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Best Automotive Jobs in India

Updated on April 5, 2013

Jobs in the Automobile Industry

Automobile sector in India has for long been fueling India’ economic growth. India has been in the forefront for the development of the automobile industry in a big way. Some of the major automobile giants in India are - Hero Honda, Tata motors, Ford motors, Ashok Leyland Ltd, Bajaj Auto, Hero Honda, Toyota, Maruti Udyog Ltd and Yamaha Motor.

Automobile industry in India is one of the largest manufacturing sectors of India, providing employment opportunities to thousands of job seekers in the country. A candidate applying for technical positions in automobile sector must have a basic degree in the mechanical or the automobile industry.

The employees needed to run an automobile industry may broadly consist of - Product Development or Design Engineers, Materials Engineer, Production Engineers, Vendor Development Engineers, Industrial Engineers, Quality Check Engineers and Vehicle Final Inspection Engineers.

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You are Wanted

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The scope of employment in Automobile Industry is rather wide and it offers a high tech, wholly satisfying competitive work environment. Automobile Companies are not meant for easy-going persons who want a white collar 9 to 5 job. Automobile Companies can be very demanding, and would require its employees to meet the production deadlines and work in different shifts and quite often unmindful of the clock.

A candidate applying for job in the automobile industry must possess B Tech/ BE in Mechanical Engineering or BE in Automobile Engineering or BE in Electrical Engineering. People who have specialized in Machine design, automobile design, CAD/ CAM, Robotics and Automation will have an edge. Persons opting for junior positions should hold a 3-year diploma course in either mechanical or automobile engineering from a recognized polytechnic.

A plethora of Junior Engineers are needed at supervisory level for production, workshop, shift supervision, component planner and quality testing. Automobile industry in India also provides opportunities to less-qualified through in-house Apprentice Training Scheme. It is a fact that Automobile manufacturers are in need of a large number of skilled workmen – and they invariably recruit Certificate holders from Industrial Training Institutes (ITI) and imparting training to them post appointment.

As in any other industry, Automobile Companies also require general administration staff, finance professionals, IT personnel, marketing & sales engineers, human resources officials etc.

There is no central agency to recruit candidates for the Automobile Industry. Automobile Companies go to Universities/Colleges/Polytecnics to conduct campus interviews to select the candidates. They also advertise vacancies in the print media and in their websites.

This is a robust healthily growing sector with immense career opportunities. The initial salary for a qualified Engineer will be between Rs. 15000 to Rs. 20000 and a Junior Engineer can expect a starting salary of Rs 10000.

The Indian Automotive Industry has today acquired a global status and India has become one of the largest automobile markets in the world. It is envisaged that the industry will require more than 5 million employees in the next three years – of which 25% would be engineers, 60% for skilled workforce and the remaining would be for unskilled laborers. The automobile industry encompasses manufacturers of passenger cars, heavy motor vehicles, automobile spares, tire, battery etc.


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    • mat chaudhry profile image

      mat chaudhry 7 years ago from Washington

      Excellent artilce. Glad that those jobs are booming.