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Chemtrail Experimentation

Updated on January 10, 2018

Chemtrail Introduction

For all those who actually look at the sky, there is evidence of some sort of chemical or biological spraying is going on. Whether these are for people control, biological experimentation, or some sort of weather control, there are people getting sick and plants are having nutrient intake problems.


Moral Rights of the Citizens

With so many moral issues in everyday life, there are moral rights, business rights, and ethical rights. Who can consider what would be ethical and moral for the citizens today, tomorrow, and the future? Do the citizens of the United States have the right to knowledge, information, freedom, trust, health, and a clean environment? Can government and businesses determine what is best for the people without exploitation? With aerial spraying, can long-term effects develop into chronic infections, brain problems, diseases, blockage of nutrients or mutations?

H.r. 2977 Mind Control

H.R. 2977 states that “chemtrails” are listed as an exotic weapon system in Section 7 under Definitions 9 H.R. 2977 that addresses radiation, frequency, and mind-control. Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri has become a bacterial base that experiments with spraying of bacteria in the training of Biowarfare. Spraying in the air by Fort Leonard Wood of bacterial agents on the general population has generated a public outcry. When contacted, a known Christian Senator from Missouri, wrote (back to me) that while in the Senate, he introduced a bill to try to stop the Chemtrails, but was stopped by order of secrecy of the D.O.D.

Chemtrails turning to clouds
Chemtrails turning to clouds | Source

Frequency Generation


Look into the nice blue skies over almost anywhere in the United States and you will see aircraft applying thick white layers of smoke-looking spray out the back side of the aircraft. The regular vapor trail that normally is exhausted out the engine dissipates within seven to ten seconds. Those that do not dissipate within a short time are called “chemtrails” which spread, form clouds, and stay afloat in the sky. This aerial spraying continues often over our land. When the chemtrails are laid, the cloud seems to fan out and create light clouds lasting for hours. Sometimes these chemtrail clouds show signs of frequencies being generated throughout the clouds, showing rippling of the cloud.

What is the Damage being Done?

As these clouds hang over the populated areas and citizens, what damage is being done to the environment, to the people, and to the vegetation? And for what purpose is this being done? Chemtrails fall out have been lab- analyzed and have been found to contain white blood cells, barium, aluminum, and bacilli. These types of pollutants contaminate the air, water, vegetation, and threaten the health of the citizens. Who would the aerial spraying benefit and why the secrecy? Research indicates several different companies and directions that could be spraying including government, industry, the pharmaceutical companies, and the military. All of these have much to gain. The government and the military seem to be doing research with military chaff, mind alteration, underground surveys, population control, warfare detection, weather control, radar detection, and mind control. The industry and pharmaceutical companies have lots to gain in research and of monetary greed.

X marks the spot. Are you under the x ?

Are You Being Affected Under the X


What are the Chemtrails about?

What is All the Vapor About?

Pharmaceuticals also may have a stake in the seemingly harmless, but sometimes lethal, chemtrails. Lab analysis contents of the chemtrails contained bacteria, including anthrax and pneumonia, barium chemicals, heavy metals, molds and fungi, viruses, cancers, vaccines, and sedatives. Some of these ingredients have been found to cause stomach problems, high blood pressure, memory problems, respiratory problems, sickness, blocked nutrient utilization, and a worn down immune system. This type of experimentation and research could bring in substantial income to the drug industries and pharmaceuticals.

Weather experimentation from these sprayings and chemtrails have caused illnesses of children from particles sprayed into the air. Many people have had unexplained respiratory ailments or have died after the spraying. Mass mind control could be the outcome to have a controllable economy and government through mass spraying of the population.

close up of chemtrail
close up of chemtrail | Source

What are the Causes Proposed?

What Are the Suspects?

According to investigators of Chemtrail spraying, purposes of spraying might include:

Mind Control-Being able for the politicians and government to control the masses has its advantages.

Protection from sun radiation– Arial spraying could possibly block the heat radiation coming into the atmosphere and possibly reducing greenhouse effects and heat.

Global warming– Arial spraying could possibly change the weather patterns to create a cooling effect throughout the earth.

Population control – With the population over seven billion, the earth will soon be unable to support its inhabitants. Slowing the growth, culling the weak, and creating immune deficiencies in the population could help zero growth population.

Weather Modification - With weather modification, the military and government can use the weather as a weapon. The government and businesses can harness the most productive growing seasons for profit and growth. Weather modification can also stimulate growth within the economy and have other economies of the world crumble at our doorsteps.

Why Chemtrails and What is Happening?

What Are the Issues Involved?

With the aerial sprayings, there are billions of dollars going into the spraying. Chemtrails are sometimes loaded with pathogens and are applied at night and during the day. These are sprayed over major population areas, and contain heavy metals that are harmful to the human population.

These are the laws that have been passed to protect the citizens from threats, both known and unknown. One of these laws is Title 50 Chapter 32 where the Secretary of Defense shall not conduct any chemical or biological test on the civilian population, but can be experimented on if the experimentation is related to research in medicine or agriculture. Also allowed is testing for any law enforcement activity. With this, open experimentation is allowed on the civilian population under certain circumstances.

Are the pharmaceutical companies spraying to make people sick, the government spraying to change the weather or trying to protect the citizens? Are other unknown forces trying to alter or cull the population? These are ethical and obscure questions that need to have answers. If by chance the pharmaceuticals are driven by greed to make people sick just to make a fast buck, there is something morally wrong. Social responsibility is a factor here. Is it morally right to cull the population or create a screen to cool the earth to preserve future generations? The social responsibility insists that the company should protect people by its behavior and has obligations to those beyond the profits. When does a government or company have the freedom to generate income or growth by exploiting the people of Earth? It should not infringe or cause death or sickness on others.

Chemtrail H in the Sky

H IN THE SKY | Source

Nutrient Intake Blocked By Aluminum

There might be a fine line between security and freedom; the government may have to test the weapons or to protect its using advanced technology. If the leaders in the US relate to insensitivity for others, the lawmakers might be involved in long-tem interests, greed or corruption. If those in charge are trying to make the US or whole world a better and happier place, like utilitarianism, then everyone will be better offby the spraying of the chemtrails, but not at the expense of the health, welfare or livelihood of its citizens.

The subject of chemtrails is a very controversial and ethical one. The problems that countries and politicians try to solve can affect many other countries and cultures. As long as there is universal acceptability, the people and citizens will accept the actions, even when the proof states that there are harmful contents. Spreading the information and trying to inform the ignorant seems to be one solution to make this practice unacceptable, especially when the government has been losing its trust with the citizens because of dishonesty and untruthful actions. We should respect humanity and should never use subjects as experiments “without their consent.” The nation gets doused each and every day with tons of chemicals and aluminum fibers that are harmful to human beings, animals, and the environment and most of the people of Earth do not even see what is happening.

Information means power; power means control. Congress and House of Representatives should be contacted and there needs to be a demand for an investigation. There should be an outcry from the citizens urging moral responsibility! The citizens of the United States need to quit being like ostriches with the heads stuck into the sand and realize that people should become conscience of this spraying and evidence. This spraying upon the citizens and the environment is unethical and immoral. Look at the once dark green grass, the once living trees, and the once living birds of the air. Do you not see a connection? The grass has turned a sickly yellowish green, the trees are dying because of aluminum blocking the intake of nutrients in the root system and the once bountiful flocks of birds are gone. These are warning signs that something is deadly wrong!

Sickly Green Grass-not Dark Green


Where Are the Questions?

With the toxic amount of chemicals, fiberglass and aluminum fibers, and heavy metals being sprayed in the air, one has to wonder what the after effects will be and what the future holds. Could the cost-benefit analysis for a project of this magnitude actually benefit society as a whole?

There needs to be questions asked of the governmental agencies and answers have to be required. Tests, research, and regulations have to be approved to prevent chemtrails from damaging the ecosystem, the people and animals. The destruction resulting from chemtrails are immoral acts. All levels of government need to act immediately and urge a thorough investigation of this enormous secret program.

According to the history of the United States, the government has experimented on the citizens and general population of the United States. The evidence of chemtrails and the damaging effects are well documented. Our tax-supported officials should take every opportunity to protect and inform all citizens of the United States. They should not allow any unknown harm to come to anyone born under the Constitution. The government officials should give full disclosure of all activities concerning chemtrails, military chaff, mind control, weather control, DNA modification, and any other activities associated with unethical spraying in our skies.

Dying Trees Because of Aluminum Blocking Intake of Nutrients


Pharmaceutical Spraying ?

Have you ever noticed aerial spraying then got sick afterward?

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    • Athlyn Green profile image

      Athlyn Green 5 years ago from West Kootenays

      This could explain the animal die-offs all over the place. While the "official" version is that these occur in nature, one has to wonder when so many land and marine animals are dying mysteriously.

      If population reduction is the agenda, one of the best ways is to kill off animals and vegetation. The world's elite already have an organic food supply and have the money to ensure that their food is grown in safe environments.

    • LAURENS WRIGHT profile image

      LAURENS WRIGHT 6 years ago

      KrystalD, thank you for commenting and reading this hub. There are some hidden agendas behind these, but who knows how many. Even the weather forcasters now cover the chemtrails when they show the clouds, the media quickly covers the indication of chemtrail formations and the hospitals seem to not relate a respiratory illness with the chemtrail fallout.

      Thank you Again!!!

    • KrystalD profile image

      Krystal 6 years ago from Los Angeles

      Thank you so much for this hub. It was extremely well put together and really informed about what I see when I look up and think, "That is not a cloud!" Our earth thanks you for getting the word out about what we are doing to it.


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