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The US Jobs Report for September 2011

Updated on March 25, 2012

Throw these Welfare Babies Out!!!


Horrifically High Unemployment

It is September 2, 2011, and the jobs report has come out and the unemployment in America is horrifically high. What jobs are available are not living wage jobs and are for the lowest skilled and most uneducated in our country. One could surmise that the economic data specifically the unemployment was going to be horrifically high just by the timing of the announcement on Friday before Labor Day.

For a president that says he is up at night worried about his people who write to him he hasn't done much to help them find gainful employment. He has taken the bull by the horns so to speak and addressed the unemployment. How is this the change we all voted for? How is Barack Obama substantively different than George Bush. Both men have fought unnecessary wars and have not shared the treasure with their people. Both men have made certain that their rich friends don't pay taxes and there has been a successive regressive flat tax on the poorest Americans. So how are they different? I can't tell the difference.

If anything Barack Obama has been the third term of George Bush which means we really do need a change for good. That means all of the members of both parties need to pack up and retire. It is time for real change. And I am not talking about the Hollywood variety either Matt Damon. But we need real people who have known worry and hunger in their bellies in power now. Because Washington DC continues down its path of irrelevancy and trashing and burning everything in its path at it own personal wealth while people starve within the boarders of its country. Employment and national security are tied together whether DC wants to admit it or not. It would seem those that reside inside the beltway are so cut off from the reality of what it takes to exist in the real world that they have made themselves obsolete weak leaders. So afraid to announce the unemployment rate they have to do it on a Friday afternoon before a Holiday and then slip out the back door.

The Promise of it is. Remember?

A New Reality Show for Congress

I think Congress should have to be on survivor but for real and the last one left on the island after living with bugs and maggots and eating rice for a month can serve. But I want them to have to really survive on what they expect their constituents to survive on. See I do believe in Karma and I think your representative should have to live the lowest existence of the poorest person they represent. So let us just say Bill Nelson for instance. I would like to see him work at McDonald's cooking fires and trying to feed six children on that pay check but only after he survives on the island on the show survivor with maggots and rice and lice. I don't think any of the people in Washington DC are worthy of representing the people because they live really soft lush lives. And until they have to fight for their existence they will not even begin to understand what it is to be the rest of us.

Congress is the last and greatest welfare state in this country. They vacation often are paid incredibly for the little amount of work they do. They get perks all over the place not to mention what they get from lobbyists. And Congress will do and say anything to keep their welfare going including whatever the executive branch tells them. So yes, Michelle Bachmann is a welfare baby too. So is every other public official on the take right now. Congress needs a good bout of poverty so they can wake up to the reality of what it is like to live under their tyranny. Vote all those Bums Out!! I would also like to see all the cults leave DC as well. Cults aren't particularly good for society if anything they are anti-social and it is time they leave leadership positions and that would include all of those members of Congress collecting a paycheck from intelligence organizations and as Congress members as well. We need our intelligence people back out in the field so they can minimize the wars in the future and not have them sitting in DC advancing intelligence agenda's in the name of the people. The Intelligence community doesn't now nor ever has served the common wealth of America. They only serve the wealth and the corporate entities.

We have legitimate needs for intelligence services although they have become questionable institutions since they have expanded the scope and sequence of their missions to include operations in the Homeland and within leadership positions voting for things like torture.

Let's see how long Congress would last on an island in the middle of the Pacific with one coconut between them and then and only then will they even begin to understand what they have done t the pure wholesome American people int he name of their own greed. But since we will never see Congress ever subjected to the harsh and horrific treatment the people of our country have endured I just suggest you hand them their pink slip and throw all of the bums out.

Congress Impoverished

Would you enjoy Congress being on a the show survivor on a stranded island?

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Intelligence in Leadership Positions

Do you think all Members of Congress should be required by Law to disclose if they also work for the Central Intelligence Agency?

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    • JT Walters profile image

      JT Walters 6 years ago from Florida

      Hi 6hotfinger3,

      I think the people in power should care what it is like for the rest of us out here because they maybe joining us on the outside soon. And quite frankly I would classifiy them as enemies of the state and completely over qualified so if they lose power they may see soup lines for themselves and their families soon.

      Power is wonderful as it comes and goes like the tides.

      Thank you for reading, commenting and providing feedback.


    • 6hotfingers3 profile image

      6hotfingers3 6 years ago

      Great hub!Presents interesting reality checks for the people in power. If only they knew what its like in the real world- USA today. Do you think they would truly care if they did know? Its ashamed people have gone to school and prepared themselves for a great future but can't find a job because they are "over qualified."