New locations to drill for gas and oil. bankruptcy /n./ A means of escaping debt...


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