Do you remember your worst supervisor/superior?

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  1. gmwilliams profile image82
    gmwilliamsposted 6 years ago

    Do you remember your worst supervisor/superior?

  2. profile image0
    JThomp42posted 6 years ago

    Yes. He made the work day very miserable and it didn't have to be. God forgive me but I was much, much younger then. I ended up knocking him out.

    1. gmwilliams profile image82
      gmwilliamsposted 6 years agoin reply to this


    2. profile image0
      JThomp42posted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Definitely nothing I am proud of. I was young and just pushed too far.

  3. lburmaster profile image82
    lburmasterposted 6 years ago

    Which one? Each one has negative and positive sides. Mostly the worst ones tend to not punish those close to them and have a lack of communication.

  4. Motherbynature profile image72
    Motherbynatureposted 6 years ago

    Hell yes!  I had nightmares about her for years after I quit.  She was so evil that on my first day of work as I was meeting new people, they would ask what department I worked in.  When I answered they said "Oooh, you work for Pat!"    What a welcome.  I was scared half to death on my first day and kept wondering what I got myself into.  She was belittling, impatient, insensitive and rude.  Employees would bypass her desk and come straight to me for things, which increased my work load.  She was finally fired about a year after I left.

  5. Magdelene profile image79
    Magdeleneposted 6 years ago

    I certainly do remember, pretty hard to forget. He would be all buddy buddy with whom he thought was his pal and a complete ignorant derriere to others he thought he was oh so much smarter than.
    Hate to say this but jthomp, did end up knocking his out and I I understand, sometimes, they just push you too far.
    One day I'm hoping to completely forget, God willing.

  6. Film Fanatic 603 profile image61
    Film Fanatic 603posted 6 years ago

    My general manager at my last job was horrible. It wasn't that he yelled a lot or was to hard on employees. No, I hated him because he really didn't do anything at all. Every manager under him worked at least 50-60 hours a week and he was in charge yet only worked about 30. Those 30 or so hours were spent walking around the warehouse and on the phone not usually work related either. What bothered me the most about all of that is that he was easily making $150,000 a year regardless of what he did.

  7. Mazzy Bolero profile image76
    Mazzy Boleroposted 6 years ago

    I could never forget Trixy, the Manager from Hell.  She was loud, vulgar and obnoxious, and did her best to humiliate not only her colleagues but also people our organization worked with.  I guess she thought treating people like dirt was a sign of authority.  She got the job because she was the ex of a guy on the interview panel, and even though his new girlfriend had moved in, she refused point blank to move out of his home until she found a job with a high enough salary to pay for a luxury flat. He was desperate to get rid of her, so he inflicted her on us.  Her antics included getting blind drunk at the Christmas party and rolling around on the floor in a 'romantic' entanglement with the Director, her immediate boss. It was a great shock to us as we all thought he was gay.

    1. Motherbynature profile image72
      Motherbynatureposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      AHAHAHAHAAA! Oh wow! And she still kept her job?

    2. Mazzy Bolero profile image76
      Mazzy Boleroposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Yes!  The guy she was publicly petting with was her boss, so he wasn't going to fire her! I think he'd found a kindred spirit!

  8. ThelmaC profile image97
    ThelmaCposted 6 years ago

    When I was much younger, I had a supervisor that drove me crazy.  She would yell out from her office to whoever would listen and ask, "What day of the week is this?" or "How do you spell Wednesday?".  I wanted to yell back LOOK AT YOUR CALENDAR!  But the scary part of this is now that I am a lot older, I sometimes ask my husband, "What day is this?"  YIKES!!

  9. profile image56
    kdawsonposted 6 years ago

    I hate to say this, but my worst was a woman who had never supervised a man before and, I think,  felt she had to establish her dominance.  This was also my first (outside of the military) job ever so I wasn't really a real good employee and we didn't get on well.  Having worked in the lower orders of medicine for years, I usually had female supervisors and got on well with all but the first.

  10. prettynutjob30 profile image90
    prettynutjob30posted 6 years ago

    How could I forget him he was a real hands on kind of supervisor if you know what I mean.I used to come to work completely covered no matter how hot it was and he still couldn't keep his hands to himself what a creep.

  11. profile image0
    dunja-88posted 6 years ago

    Yes. He was the manager at the meat department. He was shady... and dumb, I think. I vaguely remember him... but that was the worst job in general. It wasn't all him that was bad.


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