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Famous Black People in History Whose Work Changed the World-- Don Cornelius

Updated on December 9, 2012
May you rest in peace now Don!
May you rest in peace now Don! | Source

Rest In Peace Don Cornelius

Born on September 27, 1936, Donald Cortez Cornelius was set to create 'Soul train' being at the right moment and at the right place. Besides adding his voice and charisma, 'Don' had the drive to keep the Show going for 22 years. Rest in peace Don!

Like a premonitory date, we wrote about our grandpa James story last the same time, L.A. Time, Don Cornelius, made the decision to stop his life. Like a cry in the loneliness of his home, at Sherman Oaks, at 75, he thought enough was enough! and he went into history in the early hours of this African-American month.

So far we know that a person called the police from Mr. Cornelius’s house on Mulholland Drive in the Sherman Oaks neighborhood just before 4 a.m. There was no Oprah or Maya or Eddy Murphy or even Aretha around to stop him from leaving this world. Sadly, we all felt at times this dead end... and when we could not take the things we did and were probably wrong, then we just called it quits.

Born on September 27, 1936, Donald Cortez Cornelius, was a product of of the Heartland of America on a depression era. The wind city Chicago Illinois witness his grandeur. Getting a degree in Journalism and jumping his soul into the Civil right Movement, Cornelius recognized the lack of opportunities for black America on main stream T.V.


After different attempts Cornelius gave life to this program back in August 1970. The time was right. R&B, Jazz and 'Soul' were in vogue and Disco and Hip-Hop came slowly as an spin off.

What was the reason for its for its Success? Soul and drive: Yep, and we all got reminded of it by its you know!

Cornelius gave up Syndication in 1993, Shemar Moore did a good three years stint until 2003 and replaced by Dorian Gregory until 2006. Eddy Murphy wanted to help to make a movie about Cornelius and his show but never took off.


After some personal issues and accused on Domestic Violence charges, Cornelius withdrew from the limelight little by little. He pleaded no contest and was sentenced to a 36 months probation. Now, here is what the regular news will tell you, like with no soul...!

What happened? Why did he decide to end his life this way? The date gives us a clue. Shame and failure toward the end . He was at the right place to get Sears and Johnson & Johnson to sponsor his idea, and we were lucky enough to live that era. But this time he was a loner, and a lonely mind can make you do things you could regret.

You see yourself on the top of all, like Michael Jackson or Smokey, but if you don't have enough strength in you, then eventually the fall will come as a corollary of Life. We have millions of friends when we are famous. Ask lady Ga-ga or Bon Jovi... but deep inside we are mortals like any other.

If there were some kind of device to check on loved ones in this kind of dead-end situations, we would save so many lives. Oprah would have given half of her billions just to help to create this bio-device. I wonder now if some other artists are thinking or have been depressed lately. Remember, stars depart in groups of three.**

Don Cornelius may your Soul rest in peace!

** Written eleven days before Whitney's departure

Aretha and  Don
Aretha and Don | Source


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