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Positive Results Of HubPages Challenges

Updated on June 7, 2015; user:jamsession; user:jamsession

Success In the First Round of the 60DC

In the links below for the special programs at HP, you will find the HubPages features called 30 Hubs in 30 Days Challenge. It is a successful ongoing challenge for the community that beings for better writing, new ideas, and a change to prosper though a more concentrated Hub submission rate that drives increased traffic top you Hubs.

Related to this is the sunforged-inspired 60 Day Challenge. What is it? -- 30 days are spent researching and writing fresh, traffick-attracting content (with group advise and instruction), followed by a second 30 days of group-aided promotion activities. It works!

For you newer writers at HubPages, you'll also have a chance to be selected by the HubNuggets Team as a HubNugget Wannabes [now called "Rising Star": see HubPages Learning Center] and possible winner in our weekly project that showcases 18 Hubs by new writers and brings them more traffick as well. There's nothing to enter; new eligible Hubs are entered automatically. Read about it in the Special Programs link below, and help other new writers by voting for their Hubs in the weekly HubNugget showcase Hub.


The First 60DC - April - May 2010

Sunforged tells us that in the first 60DC, 90% of the participants succeeded in writing at least 30 Hubs in in 30 Days.

Even those that did not quite complete the 30 mark benefitted from increased traffic and revenues from any of AdSense, Kontera, Amazon, and eBay. for my own Hubs, traffic and AdSense reveues increased 30%; Kontera a bit less; and Amazon/eBay began to increase during the summer. Writing within a group was the key to the success.

This round, we have the group format. specialized writing and promotional tools, and the experience of the first 60DC. We also have a Private Forum and Chat not located on HubPages; a specialized toolbar; and other benefits.

Please join us! (See the link below.)

Increasing Traffic Is Great!


My HubLog Topics

During this 60 Day Challenge Event, I will be writing Hubs about the following Topics:

  • City Reviews for Employment, Retirement, Education, and Travel - These have been successful not only for me, but in helping readers find oportunities for their lives.
  • HubMob Topics
  • HubPages Questions about Employment, Education, and Health

 60 Day Challenge Goals

  • Download the 60DC Tool Bar to a laptop computer and use it.
  • Learn more about effectively using Amazon and eBay capsules.
  • Participate actively in related forums. 
  • Increase Hub traffic another 30%

Difficulty Writing?

"Death finds an author writing about his life..."
"Death finds an author writing about his life..." | Source

Writing In Purgatory

Memos from Purgatory: An Autobiography
Memos from Purgatory: An Autobiography
Based on Ellison;'s actual gang experiences, this book became a TV episode (see below). It is classic Ellison.

Motivation For Writing

Participation in a Writing Group helps most writers. Some of these groups can meet online.

Many successful book authors speak about taking their chapters to a weekly or monthly meeting of a writing group for critique and new ideas. The best of writers can become stuck, so the 60DC private forum can help with that as well. Consider it your writing group.

Many writers tell us to write what you know and that's good advise, but one famous author took it a bit far:

Harlan Ellison® was ejected from college in the mid-1950s. He went to New York City to write. There, he took an assumed name, moved into Brooklyn's Red Hook area, and joined a gang known as a bopping club. His book accounts his experiences in that gang with its zip gins and switchblades, incuding jail time, was used as foundation of the first Alfred Hitchcock hour-long TV drama.

Perhaps we will not need to go to that outlying an extreme for a successful 60 Day Challenge!

I did, however, just purchase a copy of the book. It is gritty and unnerving, but incredibly important as the authobiography of someone that was driven to write. (I don't think he had a writing group in the gang!)

Memo from Purgatory: Walter Koenig and James Caan, 1964


There are always possibilities when you write on HubPages and projects like the 60DC concentrates them. Hubbers have been noticed by professionals in the entertainment field and been offered work as writers in books, magazines, online projects, TV productions, and even movie scripts. 

Professional writers in the 1950s did it the hard way, but perhaps 60DC can make it a little easier for you.

If you want a more successful writing experience and could benefit from some group support and motivation for exchanging rainclouds for rainbows, then join us and give 60DC a chance.; user:tnimalan; user:tnimalan

Week 1 Hubs

During a week packed with changes, activities, and writing, I finally updated my 60DC2 log. In future, I will do so daily.

This week included an interesting variety:

City Reviews and Employment

  • 2 Hubs about exciting expansion the the Ohio Space Corridor. A full 1/4 of Ohio is receiving private and public finding for biomedical technologies and space programs that provide their discovery.  
  • 1 Hub about Money Magazine's Best City to Live In America for 2010, Eden Prairie. You may not know that it is a great center for publishing and writing!
  • 1 Hub about cashier's jobs in Canada, their major locations and outlook, and a related worker shortage in that occupation.

Health and Medicine

  • 1 Hub about disease prevention reflected in sustainable housekeeping methods. These methods have spread from the hospitals and clinics that vitally need them to other private and public businesses of all sizes and to the home.
  • 1 Hub about the background, endemic status, and increasing vaccination for filaria in Africa and India. This phenomenon includes the Elephantiasis that puts 1 billion people on Easrth at risk. It is the Second Top Cause of disability around the world. The World Health Organization, military units, Big Pharma, Bill Gates, and others are supplying the vaccines to help innoculate the world against this much feared public health problem. 


  • 1 Hub about American kid culture and education. Things have changed on a grand scale and out youth beginning college in 2010 have always known a digital universe. So much more so for the kids starting school from Pre-K - 12.  

Week 2 Hubs

Anothyer busy week for all sorts of activities and writing.

The Hubpages Marks the Spot Contest began 9/1/2010 and I was surprised to win the Double Doubloon Drawing for the hub Best Family Restaurants in Bay City, Michigan (see below). It's about a chain of Texas themed restaurants where I stop several times a year. I always find good food, moderate prices, and friendly staff and managers. It's like going home!

Other interesting variety this week:


  • Don't miss Feast of the HubNugget Moon, because it's a party Hub to send off retired HubNuggets Team Members Shirley Anderson and B.T. Evilpants. One of B.T.'s winners last week told him that he'd just resigned his employment to write full-time and won as a HubNugget. How great is that!? B.T. is writing full-time as well now, so HubPages is a winner and a good place to start writing. Please visit the party this week and vote for your favorite in each category. Thanks!

City Reviews and Employment

  • 2 Hubs about exciting cities Chicago, Illinois and Winnipeg, Manitoba. Chicago has four suburbs in particular that are growing faster than expected and have their own supply of culture and travel attractions along two major business corridors. Winnipeg is a supermegacity and offers so many attractions that we need a book to list them all.

Health and Medicine

  • 1 Hub about High Blood Pressure, how related definitions have changed and how they are going to change in the future. CHANGE can be useful and frustrating all at once. However, if we want to push toward a Lunar or Mars Colony, blood pressure information is very important.

HubPages Questions

  • I was intrigued about a question concerning Coach Lee Evans and the Black Power Movement and its iconic gesture given at the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City. As a kid, I did not see any of the Games that year and have been attempting to catch up with the sports, social issues, and the politics of the era for many years. Coach Evans is in Nigeria now to coach the Olympians there and I am waiting for news reports from Nigerian friends. It's exciting!


  • HubMob this weeks follows the HubPages Marks the Spot Contest and we're having a lot of fun with it. Participants are seeing an increase in Hub traffic and winning prizes too. I contributed 2 Hubs: one on Family Restaurants in Bay City, Michigan ( a contest daily drawing winner) and one about fantastic cheese shops along M-13 in Bay County, Michigan and the attractions around them. 

  • Feast Of the HubNugget Moon at HubNugget Roundup Hub archived.

Week 3 Hubs

This week, I have been having a good time with the HubPages Marks the Spot Contest that is mirrored by HubMob.

HubMob and HubPages Marks the Spot Contest

  • Two Hubs on Restaurants: The Kahiki Supper Club built in 1961, and Salisbury House diner on the Esplanade Riel bridge in the Historic Downtown Winnipeg.
  • Two Hubs on Book and Record Stores: Sound Garden in Downtown Historic Baltimore. and Half Price Books, Records, Magazines, Inc. Columbus, Ohio.
  • One Hub on Starbase Dental practice one-stop shop in Florida.

City Reviews and Employment

  • 2 Hubs on the US States with the lowest Unemployment Rates in America for 2010.

Week 4 Hubs

This week, I enjoyed doing Hubs on some great cities and an intriguing Murder Case from 1964. Interestingly, I watched an old rerun afterward of Lloyd Bridges in A Hero for Our Times (1963), about "not wanting to get involved" after witnessing a murder. Quite a coincidence.

HubPages Questions

  • 1 Hub describing old and new evidence, opinions, and coincidences in the 1964 Kitty Genovese slaying.

HubPages Marks the Spot Contest - Travel

  • 1 Hub on walking -- I never thought about writing about "just taking a walk", but our free walking program at the Whetstone Park of Roses and the Franklin Park Conservatory full of plants, flowers, and fine arts give writing and sharing new perspective.
  • 1 Hub on the expanding Columbus Museum of Art, its family activities, seminars, tours, fairs, and the Complaints Choir of Columbus.
  • 1 Hub on the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium - We have the Largest Fruit Bat (very cute) and the Longest Snake in Captivity - her name is Fluffy. See the Hub for some videos that are pretty funny.
  • 1 Hub about the Young's Jersey Dairy Farm. Since the last time I visited, they've added a large full service restaurant in addition to their causing dining place, a driving range, and two mini-golf courses and several other outdoor activities. They still have a great cheese market, homemade ice cream, and a petting zoo. Supporting their community, they also help sponsor a charity walk and several other events. It's a lot of fun in a pleasant rural area with a lot of historic sites.

City Reviews and Employment

  • Several Hubs on US cities that appear on the Best 100 Places to Live in America.

I was intrigued by the cities on the list of 100, selected for a number of reasons. For example, Missouri City TX is a growing and interesting place with some attractions that people enjoy, but only 9 miles away is the amazing suburb of Sugar Land with even more attractions and amenities. This is a good way to learn geography for kids, too, in reading about fun cities and learning about employment at the same time.


Results of the 60DC2

Group Promotion

I've been learning more about group promotions making wider use of rss feed sites and social networking sites, as well as pinging engines.

Individual Results

I was more amazed with positive results during this second challenge so far than for the first 60 Day Challenge, because I needed to fight to keep up with the 30-Hub goal and did not have enough time to promote as I usually do monthly or to participate much in the related forums.The Second 30 Days of current group promotion will make an even bigger difference.

During the First 30 Days, my page views surpassed my goal already and use of Amazon capsules is saw some results. eBay, not so much.

Time to Start Again

Best of success to you for your writing!
Best of success to you for your writing! | Source

© 2010 Patty Inglish MS


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