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    The Boy Who Collects Sorrow - Short Story

    6 years ago

  • 1

    The Red String

    6 years ago

    “Now, let me tell you a story how we were indestructible-how I was willing to give you everything I had, every part of my soul, even the broken pieces. It was hardcore.”

  • Our Story

    Our Story

    6 years ago

  • Jacob


    6 years ago

    Because the more I breath you in, the more I lose parts of me.

  • How to be an Effective Writer

    How to be an Effective Writer

    6 years ago

  • A Different Perspective on Proofreading

    A Different Perspective on Proofreading

    6 years ago

  • Writing Product Reviews

    Writing Product Reviews

    6 years ago

  • Tears to Home

    Tears to Home

    7 years ago

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    La Famille

    7 years ago

    Modest are the bronze succumbed and scuffed masks prayed for the time to haunt the juvenile cup laid on enflamed beds to forgotten destiny oh yes they're lost. Tonight, as I walk amidst of these sharp raindrops, I am willing to cast every pint of...

  • Stirrer


    6 years ago

    Coffee spilled at the parchment of fine verses and star-crossed promises. (A dull, dreadful brown drowning your name then mine) The letters erode in a deluge of caffeine you mixed for me. Like cursed sinners breached of their halos, all the...

  • The Sin of Anger

    The Sin of Anger

    7 years ago

    "A man is about as big as the things that make him angry"

  • Seven Deadly Sins

    Seven Deadly Sins

    7 years ago

    The world is a place dominated by a clash good and evil; light and dark; sins and virtues. But whatever name you tag them, these are man's two tendencies that define his humanity. The best thing, however, is that while man maybe bound by these...

  • Ode To Shiva

    Ode To Shiva

    6 years ago

    Let me sing the melody of my dead trances which were summoned by those monotonous music of your persistence (how I wish I could hear it with my very ears)

  • Wind Chimes

    Wind Chimes

    6 years ago

    It was four o'clock in the morning and the whisper of the breeze that was unknown to me, reverberated in my ears, woke me from a dream that has suddenly slid me back to my subconscious. I got up to endure another day of longing. Before I left the...

  • Secret


    7 years ago

    l realized that l had given them the ending they deserve.

  • Five Times You Met Him (Plus One Time You Didn't) A Short Story

    Five Times You Met Him (Plus One Time You Didn't) A Short Story

    7 years ago

    This is for the hearts who have forgotten, and those who never have.

  • Good, Bad, Happy and Sad: Memoirs of a Poet

    Good, Bad, Happy and Sad: Memoirs of a Poet

    7 years ago

    Lights from a dark mind.

  • Elegy to Fast Food

    Elegy to Fast Food

    7 years ago

    He was the man who looked never on who sat absorbed across the table or on who befriended him with a kiss from beside He was the man who cared not to peep on how blond was she who dared put fries in his drooping, crimson lips or on who put the...

  • Repentance


    7 years ago

    December noontime my lifeless feet walked on a thorny ground; my ventricles netted as skins peeled off with acids- like a dog sniffing for stool to lick; but after noontime birds wiped my young, moist eyes; holy angels took my hands from above and...

  • Fishtalks


    7 years ago

    And so I stare at you bending and slicing through your little aquarium. My friends call me crazy, you know talking to you like this, like you'll hear a thing I say. You're beautiful white scales, majestic waves demurely splicing through that...

  • Left


    6 years ago

    And so the metro slept in a mooring, drunken beat. Slowly, the lights went dead as tiny cars sped past the alley hiding us from the eyes of the urban woods. In dim glow I cast your outline and trace the sly patterns your glassy polo buttons...

  • Cry on, Magdalena

    Cry on, Magdalena

    7 years ago

    She was the lady, who stood upfront the Malacañang doors, face slumped with guilt, as her children sang gloomy symphonies. Everyday she wept, as the Chief marched in, donned in nothing but white suit, adorned with nothing but star-shaped...

  • Cafeteria Elegies

    Cafeteria Elegies

    6 years ago

    The place is still the way I have left it. And the porch I'm sitting at still feels comfortable as always, and the rose - adorned tabletop still exudes the same aura. It is true - there are really things that the withering hands of time cannot...

  • Frontier


    7 years ago

    Unearth me in this rose-filled haven so you would know me before May ends a bit and my name would only be your hint.) Embrace me with the tightest of hugs after mist diffusion so you would be addicted with its sugary aroma (l'll give you ten...

  • Aloha (A Hello to Goodbye Sonnet) by Rita

    Aloha (A Hello to Goodbye Sonnet) by Rita

    7 years ago

    Brimmed in the kindle of time’s ghostly friend, he walks with a pass so careful and slow. As the night’s distasteful song takes his hand, the passionate rhymes of his love outgrow. The wind sounds soft through the sighing of tress, when she left...

  • I won't forget to remember

    I won't forget to remember

    7 years ago

    You came and conquered me; swallowed me with all your pride; left me with nothing but sting; wet me with a river of tears. Like a ruling God, you took me but not to Olympus. You brought me to Hades and forced me to bear species of him. I have...

  • Frozen Tirade

    Frozen Tirade

    7 years ago

    Shadow dancing - a sultry dance in the middle of the night. and they jived the silhouettes engulfed each other down. But through and through, they will stop as the first shaft of light hits them bleeding as one.

  • Second Law of Pen

    Second Law of Pen

    7 years ago

    What if sun and moon met could you be there to capture the inter-scenes? What if West Gods and greed dogs agreed Would the sky and chairs suffice their hungry mouths? What if pen and papers.ran under the cave, Would the crunchy bones still be...

  • Barrio Bacchanalia

    Barrio Bacchanalia

    7 years ago

    Come. Feast with me. The moon has pronounced its divinity, and you (alone) can define the holiness of the night. Drink my wine fermented agitation of Styx. Taste my sweets fresh from Bermuda triangle. Hosts are everywhere wearing nothing. Be full...

  • The Time Travelers A Short Story

    The Time Travelers A Short Story

    7 years ago

    They were on the top of the world, living high. Glancing over the passenger seat, Joshua smiled, still preening to where Cassey sat. They were on a run -just the two of them, travelling out of the city to the light atmosphere of the countryside....


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