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What are some good ways to use empty toilet paper rolls?

  1. AliciaC profile image99
    AliciaCposted 6 years ago

    What are some good ways to use empty toilet paper rolls?

  2. BRIAN SLATER profile image86
    BRIAN SLATERposted 6 years ago

    I recently read an article where empty toilet rolls were used to start seedlings and young plants off prior to replanting them into larger plant pots. Cardboard is an excellent insulator so would keep the soil warm and the moisture in.
    Model makers have used empty toilet rolls for many purposes from chimney's, large tanker conversions to tall cylinders representing industrial vats or storage vessels.

  3. galleryofgrace profile image82
    galleryofgraceposted 6 years ago

    Toilet paper rolls have many uses. The most handy is using them as cord minders for small kitchen appliances. They say leaving small appliances plugged in uses electricity so I roll the cord and insert it in a toilet paper roll . That way cords are not hanging everywhere. They can also be painted with any acrylic craft paint to match the decor of the room or appliance.

    I also use them at Christmas as tree ornaments. Hide money or small gifts inside, wrap them in gift wrap with the ends twisted closed. Let the guests choose their ornament from the tree. They don't  know if they're getting a ten dollar bill, a dollar store trinket or something valuable. This is also good for other parties. It's great fun. Almost everyone loves surprise packages. I've also put lottery tickets in them.

  4. Nettlemere profile image92
    Nettlemereposted 6 years ago

    I have always used them to entertain small rodents such as gerbils and hamsters which enjoy running through them and chewing them up. I also use them to hide a treat in for my young dog when I go out. I fold over one end, pop in the treat, fold over the other end and then sometimes insert it into a second toilet roll with another treat. Then he can have an enjoyable couple on minutes destroying it when I leave. Then I put the chewed cardboard onto the compost heap.

  5. inevitablesecrets profile image74
    inevitablesecretsposted 6 years ago

    to test if toys are a choking hazard.  Anything that fits through a toilet paper roll is small enough for a child under three to choke on.  You can by a plastic tube for the five dollars that are the same size and shape as a toilet paper roll for that purpose but what's the point when everyone has toilet paper rolls

  6. tlcs profile image44
    tlcsposted 6 years ago

    If your into gardening their perfect for potting on into, (see my hubs relating to gardening for indepth info) not only can you fill them with soil and let your plant grow into a healthy size before planting out into the garden but you can also plant the plant and the roll straight into the garden, a good way not to disturb the roots of your newly grown plant.