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  1. pylos26 profile image77
    pylos26posted 9 years ago

    I guess I have committed the most offensive disobedience. Just now I posted twice on a hub called “curvy is sexy” to state my opinion which was a bit contrary to what the hubber wanted to hear, apparently.

    My posts were “approved” and now they have vanished along with the replies to them.

    My question is…what type of a flaky person would delete someone’s post simply because it might not have agreed with their impositions

    1. compu-smart profile image61
      compu-smartposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Too be honest, i have accidentally deleted comments which is a  possibilitiy...To be sure comment again:)

  2. pylos26 profile image77
    pylos26posted 9 years ago

    thanks compu-smart for suggesting the possibility of error...but unfortunately that wasn't the case...

    I’m not a “Yes” person…

    Recently I was attacked verbally by two individuals because basically I didn’t buy into the idea that “Fat is Beautiful”. I was unfortunately reading a hub entitled “Curvy is Sexy” where an individual was obviously trying to solicit the idea that “fat is sexy” and because I stated that “fat is fat, and it ain’t pretty” she and an irate colleague immediately resorted to name calling, attempting to destroy my creditability.
         I was accused of calling the author “fat” of which I did not do, and before I could explain what I actually meant by my comment, she rushed back and deleted my two comments and both of their belligerent responses.
         I am not claiming that anything was committed that anyone should be spanked for, I am just pointing out the absence of any hint of professionalism in these two. And the reason for these comments is that any further response I attempted on that hub was deleted.

  3. compu-smart profile image61
    compu-smartposted 9 years ago

    Fair point pylos!!

    They mention freedom of speech, but not all countries - laws or websites  - comments) allow and will except! which is a shame....

    Why dont you write a hub about what your feelings are towards your feelings!? I thinking it could be BIG and popular smile

    1. Cris A profile image59
      Cris Aposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      I agree with Arnie, er, compu-smart! there is really nothing you can do when the author opts to deny your comments - it's an option available to everybody and therefore a right that each of us have. moreover, i'm sure you have sent your message across to the author and made your point. you can leave it at that and move on.

  4. gamergirl profile image61
    gamergirlposted 9 years ago

    Holy moly, someone used an option to remove comments that were offensive to them from their hub and now that's unprofessional? 

    to the OP:  Body image is something that a LOT of people are sensitive about.  If your comments, and their namecalling and upset reactions disappeared together, then that probably means the author was too upset by your words to allow them to remain.  We Hubbers are only human, you know.

  5. pylos26 profile image77
    pylos26posted 9 years ago

    Compu-Smart...i am grateful for your response on this matter and i will consider your wise suggestion...thanks again...pylos

    Cris A...Thanks for your response and suggestion...pylos would have to be an infant to disregard your attention and suggestions...I mean...with them wings and all...!   thanks to hubbers hangout...a good place to vent when one is disrespected...

  6. gamergirl profile image61
    gamergirlposted 9 years ago

    I'm merely trying to put something into perspective.

    There has been a lot of screaming from folks about the deletion of their comments being "censorship, cowardly, disrespectful" and any number of all kinds of choice negative words, but when you flip it around:

    If you write a hub on a topic you are fond of, passionate about or which is near and dear to your heart, the last thing you want to hear or read is someone opposing your viewpoint in a way that may injure your feelings.  Take my hub about "how love saved my life" for example.. in that hub I lay my soul bare about a few things in my love life, I talk about my slide into suicidal depression and how the love of my friends helped me realize a love for myself that is more important than anything else.  I've received a few nasty comments that I didn't want there to spoil my hub's message.  I deleted them, or in one case left it denied so it would still show to ME but not to the world.  In so doing, I take away the power of people who are attempting to be negative forces in my life and who would taint the message of the hub away from them. 

    Is it always going to be like this? For 90% of my hubs I will let comments be as they lay.  If the comment is simply too upsetting to ME to remain, I'll remove it.  That's my choice, and while it may not always seem like the best option to the people reading my Hubs, any Hubber has the exact same option on a Hub they've written. 

    What I'm trying to say is, perhaps your comments were upsetting to the Hub's author.  If so, then don't be upset yourself that they removed your comment.  The fact that they also removed their own comments means that they probably realized they reacted badly, so if nothing else consider that a good thing and smile.

    Hope you had a lovely Christmas!

  7. pylos26 profile image77
    pylos26posted 9 years ago are very kind to give my mournings such concentrated attention...and i am truly grateful...i hope the holidays brought you good feelings also...pylos


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