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  • An In-Built Evacuate Button for Women

    An In-Built Evacuate Button for Women

    7 years ago

  • Must Read: Sanitary Napkins or Tampons? What’s better for you?

    Must Read: Sanitary Napkins or Tampons? What’s better for you?

    8 years ago

    We do care for feminine hygiene and therefore feel the urgency of discussing some major concerns and questions that every woman is anxious about. Which are those safer personal hygiene products in India? Especially products related to feminine...

  • Five ways travelling comforts you after a break-up!

    Five ways travelling comforts you after a break-up!

    8 years ago

    If you are feeling shattered or unhappy due to a break-up, you must try things which comfort you. The best thing you can do is travel. Go for adventure travel in India and help yourself come out of th

  • Tips to maintain healthy pregnancy

    Tips to maintain healthy pregnancy

    8 years ago

    The journey of nine months, from conception to giving birth, every moment of the journey is special for the mothers-to-be. Each and every women wish to have a healthy pregnancy journey without much complication. But just wishing for that is not...

  • A Woman’s thought...

    A Woman’s thought...

    8 years ago

    In recent past, a lot of incidents have been reported in India which has left people of the country and especially women apprehensive about their safety. Personal safety has become a major issue and a point of concern for everyone but in particular...

  • Timeless Love for Diamonds

    Timeless Love for Diamonds

    8 years ago

    Diamonds are absolutely precious and close to every girl’s heart. All the girls have an irresistible love for dear diamonds. Diamonds perfectly exhibit the royalty in you. They add a pinch of elegance to your look every time you wear them....

  • Beauty that lasts...

    Beauty that lasts...

    8 years ago

    True, physical beauty does matter but inner beauty is what lasts forever Now a day’s people have diverse and different opinions about everything. Plato well said that “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”, what I find beautiful and...

  • Dedicated To My Love on Our Special Day!

    Dedicated To My Love on Our Special Day!

    8 years ago

    Nobody can be perfect, but imperfections make you fall in love... When you know why you like him or when you have the reason to love him, it’s definitely not love. But actually you are in love with the reasons which attract you or compel you to...

  • Goodbye stress

    Goodbye stress

    8 years ago

    Now a day’s most of us suffer from stress. Even a kid has his own problems and suffers through stress which leads to an unhealthy life. Basically stress refers to a worse mental and physical state resulting from tension, pressure and other general...

  • Have Hope, Have Faith

    Have Hope, Have Faith

    8 years ago

    Sometimes you spend your entire life in hope and faith in god. Today’s young generation may consider hope and faith as trivial words. However these two words are strong enough to make a person survive his/her life. I very truly believe that having...

  • My answer lies in you

    My answer lies in you

    8 years ago

    I was standing right there where you once left me, I was angry and had lot of questions in mind, I fought with a thousand questions everyday, These questions almost formed a huge heap on my mind, There was loss of sleep, loss of appetite,...

  • My Precious Second Chance

    My Precious Second Chance

    8 years ago

    Gates of memories will never close Mirrors reflecting those faded faces will never break My silent tears will never be noticed Days will pass away into years I will stand still and bear But the nightmare like reality taught me something...

  • Dedicated to every women out there

    Dedicated to every women out there

    9 years ago

    A woman has several stages in her life. The first when she is born, next when she gets married and finally when she gives birth to her child. Her entire life revolves around the people related to her. When she enters into this life, her parents are...

  • Love is stubborn

    Love is stubborn

    8 years ago

    There are millions of people in this world, but sometimes you need just one. The one person you love the most. For whom your love is unconditional. No matter what happens, what he has done to you, whether he really loves you or not, nothing seems...

  • How to find that your partner is cheating on you?

    How to find that your partner is cheating on you?

    9 years ago

    To find out if your partner is hoaxing in the relationship, the very first symptom would be an unhappy relation, following by lies, unexpected behaviour, sudden fights for no reason and many more. The below listed are some ways to identify if your...

  • For Your Blissful Wedlock

    For Your Blissful Wedlock

    9 years ago

    Marriage is the most exquisite thing that can happen to you. It defines the bond that two strangers share, and how the two of them transform from being strangers to lovers and the ultimate inseparables. Both the partners start a new life, make...


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