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My Money Earning Journey on HubPages

Updated on February 27, 2012

What this article is about

The prime purpose of this article is to keep a personal journal of my HubPages "career", with some numbers, tables and statistics, but also to provide my readers insight in how the whole process goes for a newbie and from scratch. I'll cover many topics in the effort to encompass as much as possible of the whole experience.

Why I joined

The journey has been long before I've got to and settled for HubPages. The reason I chose HubPages is that it covered a lot of aspects I had to deal with before. For a while I wanted to start a website, but wanted to start so with 0 or at least minimal investment and taking up a domain and a hosting plan while not costing a fortune sure does put a dent into the pocket. It also gave me the freedom of writing about any subject and not being tied to a specific niche. The third point was I could earn money with it and the maths seemed reasonable so I've decided to take my chances, after all I've got nothing to loose.

My journey so far

In this part of the article I'll try to break down my journey into small parts, let's say milestones or significant events.

I've been a member for 13 days at the moment of writing. In those 13 days I've learned a lot, seems weird, but I did. A lot happened after all in those 2 weeks.

Day 1

I've joined HubPages, spent the day mostly getting familiar with the whole system and and environment. I've published my first article, one that I wrote a while ago for something else, but never published it. With Activism To The Future was that one article that got me started. Nothing fancy or special but it gave me some initial traffic, a feel for how things work and what to improve on. I've spent the rest of the day writing my second and third article Online Money and How to Make it and Easy Topics to Write About, which later proved to be 2 of my 3 top performing Hubs so far, and searching the internet about how to increase revenue and traffic on my Hubs.

Next few days

I've decided to apply for AdSense because I didn't have an account and I need one to start showing ads on my Hubs. I've went through the settings and applied for AdSense. I've got a mail that my application will be reviewed in a couple days. To my surprise a mail came in a few hours later, but I've been rejected. I had insufficient content and was asked to apply again when I had more to offer. So I've decided to go all the way to 10 Hubs and then apply again because that was the most common number I've found people got accepted for. Three articles later, Guidelines on How to Write a Resume, SEO for Beginners in 10 Easy Steps and 10+1 Things you could have done for Valentines but you didn't, I've decided to go for it because my SEO article was quite large (2200+ words) and was generating a bit more traffic than the other Hubs. I applied again and went to some more till my results came in. The next day I received my confirmation that ads will soon start showing up on some of my Hubs and I've immediately applied for the HubPages Add Program. I didn't want to start promoting my Hubs just yet, at least until I've seen that it works.

My First cents trickled in

I logged into my Hub account, and to my surprise found 7 cents on my account. This is the moment I've been waiting for, I've fired up all those fancy sites to promote my Hubs and to make some revenue. I've submitted all my articles to Digg, Delicious, Reddit and Stumble Upon. All of them yielded some traffic and made me 31 cents the next day.

It's about two weeks since I've registered

I've had some other priorities to writing the last 10 days so my views and earnings stopped. Yes, they stopped I'm currently around 430 views and get a few views each day and about 0 or 1 cent into my pocket. I've finally gathered some time to write more and this is an article that I wanted to write from the beginning to keep track of my progress and a good way to continue writing and see what happens in the future.

Advice for fellow starters

In this section I'll keep adding advice for other Hubbers just starting out to help them.

Be patient.

Use the internet to your advantage, social bookmarking sites like Delicious, Digg, StumbleUpon and especially Reddit help you get massive spikes in traffic and with a bit of luck quite a lot of backlinks, shares, improve ranking and continuous traffic for later.

Don't stop writing.

Stats for February 2012

Visits this Month
Lifetime Visits
SEO for Beginners in 10 easy steps
Easy Topics to Write About
Online Money and How to Make it
Guidelines on How To Write a Resume
How to Counter Rising Fuel Prices Both Conventional and Unconventional Methods
10+1 Things you could have done for Valentines but you didn't
With Activism to the Future
Signs That You Have Grown Up
My Money Earning Journey on HubPages

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    • Arquason profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Bosnia and Herzegovina

      You get paid to your AdSense for direct ad clicks and get paid to your Paypal account for impressions you generate/revenue from the HubPages Ad Program.

      I't took about 10-15 work hours for these 9 Hubs I currently have.

    • ib radmasters profile image

      ib radmasters 

      6 years ago from Southern California

      How can you spend this kind of money?

      How many hours of work did it represent?


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