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  1. CloudExplorer profile image78
    CloudExplorerposted 10 years ago

    Who thinks we should ask to reinstate a page dedicated to locating hubbers by hubber score. Beginning with 100-0.

    We once had such a page here that made the hubber score much more relevant, and we could at least get a chance to locate the top hubbers who most definitely deserved high praise for their performance and community activities here aka Hubtivity.

    If such a page was to be reinstated, then we could all be motivated to do much better (Those who care most about their hubber scores) and could begin to show the newbies how this hubbing thing gets done, more, and more. Spreading the hublove of sharing effectively across the board, would also work in a more well organized fashion, because that very page is easy to navigate. (Locating anyone based on their hubber score is essential to be able to help those whom have no clue what to do, its hectic to do it if everything is scattered everywhere, you know.)

    Please join in and let us know what your thoughts are on this potentially happening, we need more awesomeness and we need it fast!

    1. Cantuhearmescream profile image77
      Cantuhearmescreamposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      Yes, I'm in favor of such a thing when my Hubber score is sitting at 97. For those days it's at 91... I don't like the idea big_smile
      No, it's definitely an interesting idea and something to think about. I'm curious to see what others will say. There are many who are frustrated over their scores and feel the deserve better, those people will probably not be in favor of this. If anyone bites you... I'm sorry :-(

      1. CloudExplorer profile image78
        CloudExplorerposted 10 years agoin reply to this

        Hi Cat, well I was a newbie once before and had looked up to the top performing hubbers (At the time I truly admired their hard working efforts both community based and that of their personal strides as a dedicated hub writer), because it looked like they had done a great deal of work, and put tons of hours, and for countless years on end into their digital works here. (I still do admire all those who've either gone before me, or those coming up in the ranks that put in a great deal of work to help us all and themselves)

        This is why I cared so much about that very page posted by Relache, it still exists, and I had no idea of it, because one day it had vanished from being able to navigate it. She just asked me why I never thought to bookmark it, well I never knew I had to, because it came with logging onto hubpages.

        Now, if they had told us all ahead of time, maybe I would have done so, but you know site owners have the right to change anything, but sometimes changing something that was keeping the community together, may have been the worst mistake ever.

        Just saying, and no one can disagree about that!

        Thanks for participating and for also wanting it to come back sort of LOL smile

        1. Cantuhearmescream profile image77
          Cantuhearmescreamposted 10 years agoin reply to this

          I was just being playful. Honestly, I think your point and mission is admirable and awesome. I didn't know that page existed either... I've been here four months and didn't know about it, of course, there's a lot I still don't know about... but I would like to know these things exist without giving up a day just investigating the site.

    2. Simone Smith profile image89
      Simone Smithposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      I appreciate the suggestion- and the fact that you made an image to go along with it!
      I'll bring this up in tomorrow's community meeting. big_smile

      1. CloudExplorer profile image78
        CloudExplorerposted 10 years agoin reply to this

        Thank you Simone, that would be wonderful!
        I owe you a hublove hub, its on the way soon and its a going away one. Sorry for ruining the surprise, but I figured since you're leaving maybe it would be good to let you know ahead of time.

        1. Simone Smith profile image89
          Simone Smithposted 10 years agoin reply to this

          Oh shucks, CloudExplorer!!! You're way too good to me.

          And we discussed this in today's community meeting- we're 100% with you on this front! Paul Edmondson specifically said he also really misses this feature, and has made finding better ways to prominently feature and reward good Hubbers a big priority for the next quarter.

          So we're on it! I do not know specifically when or how this will be executed, but we are definitely committed to better highlighting good Hubbers, and there is a very good chance that this will involve adding the feature back to the header (among other things).

          1. Marisa Wright profile image88
            Marisa Wrightposted 10 years agoin reply to this

            How does this correlate with HubPages' advice not to fret about Hubber Score?   Surely creating a prominent page of authors with high Hubber Scores is only going to increase people's anxiety?

            Whatever happened to "we recognize the method of calculating Hubber Score is flawed, but we don't want to change it until we have a better one?"   How can you justify making a feature out of something which you know is flawed?

            I certainly hope it is not going to be called "Best Authors", since that will only perpetuate the myth that HubberScore has anything to do with the quality of one's writing.

            I'm not likely to make it on to the page these days as I'm not that active here any more - but I hope there will be some way to opt out of being included in the page.  Previously, being on the top Hubbers page was an open invitation to have your ideas stolen and was more of a liability than an asset.

            1. Cardisa profile image90
              Cardisaposted 10 years agoin reply to this

              I agree with you Marisa. I am not feeling great about this either. I remember all the stuff which happened before and those were the reasons why the pages were put on the back burner. Highlighting those pages again will only attract more thieves than the site is attracting now and generate that sense of not matching up as an author. Nearly all my hubs have been stolen in the last few months and frankly I am too depressed right now to fight plagiarists.

          2. CloudExplorer profile image78
            CloudExplorerposted 10 years agoin reply to this

            Thank you so much Simone for caring to take a look at this issue, and bringing it up to the HP Team and staff. I also thank Paul for caring to give it some thought and reimplementation. That is truly awesome indeed. I wish you all the best in your travels on and offline, and much more success in the unforeseen future!

            You most definitely deserve nothing but the best.

            That hub I promised you is on its way for sure, I just need to polish it up a tad bit. You have been a awesome mentor for us all, and I truly admire your legacy that you are leaving us here, the awesome example of leadership you have demonstrated to us all consistently and with resilience, class, style, poise, and professionalism. (& The list goes on and on folks, She's Bad!) smile

            Thanks for everything Simone, you are truly a kind and giving person and I'm flattered by your acceptance of my gesture, as well as special request. (Fair well hub on its way)

            Your good budd
            Mike Pugh

    3. bravewarrior profile image88
      bravewarriorposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      Mike, check out the forum that is probably responsible for what you say.  I didn't know you could look people up by their hubscores.  Anyway, here's the link:  http://hubpages.com/forum/post/2408629

    4. lorlie6 profile image75
      lorlie6posted 10 years agoin reply to this

      Hey CE-I certainly would like it to be reinstated; its motivational value is enormous. 
      Thanks for bringing this up!

    5. CloudExplorer profile image78
      CloudExplorerposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      If you're looking to start an argument, then you came to the wrong place. This hubber score page has always been around. Here's the link to it http://hubpages.com/authors/best/
      "Thanks Relache for the link, like I stated in a much later post I wish I had known it was still around."

      I started this forum to see who wanted the link to get there, to come back to our 'My Account' section, and or Hubpages profiles so we could locate the darn thing rather then bookmark it, not everyone knows such a page does indeed exist. (If you have a problem with such a page being designed onto the Hubpages writers network, please don't address such a thing here with me, I am not the web developers or staff member who implemented and designed such a page into being.)

      Please don't play me for a joke folks, I am not here for that. On the contrary, I have come to hubpages to participate in an active community, to meet some nice folks, and to share with good people I regard today as my friends online and off.

      Now, Judging by many of the posts I've seen here, many folks are looking to create some sort of hate game or the likes. I don't play that game, so please think twice before you join in on this post. I don't tolerate such nonsense and will communicate appropriately as to the fact of each potential person/community member who decides to spill their frustrations out on either me, onto others posts, my online profile or the likes.

      I have indeed established a web of trust unlike many other folks today online, those who have done much of the same know what I mean. So what I'm saying here is, maybe if you do such a thing for yourself and all others around you, your way of looking at things, visualizing your very own web presence will change as well towards not being so darn negative about it all, and especially when getting attacked by others here in differing forms.

      Thanks for choosing to join in on this forum if you have, for communicating fairly if you have. I so hope everyone is doing well, having a wonderful pleasant day or evening etc... God Bless!

  2. relache profile image73
    relacheposted 10 years ago

    For those of us who had that page bookmarked, it's never gone away.  If this page was so vital to your experience, how come you didn't note it?


    1. CloudExplorer profile image78
      CloudExplorerposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      I never knew about that still being around, why is it hidden though, why isn't it visible for all hubbers to locate and from their my account section. This is what I am talking about. 100% visibility is critical to the success of any networking location, and I think if the hubpages staff rethinks that aspect of it all, people will begin to find even greater purpose for being here besides just always being disgruntled, quitting, or the likes.

      I seen to many people jump ship, and I sense it has much more to do with other things besides low traffic views, there is many reasons why people choose to leave any web location. I just hope if they do implement such a change, and with our communications to them here, that it will encourage new folks to begin to care about what they are doing here as a dedicated community member.

      I care, and I know many of my friends do as well, but how about them. They deserve to know all they could learn about how hubpages can truly perform for them through and through. Including this hubber score page thingy.

      Thanks for sharing the bookmarked link, that was super awesome of you to do so Relache, and for joining in on this very forum.

  3. Rochelle Frank profile image92
    Rochelle Frankposted 10 years ago

    Interesting that this subject should come up just at the time when a lot of people are supporting the thread that suggests dumping the hubscore altogether. Personally, I don't care either way, but it does cause some consternation among people who give it a lot of attention.

    1. CloudExplorer profile image78
      CloudExplorerposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      Yeah, I brought it up as a potential solution for such a thing that Marcy had originally brought up, I hope all this stuff gets taken care of, so some sort of normalcy here on HP can come about.

      We shall see, thanks for participating in this forum. Here's her forum here (http://hubpages.com/forum/topic/112915), I located it on Facebook the other day, about 2 days back I think, it got me thinking on the possible solution to it all. Simone stated she will bring it up to the next Team/staff meeting, I hope this brings closure, and a bit more clarity to everything.

      Oh & Thanks to Bravewarrior I was able to get there and find it again very swiftly.

      1. Marisa Wright profile image88
        Marisa Wrightposted 10 years agoin reply to this

        The whole point that Marcy was making, is that the Hubberscore is not a fair reflection of how "good" a Hubber is. 

        Someone can be a fantastic writer, but if they're an introvert and too shy to participate actively in forums, comments etc, they will not get a good Hubber score (because a major part of your score is how socially active you are here).  Therefore they will never make it on to the "top Hubbers" page. Is that fair?

        Hubbers who are prolific - i.e. publishing Hubs frequently - won't make it on to the page either, because every time you publish a new Hub, it drags your Hubber score down.

        So far from addressing Marcy's concerns, by making Hubber score appear more important, it will make things worse!!

        1. rebekahELLE profile image87
          rebekahELLEposted 10 years agoin reply to this

            Did you take a look at the link of the author's list that relache posted?  I can't recall seeing any hubbers on the first two pages participating in the forums.  I think being socially active is misinterpreted, and obviously it's only one component of the score.  Posting in the forums frequently doesn't necessarily add value to the site.  I think the score encompasses the value a hubber brings to the site as a whole.

          As far as frequent publishing dragging the score down, I never found that to be true.  It may dip until the initial hub score increases, but there isn't a huge drag, unless perhaps the hub is not receiving traffic.  Again, if you check out the authors on the first two pages,  they published within the last few days, or 2 to 3 weeks ago.

          The hubber score can be a fun incentive.  It shouldn't be taken so seriously.

          1. livewithrichard profile image73
            livewithrichardposted 10 years agoin reply to this

            +1  I think the score is more geared on visitor engagement (them engaging with you rather than you engaging with them).

    2. rebekahELLE profile image87
      rebekahELLEposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      Paul E. stated somewhere on that thread that HP is not removing the hubber score.

      As far as the best author list, it's possibly not easily found to discourage copying hubs.  I don't know..
      I know at one time it used to be a fun thing to browse.  Making the first page was hard. 
      I didn't know it was still accessible.

  4. Faith Reaper profile image82
    Faith Reaperposted 10 years ago

    Wow, how interesting.  I have never known of such, but now due to your post here, I do, due to relache's post. I will check it out.  Wonder how often it is updated, being the scores go up and down so much?  I'm with Cat, when it is up in the high range, it would be great, but when it dips a bit, then not so much smile  Plus, HP always says for everyone to not worry about their score, so I do not understand why there is a score, if that is the case.

    1. CloudExplorer profile image78
      CloudExplorerposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      Hi Faith, at one time the hubber score wouldn't fluctuate to much if you kept up with all the hubtivity on a consistent basis (All hubbing activities combined, Q&A, Forums, Sharing factors, insightful commenting, etc... oh and a thing known as Hub Karma.) Each time you log off of hubages that counts for log out time, and depending on how long you were off matters greatly to the hubber scoring system, and so the Hubpages algorithm is designed to detect anything that we choose too do or not here.

      I don't know all the details as to how they calculate it all, and I once had done tons of research into it all and from fellow hubbers who knew a great deal more about it (J.S. Mathew, Alocsin and by many others), but I would like to state that it all depends on the persons overall knowledge of how the hubpages system works. So a great deal of research needs to be done by each and every hubber who chooses to maintain a much higher hubber score, because there are many variables involved and the number one is Hub traffic in the end.

      We all can manage to puzzle this thing together once again, but hubbers site wide need to learn to care about it all, to dig into what makes this number tick (Study the hubpages learning center through and through, plus the terms of service here as well, because what we don't know is hurting our scores tremendously), and then we shall see the true benefits, because it also deals with and in part whether or not we have been creating powerful stellar performing hubs as well, that bring home the bacon, plus higher and higher hub scores plus hubber scores.

      Thanks for the concern and for the forum contribution.

      1. Faith Reaper profile image82
        Faith Reaperposted 10 years agoin reply to this

        Thanks Mike, I, for sure, do all of that and more, except for the not logging off part.  I did not know about such, and I do log off quite a bit!  So, I will not be logging off, and thanks for that tip.  Blessings, Faith Reaper : )

  5. Marcy Goodfleisch profile image85
    Marcy Goodfleischposted 10 years ago

    I remember when this list was available in the toolbar drop downs or something, and then it went away.  I also remember some of those who were regularly on the first page felt they were harassed due to the visibility.

  6. profile image0
    chrisinhawaiiposted 10 years ago

    I definitely appreciate the intention, Mike.  But personally, I don't care too much about that stuff.  Some of my favorite hubbers have scores in the 90s, and some of my favorite hubbers have scores in the 70s.  HP has always maintained that the score should be ignored (which makes no sense, since they place it in the most prominent position on every hubber's profile and comments).

    But I dunno.  I'm not against it.  It's just not something that I would be bookmarking or referring to often.

  7. paradigmsearch profile image60
    paradigmsearchposted 10 years ago

    When it first disappeared and was discussed in the forums, I think the speculation was made it was removed because that was where all the content thieves went to do their shopping.


    I see that rebekahELLE beat me to it... big_smile

    1. CloudExplorer profile image78
      CloudExplorerposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      It is a good point, but what about the Hub of the day page, isn't that also a good target for them to shoot for, and all the topic front pages where the hottest hubs are found. I don't think there is a way to prevent hubbers who excel here from being free from content thieves working hard at stealing our articles here, without killing the potential traffic that brings them internal love and recognition for what we are all doing here as a community of writers. (Please think about everything, content thieves obviously have bolstered up their efforts even after such a removal of that link, why cant we do the same to prevent all this from happening internally in the first place, where is the discussion for that, drop me a forum link if any)

      All that speculation about it all long ago, sore attitudes and the likes may have or not been 100% accurate, and of course must have caused a great deal of controversy to have the link removed by the staff once before if that was their reasoning. However I feel that we've lost much more then we gained by it going away I'm sure.

      Mostly we lost our ability to self police this awesome community more effectively by having such a navigable page listing displayed on our Internal hub profile drop down menus. We also lost the ability to find true purpose in Hubtivity (Aka our combined efforts of sharing and doing all we can to keep our hubber scores via our activities here and preventing our scores from dropping to low), well many of us that is. We lost a great deal of faith in the system that had sent many of us to the top of the web, and of course there's many reason for such a thing.

      The odds need to be weighed out statistically if anything and before deciding to remove any online page of navigation that may have been the bread winner of any given network.

  8. Writer Fox profile image36
    Writer Foxposted 10 years ago

    But, we don't like the Hubber scores.

    1. A Troubled Man profile image58
      A Troubled Manposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      That doesn't matter, we have already found from another thread in which many were posting to get rid of the Hubber scores, were simply ignored and squashed over because that's not what Paul wants.

      What Paul wants, Paul gets, not matter how bad of an idea it is. smile

      1. CloudExplorer profile image78
        CloudExplorerposted 10 years agoin reply to this

        Yes indeed, Paul stated he is looking to make this page officially visible once again, That is partly what he has wanted as was told to me by Simone in a much earlier post, and before I created this very forum posting.
        Great minds think alike I guess smile (Just kidding on me having a great mind) my mind is all over the place actually, Go figure!

        (This navigation option is coming back folks please stay tuned, I think by the six month mark everything will potentially re-stabilize if we learn to pay it forward as we once had done before using such a page)

        "We all need to help each other no matter what, which many of us veteran types are doing day and night, it shall encourage more folks to come on board"

        1. A Troubled Man profile image58
          A Troubled Manposted 10 years agoin reply to this

          The point is that the Hubscore and Hubberscore are failed concepts, they don't work and they don't produce what it is they are supposed to produce. The evidence is clear. To follow up with another idea to support a failed idea is ludicrous.

          1. CloudExplorer profile image78
            CloudExplorerposted 10 years agoin reply to this

            The point is, being disgruntled about a system that did work for us all once before (Those people who contributed to the hubpages community by participating consistently doing all they could - working their hubtivity, self policing and flagging suspicious hubs, helping others in every way etc...), is only going to hurt the very system that made Hubpages a success online. What worked in the past, needs to come back!

            That is my point, and I will not stand down for nothing. I don't care if folks hate my guts for it neither, I believe in the Hubber score system, because it worked for me as I did my best to get 100 once upon a time, my stats were flying back then, I reached the top 25 on hubpages out of 100,000+ authors and it felt good to know.

            Now I'm probably on the bottom because that page navigationg capability was taken away and I thought it was gone! go figure! (The hubber score says nothing about you as a writer, however your 'hub scores' do and I'm not sure what happen to them, but we all know our own hubs individual scores)

            If you want no money, garbage stats, and no true benefit from your online efforts and community efforts here or elsewhere that you've done for hubpages and your fellow hubbers then go right ahead and hate the hubber score system. It was what motivated over 200,000 hubbers once, and people are complaining now for what? its senseless, please tell me what else can be used to motivate our community to unite efforts to do better here?

  9. mistyhorizon2003 profile image91
    mistyhorizon2003posted 10 years ago

    Not keen on this being brought back myself because I agree it provides a 'one stop shop' for content thieves looking for the best stuff to steal, or the best authors to steal from. Of course this is not necessarily the case based on scores here, but I am sure that is little consolation to the HP authors who suddenly find a load of their work copied all over the internet, leaving them with the unenviable task of trying to get other sites to remove it.

    1. profile image0
      DigbyAdamsposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      I do think that this is something that the HubPages team should think about. There have been numerous topics about people having articles stolen. A thief would probably want to start with the top rated hubbers. Of course I'm low enough that I have nothing to worry about!

      1. Judi Bee profile image91
        Judi Beeposted 10 years agoin reply to this

        Digby, you might want to check out the scraper site travelingandplaces.com - he thinks at least one of your hubs (about Cape Cod beaches) is worth copying.  Admittedly, he's scraping the whole site, but at least you're not left out!

        1. CloudExplorer profile image78
          CloudExplorerposted 10 years agoin reply to this

          @Judi Bee
          Exactly my point, thanks for pointing out such a fact to her, none of us are invulnerable to such an online attack. So please don't think because your hubber score is of a certain number that it means folks will either choose to steal your hubs or not.

          Folks with the lowest hubber scores have them for a reason for the most part and not every single hubber, but I use to try and help those at the bottom of the ranks all the time, with useful advice by locating them on a moments clicking from that very page (How will new folks here ever learn to police their community, if it isn't made visible?).

          That is how the system and community use to work for me, and to deter the wrong doings done here, and to try and self police this puppy if possible and sometimes at all costs whenever I had the time (I'm sure many other hubbers done similar approaches to policing HP).

          1. Judi Bee profile image91
            Judi Beeposted 10 years agoin reply to this

            I wasn't disputing Digby's point about the page generally - I'm pretty sure it has been used in the past to target successful hubbers - I just wanted to alert her.  Last time the sites were up I emailed many other Hubbers, but I haven't got time at the moment, so I'm just taking an opportunity when it arises.

              My point was really that at the moment we are facing a scraper who has sixteen sites that are scraping the whole of HubPages and has been doing so for over a month now and in this unusual situation we are all targets.

            Personally, I'm not interested in Hubber score (for the much repeated reason that I can't take something seriously when we are told to ignore it on the one hand but encouraged to try to raise it on the other) and I haven't missed the page sorting Hubbers by their scores. 

            Sorry to hijack your thread!

            1. CloudExplorer profile image78
              CloudExplorerposted 10 years agoin reply to this

              Oh Ok that's cool, thanks for being honest and nah its our thread. I don't claim ownership of such, I just hoped people would care to take it all into account, but its all good I did get a useful response that may bring some positive results for us all. (If we don't try it, we would never know if it actually will help us all as it potentially has in the past, that is the other thing I believe this forum is meant to bring out)

              I'm tired of the content scraping thing as well, but you know it is how the web works today or shall I say works against us all. I wish such a thing never existed, but that's like wishing for humanity to change right. smile

        2. profile image0
          DigbyAdamsposted 10 years agoin reply to this

          Ick, Thank you for this comment.

      2. CloudExplorer profile image78
        CloudExplorerposted 10 years agoin reply to this

        Maybe your thought on such an issue would fit into an entirely new forum about article theft, I do know that the thieves are getting caught today, and many stopped in their tracks. Not that this page would change how they dig into our hubpages systems, they can do it in various mannerisms and malicious activities so this isn't really a problem that we couldn't handle before.

        I don't think we had more of a problem with article theft then we do today when this page was made visible to us a year ago and years past before I joined hubpages. If anything it helps us to find who's the culprits, because the hubpages system tracks everything coming from our internal activities here, thus the hubber score factor and elements in place to alert our community to each others performance here.

        How are we to know who's who and who had the lowest performance, don't they need our help as a community as a whole, don't many of them who refuse to change their malicious ways need to be flagged for inappropriate activities. The way it is now, I cannot tell where to find anyone besides those whom I am following and those who follow me. This isn't helping me to help support the community on a much wider scale. Please think about the benefits much more than that of the down sides if folks can.

  10. Cardisa profile image90
    Cardisaposted 10 years ago

    I certainly don't want this feature to return. The idea to have people listed as best and hot based on the figures next to their profile is ridiculous. New hubbers tend to judge writers by this list which is bizarre as the quality of your writing or your worth is not determined by hubber scores.

    If there is such a list it should be the "age" of the writer on HP; the contribution they make to the community and the quality of their hubs.

    Hubber scores are not an accurate determining factor when it comes to quality authors.

    1. CloudExplorer profile image78
      CloudExplorerposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      I do respect your input Cardisa but this is what I think below, about it all that you stated:

      This page had once had a purpose to us all, I'm not sure why you look at it in a negative manner, or shall I say in a more distasteful one. The true purpose of such a archive page to me, meant that if you manage to figure out how the hubpages system works, balance out your community activities (Hubtivity) here, follow people fairly and sincerely, comment regularly towards others hubs in a insightful manner, obeying the terms of service, writing stellar hubs, gaining tons of inbound and outbound hub traffic etc... (Q&A/Forums/True following). Then your hubber score will begin to escalate even if you aren't a prolific writer and haven't yet figured out how to arrange your content, and the who shebang. (Below I explain more in great detail)

      I don't think this hubpages community is meant to ever have 100% perfection in their writers, and not every writer will be able to fit such a high standard of online excellence, but that shouldn't count us all out, we still have modes and means of participation, of showing we care for the likes of one another (Sharing buttons, Hubkarma etc...), and are supportive of each others efforts that is factored into the hubber scores.

      This is why it is essential for such a page to come back, and it shall thanks to the Hubpages staff and the help of Simone Smith, she responded promptly here to my special request and I thank them all for even regarding it at all, that was truly kind of her to do and before she leaves our humble and awesome community.

      Now, lets say a relentless prolific writer comes around and is behaving mean to everyone (Cocky maybe, egotistical perhaps, who knows why), cares not for the sharing factors here in our community that was once tightly knit, you mean to tell me that its OK to boost them to the top of our network, and praise them for their writing efforts alone. Come on Cardisa, we all know that the hubpages system favors the more well rounded types and also those who seek to go the extra mile, and that all in itself should produce rewards and at least this page that once had represented a sort of ecosystem approach to navigating through our high performers here on hubpages and an archival balance of what true good hubtivity can crank out.

      The lord knows I was driven to work my ass off here on Hubpages, and each and every day to get my score up to 100, that means that I drove tons of web traffic here and for my fellow hubbers, and I done it in a insightful manner, with true integrity, and I must admit ever since that page has gone away from being visible and as a navigable page, I lost sense of direction as a community member here and because I have no idea where to look to navigate from one hubber to the next, there is no true sense of who knows what, who has the hubtivity things down pack and the likes.

      I can however see which hubs are getting favored much more then others today (Thanks to the awesome new HP updates of navigable screens to locate hot performing hubs etc... but what about hot performing hubbers who do more then just write well, we are helping each other here are we not), but that isn't a true assessment of the entire spectrum of the community here as a whole.

      In all actuality, which I'm sure you have known long before I had the pleasure of joining Hubapges, our hubber score standing is the end resultant of a powerful proven algorithm indeed (It works to measure the hubbers hubtivity as a whole rewarding higher stats for reasons of improved activities here in the community), that says much more about the person behind the computing device here then one choose might choose to think and in reference to the HP system as a whole and not just about a single aspect of their online activities here, such as being a super talented writer and who consistently cranks out outstanding stellar performing hubs time and time again. (What about their community efforts, doesn't that count for something too, and for those who aren't active here should they be praised as a high performer that's well rounded as those who go the extra distance?)

      You know, a true stellar hub is like the eighth wonder of the world online, and playing around with Google and their search engine crap makes it almost impossible to do such a thing even if we prep it right, because as you know they keep updating the darn thing so much, none of us ever had a chance to survive such an onslaught. (So not every powerful prolific writer shall be located by their writing efforts alone, and no matter what folks might think or say, its the Internet, blame it on Google like we always do) smile

      I'm just saying if we all regain our senses and begin to look into that of our hubitivity once again, we shall arrive back at the top of the web as a unified team (Spreading the love for those who spread the love for us all, also locating and helping those up in the process who fell out of the loop of powerful super hubbing community activities).

      By each HP community member synchronizing their activities to create a powerful wave of a voice to the search engines and by learning to master our hubber scoring potentials once again as well. We can do this thing. I bet we can do this thing together and in less then a week or months time, simply using that Page we once had, which is due to arrive very soon. (Working on all aspects of being a good well balanced hubber has indeed been proven to produce high powered results for many years as you were there way before me to witness such a reality, so why won't it happen again, you know.)

      1. Cardisa profile image90
        Cardisaposted 10 years agoin reply to this

        Mike, I didn't read through your entire reply but to clarify why I look at it in a "negative" or "distasteful' manner as you put it was exactly the reason the pages were taken down in the first place. There were a lot of negatives about hubber score specifically to do with those pages and people who thought their scores should be higher. There was a lot of negatives from people on the site longer than others with lower scores than some new persons with higher score.

        Those pages with the list of "top" hubbers drew much attention in the forums due to some people not understanding how scores were calculated. My answer was based on the negative experience I personally faced due to those pages.

        The other negative about those pages were people who thought that by copying someone they could increase their scores as well.

        Some very good writers with low scores were left to feel sidelined because they could never reach the "holy grail" of 100, while writers with much less to offer and even plagiarists were getting there. In order for you to understand, you would have to have been around then.

        1. CloudExplorer profile image78
          CloudExplorerposted 10 years agoin reply to this

          I do understand what you have written and I think your take on the issue is fair. However I'm cut from a totally different cloth and perspective from my timing I joined hubpages so I only witnessed what I know is to be true. Navigating web pages like in the Google page index (Link line references/home page), is what made Google the shining start it is.

          I do believe that was also the bread and butter of the hubpages network as well with the Hubber score best page. I cannot confirm or deny such a fact of relevance in comparison to both online potentials of HP and Google, but I feel that we have lost much more then web traffic here on hubpages. We have lost integrity as a whole, because there's been tons of negativity pored onto the hubpages platform that wasn't here when I first had joined and it all may have stemmed from the reaction to Google hitting us massively hard with Google Panda update after update. Plus without that page being visible, we currently have no way to locate the trouble makers who seek to bring us down by stealing our articles, and other suspicious activities they have been doing here. (Nor can the new folks learn to do so properly, due to not enough visibility site wide navigation wise)

          So I think even the content theft aspects have risen here on Hubpages and as a end result of us not being able to easily self police it all, with such a page as we once had the ability to do, and as each new hubber decided to enter our awesome community.

          I think if this page returns we can at least locate those individuals that mean harm to our community, we need a miracle as well to muster up enough momentum to regain the web presence we all once had here online. Such a navigation page has the potential to do it for us, and I feel that way 100%. I do hope it works if anything and no matter the contention it may muster up. Some changes is tough and we got to get through it all in the end to see the other side of the tunnel. We are buried in a deep one today, I know my stats are saying such to me today, I'm sure about you or others.

          Again I respect your opinion as well as your experiences you've had, but I assure you we are living in much different times, that call for drastic measures to fix no matter the growing pains it may present to the few or the many. All in all I wish us all luck no matter what.

          So in the end certain things are indeed necessary evils, for some folks they will remain disgruntled no matter which ever way they look at things, thus negativity potentially brewing up no matter what and at anytime. (If they really are or were frustrated about their hubber scores though, there's plenty of ways to improve it so to rise to the top and get noticed more and more, I done it plenty of times in the past and I'm sure you have as well such an effort scored hugely back then.)

          Why should we screw with a system due to speculation, it was working for us once before, many of us were earning some good cash, and now it looks pretty rough for many, so its definitely worth it Cardisa to go for it once more.

          1. Cardisa profile image90
            Cardisaposted 10 years agoin reply to this

            Well Mike, all I can say is that if Hubpages chooses to bring back a feature that was uncomfortable for many hubbers like myself, I will have no recourse but to remove myself from this community. I have had too many bad experiences here to want it to start all over again sad

            1. CloudExplorer profile image78
              CloudExplorerposted 10 years agoin reply to this

              The page never went away Cardisa, it has always been present actually, so I'm not arguing to bring it back, I simply wanted the navigable link to make itself visible again so I could help my fellow hubbers who need it most, and hence fourth enhancing our ability to find each other again as well besides this HP feed and by other means here.

              New comers to the site dig into hubpages as they see fit, and they still manage to protrude into our hubs, create negativity and the likes so I don't see how this will make any difference in terms of increase in negativity. The negativity online shall exist no matter what is done on the web, it is an element of humanity and not a problem with any single web location. Just hop on over to Facebook or Google plus or anywhere else online and see the same stuff, heck go outside your home and see us humans doing wrong towards one another, Its a human problem and almost nothing can change that aceept that which brought us all into existence. This is what I firmy believe.

              Hey if this page doesn't get reimplemented then I am leaving too, I don't need hubpages Cardisa, I am here simply to help people, and to network, I have Youtube now to survive. So its not my dependency for an income stream anymore. Sorry to say that, I do love the community and will read hubs till the day I die, and continue to help others here because they are my true friends, and I mean those who have supported my efforts to get somewhere online even if all it was, were multiple comments they've rendered to me.

              I firmly believe that the strength of any community is in the people that communicate effectively with one another, and since Hubpages is based on such a premise as well I shall never desert this awesome community, but I will remove all of my content immediately (If this gets overturned and after they told me my request is being honored) and that isn't a threat it is a promise to you Cardisa, since you felt the need to respond to me as you have. (I can survive elsewhere too when it comes to earning an honest passive income.)

              Good luck, I wish you much success in this world, you know I mean well by all of my online activites and it will be a great loss for me to go if need be. I so hope you rethink your thoughts on you deciding to leave altogether if the tides turn in my favor, which it appears to be going such a way as per the request I made here is concerned. This isn't cool though how folks have taken it to the personal degree and level here I must say, by taking such a move personal to themselves.

              I'm truly tired of all the BS online actually and been dealing with the frustrations of online life as well (Negativity on multiple networks and not just on Hubpages), so you're not alone my good friend. I just hope and pray things work out for the good of us all, and I mean for humanity as a whole on the ground someday besides us online and on this hubpages writers network. Mainly because its damn near impossible to succeed online with so many bad attitudes and selfishness going around & truly impossible with the economic state of the world today. "You Know!"

              Sorry that I typed all this nonsense, but it comes out in short bursts at times, may god bless us all and Hubpages as well, the lord knows we need a miracle which ever way the pendulum decides to swing.

        2. Marisa Wright profile image88
          Marisa Wrightposted 10 years agoin reply to this

          Well said.

  11. profile image0
    Gypsy Rose Leeposted 10 years ago

    Great idea Mike. Maybe having those pages back may help my hub score stop for a moment instead of constantly dangling on a yo-yo string.

    1. CloudExplorer profile image78
      CloudExplorerposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      smile funny, maybe Gypsy
      We will only know in due time of course, it takes time for everything to correct itself here online and for success to be achieved once more I guess. We shall see!

  12. Mark Ewbie profile image81
    Mark Ewbieposted 10 years ago

    Get to 100 - get copied.

    What other benefit is there?

    1. CloudExplorer profile image78
      CloudExplorerposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      smile to funny Mark

    2. Patty Inglish, MS profile image88
      Patty Inglish, MSposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      Get lots of spam, get lots of profanity from middle-schoolers at lunchtime in the computer labs.

      1. Greekgeek profile image79
        Greekgeekposted 10 years agoin reply to this

        Yep. Thieves love to grab content from "best" lists and spammers love to flood them. That's exactly why "top authors" and "best authors" lists have been hidden or removed on every publishing site where I've been active in the past seven years.

        It certainly has happened to me* and to many good writers I've known.

        As it is, we still have people on Hubpages getting victimized and attacked in the forums because of Hubpages' obsolete list of top earners. It just happened again, so this is hardly ancient history.

        I'm decloaking to urge that there are other ways to recognize and support fellow writers than to reinstitute a popularity contest based on a flawed algorithm that overlooks some of the best content and authors, while providing a ready list for people to steal from and for the link spammers and trolls to inundate. Hubs of the Day get vandalized and copied as well, but at least there's not a one-stop, one-page list of targets.

        It happens on every site that does this. I really appreciated that Hubpages did NOT make this mistake!

        *Squidoo unfortunately still has a "Top 100 lenses" list up. What was my reward for getting on it again, with one of my LEAST substantial articles, one that is far less "quality content" than thousands of more deserving articles, which ranks well simply because it caters to the meme culture of the web and gets lots of traffic? It got scraped! And some of the guestbook comments have been about dead bodies. Lovely.

        1. CloudExplorer profile image78
          CloudExplorerposted 10 years agoin reply to this

          Why don't hubpages auto remove folks who aren't active at all, meaning those who never contributed anything at all period, there problem solved. There should be a way to catch the bad guys right in their tracks. An activity detection system of sorts, that has a purpose to detect wrongful actions based on certain parameters of their actions and frequency of such.

          Those who are here for a good cause is pretty obvious, while others whom are here for a bad cause isn't so easy to detect all the time, and if their only purpose is to copy and paste our content elsewhere.

          Maybe they can develop a system that auto detects the copy and as soon as its posted or published elsewhere, then by back tracing the IP address they could simply remove the hubpages profile of such culprits.  None of this is doable for us more proactive hubbers looking to fight back internally, and as we once had done by flagging hubs for inappropriate activity as well using that page regularly, and we surely cannot police our networking community much without seeing and getting to these malicious users HP profiles and activities super quick by means of using their low Hubber scores.

          This is my argument, and not about the scraping, I have no argument about that aspect. I'm all for riding the web of them pests for good. (I'm sure some of the more clever thieves actually fake their participation as well, and or publishing of hubs, but I'm willing to bet that there are very few of them if any.)

          1. mistyhorizon2003 profile image91
            mistyhorizon2003posted 10 years agoin reply to this

            Problem is that the copiers are not always Hubbers, they can be anyone who 'writes' online and who chooses the articles to copy based on their 'rating' on the relevant site. All they need to do is to visit HP and then copy the articles, no need to be hubbers themselves! Likewise the 'system that auto detects the copy and as soon as its posted or published elsewhere' has long since been done here, but because HP say it is expensive to run it they rarely do, therefore most of us have to check to see if our hubs have been copied manually. I am all for the top hubs, hub scores etc being invisible in order to protect my own content. I for one find the scores very unreliable in any case, and often my higher performing hubs have lower scores than my better performing ones (in other words the scoring system is flawed). However successful or unsuccessful my hub is however, I do not want to advertise it for all copiers to target, so far better not to have these 'ego massaging' scores in place at all, as they only tend to backfire in the long run which is no good for any of us.

  13. profile image0
    DigbyAdamsposted 10 years ago

    Cloud Explorerer I think the whole idea of giving people a place to find people to copy belongs in this topic. It encourages people to find out to who copy and steal keywords from. I am well aware of the other topics. This list is a haven for busy bodies who like to steal ideas. I was very happy when it was taken away. Scraping and stealing is one of the reasons I write here so infrequently.

    HubPages might want to think about protecting the privacy of its writers a bit more, given the difficulty many are having. The Learning Center is the place for people who want to learn - not my Hubs.

    1. susi10 profile image95
      susi10posted 10 years agoin reply to this

      Yes, you are very correct in saying that. I never thought of that happening until you mentioned it.

    2. CloudExplorer profile image78
      CloudExplorerposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      There is a hubpages index here as well where such a thing can be done, I do understand your concern with privacy, but the web is full of holes, and no one is protected. As soon as we jump online we all are vulnerable. The point of the web is to attract viewers, and unfortunately many of them want to steal our precious articles and hard work. Internally we need clarity, we need navigation that is easy to detect even the bad guys or gals. This is my argument, I will keep on going at it till people begin to realize that its a 100% gamble we are doing period by putting up any content onto the web.

      I do also feel that many web masters across the board and not just on hubpages, need to rethink the whole content protection and copyright modes of defense, but implementing this pages visibility will not change anything in my most honest opinion in terms of the ways our content is being stolen. I think we need to continue to address each issue as they come fourth, and this will be done much easier when we are able to police our community much more effectively. (if anything the content theft here on Hubpages has taken off like a sky rocket without such a navigable page)

      We all have a job to do here online and that is to be proactive, and not the opposite. We all need to protect one another as a powerful united force of online users. Starting with hubpages I learned to be aggressive at fighting the good fight, and I will not stand down to no content thieves heck, they can keep stealing my hubs for all I care, all of them are meant to help heal humanity anyhow, and I cannot do anything with them when I'm dead and gone. (Not to say anyone else needs to be like me, that would be preposterous, but you get my drift)

      Thanks anyhow for showing your side of the digital coin here, and contributing to this very forum, you have every right to speak on anything you wish in my opinion, I am just defending my right to keep this page alive as a navigable option. Maybe it can be a way for the Hubpages Team to turn such a page off for those who aren't truly active community members and on for those who are truly dedicated to the cause and the community here. (Just another cool idea!)

      1. Marisa Wright profile image88
        Marisa Wrightposted 10 years agoin reply to this

        I think the fundamental point for me, is that the community and the income-generating aspect of HubPages are two completely separate things.

        Most Hubbers only start making serious money when  90% of their traffic comes from outside the community, Our community is actually very small.  So measures that increase community interaction don't help much to "drive traffic".   The only people who will look at a "top Hubbers" page are other Hubbers, and spammers who want to steal their ideas.  The vast majority of paying readers don't even notice who wrote the Hubs and don't care. 

        Don't get me wrong, I'm not denigrating the community. In fact I love the fact that the community is separate from our traffic-generating, money-making efforts.  It means the community is a haven from all that stuff where we can simply enjoy each other's company and encourage each other.

        1. CloudExplorer profile image78
          CloudExplorerposted 10 years agoin reply to this

          I wish none of us had to contend with the content theft issues, I just want to help praise those who deserve the high praise for all their earnest efforts in the hubpages community, and frown upon those who are hear to do wrong.

          That is my cause, always been and always will be, for I am a true dedicated community member, which I'm sure you are, Cardisa is and countless others here, we all need smarter ways to be able to locate the thieves and to be able to stop them in their tracks. This is my argument, give us another way to do so, and forget such a silly page I really don't care if I get to deter the crimes being committed.

          1. Cardisa profile image90
            Cardisaposted 10 years agoin reply to this

            Hi Mike, many of us writers here don't care about being praised for our work. We would rather a friendlier community, better ways of protecting our content and better ways to communicate with each other. I think the people who were always displayed on the first few pages would rather the page not return. Patty Inglish was always in the number one spot along with Relache, Glenn Stock, Len Cannon, Chuck Nugent and a number of other very remarkable hubbers. Though the pages did make one feel great to see their profile being displayed there, the fact that your were targeted because of this overshadowed it.

            The same goes for the sister pages as well, the one which had the best, hottest, newest hubs. That one was the main culprit as people found ways to extract hubs exactly as they displayed and unto their site. There was one website which stole almost the entire HP community! I'll never forget that. It was a dreadful experience as we were not sure if we were logging into the correct site!

  14. janshares profile image96
    jansharesposted 10 years ago

    Hi Cloud. I just looked at the link posted by relache that you are referring to in this thread. It's kinda cool. That was before my time here on HP, never knew anything about it. I do remember the one that listed hubs in the same fashion. I always found it helpful.

    Regarding your idea about bringing the hubberscore author page back, I think it would fuel the same objections expressed in Marcy's thread. I posted a solution in her thread addressed directly to Paul. I think that unless the calculation of the hubberscore is changed to a more accurate reflection of the hubber's value as an experienced, quality writer, that doesn't change if the wind blows too hard, the issue will remain the same.

    Therefore, my response to your thread is YES, bring back the hubberscore ranking page but ONLY AFTER they have amended the hubberscore calculations and corrected the currently flawed system.

    Hublove, j

  15. prettydarkhorse profile image55
    prettydarkhorseposted 10 years ago

    Hubber profile score depends on ones reputation (trusted and active community members), don't know what percentage - it is calculated subjectively, how it is calculated, I don't know. How can you calculate reputation?

    http://hubpages.com/forum/topic/112915? … ost2404592

    1. Pearldiver profile image68
      Pearldiverposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      Excellent Question Maita.... How indeed?

      I would love to discuss how my reputation has been calculated with any party that thinks they know my ethical standings better than I, based on my activity on this site!  Clearly some of us can always be relied upon, perhaps even trusted to, call a spade a spade... instead of misleading the fact!  smile
      Hubber Scores ARE a highly discriminating, arrogant and autocratic tool often used to support an inaccurate opinion held as to the 'worth' of a contributor on this site!  sad

      1. prettydarkhorse profile image55
        prettydarkhorseposted 10 years agoin reply to this

        Hows the Maoriland, and how are you? It is difficult to measure for sure smile

      2. Marisa Wright profile image88
        Marisa Wrightposted 10 years agoin reply to this


  16. profile image0
    DigbyAdamsposted 10 years ago

    I will continue to say that making this page easily accessible is a bad idea. I only have so many hours in a day. Now I have to take the time to have a scraper who is outranking me delete my work. I don't need other people stealing my keyword strategies and topics. This is actually far more onerous because they won't look like they're breaking any rules. If HP management really wants to help their writers, they won't hand them to cheats on a platter. I have to admit that I cringe everytime Relache feels the need to show people how to do it. I wish this page would actually go away.

  17. Mark Ewbie profile image81
    Mark Ewbieposted 10 years ago

    I see community mentioned and it annoys me a little.  There IS a community on HubPages - genuine people with a genuine attitude to others and the site.  There are other communities too - that seek to subvert the voting and comments system in order to promote their own material.

    I would like all scores hidden from view.  If HP need 'em - fine, and if people want to see their own - fine.

    The same for the like buttons.

    Next up - the comments system is being abused.  Because it has some effect on the so-called top hubs that appear - it is being artificially manipulated through social networking. 

    IF HP are serious about QAP and quality on their site then it is time they removed internal comments and traffic as being any sort of engagement factor.  Use QAP and external traffic as indicators of quality.

    The other serious thing is whether Hubber impressions count for income purposes.  If they do, and I think they do, then the pool of money is not being shared correctly.  Genuine traffic should be the only source for income.

    For those who will say "Oh but our Facebook Group supports the community" - it does not.  It excludes 99.99% who are the genuine amateurs.  They join HP and write something and wonder why they don't get 100's of meaningless comments and likes, etc.

    I think HP need to clean up the house a little. Level playing field for all.

    1. Marisa Wright profile image88
      Marisa Wrightposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      Way to go, Mark!

      I agree - the community here is wonderful.  It's why I'm still here even though I rarely write Hubs any more.  To me, the HubPages community is a break from self-promotion, networking, raising pagerank yadda yadda. 

      Scores and rewards just encourage people to regard the community as part of the self-promotion game.  That's why I don't like them.  However since it seems Paul E thinks they're fabulous and he's the boss, I doubt we'll see them disappear any time soon - in spite of the reservations expressed by other staff members previously.

  18. profile image0
    DigbyAdamsposted 10 years ago

    That page did not work for a lot of people. Apparently it drove traffic to your hubs that no longer get traffic so you are desperate for it to return. It's never done anything for me and my work and I managed to make money here as well. The only thing it did for me when I was on the list was encourage people to steal my keywords and niches. I would watch certain Hubbers post Lenses at Squidoo that mirrored every Hub I wrote. Then I would watch them create Blogger Blogs. I wrote a Hub, there they were writing another one. There were even other Hubbers that suggested that this was a great way to get ideas.

    This isn't illegal and it's done all over the web. But that doesn't mean I want my ideas served up on a platter for thousands of people to troll. That's exactly what happens with that list and the Top Hubs list. Honestly scrapers were the least of my problems. But listening to you reminds me of why I should seriously reconsider writing here

    It isn't about privacy, it's about making it harder for busy bodies and trolls to make a living and protect my hard work.

    1. CloudExplorer profile image78
      CloudExplorerposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      I'm not desperate to get that page back, it never went away actually, it has always been present.
      However I want the navigation link to come back, that's about it.

      If you don't want the navigation link to come back that is cool with me, but I would very much enjoy to see it, because I feel it shouldn't have been dropped from view and from being able for us all to see and utilize.

      Your frustrations is understandable, and I don't think anyone can prove, confirm or deny all that you have experienced on Hubpages, because everything is completely arbitrary. I know that from a recent post here that one of your hubs was stolen, and without the page navigation link being present in view.

      This to me shows that simple visibility issue (Hubbers score best link page in the drop down menu's) hasn't made any difference and countless thousands of other hubbers keep getting abused here regardless of such in many other various ways. I have no idea what is wrong with people today, why so much hate, and detention over a silly web page, but if you may rant, go right on. I do what I can to help all others, I equally deserve the right to have what I see is fair for us all to utilize and I will not stand down even to 1 million folks trying to tell me otherwise. (We need to find the culprits as a team as a community like we once had done here, newbies need to learn how to locate them too, and when they learn to communicate fairly here if anything - Self policing helps to rid and deter harmful activities folks!)

      I feel wholeheartedly that this page being navigable in our my account section and from our hubpages profile shall deliver us all from the depths of no mans land, because as a whole entire network, we once were on the top of the web in terms of stats with it in place, then once it was removed and shortly after we got hit by that darn Panda bear and surely long after Penguin, everything came tumbling down hard.

      Show me statistically how this page has hurt someone in the past when it was made visible to us hubbers, show me how it has caused more problems than good, I need to see some web statistics and not rhetoric or frustration, or the likes in the form of words. (I can show you statistically when it has hurt us after the pages link visibility went down, and it hurt all authors site wide mind you, plus with the crushing forces of Google Panda)

      Stats is what make any online place live and hopping financially (Using simple understandable link navigation - Visual is cool but takes up more page spacing and harder to get through), and many of us are here because of such a thing. I however lost faith in this network in terms of earning. Now I earn a little more then a few pennies a day I guess, and so I remain here for the community only. Please don't play with my cause or purpose here in this forum by trying to twist my words around, because I don't play with others. I hope that doesn't seem or appear desperate to you, I am not playing games online neither.

      1. CloudExplorer profile image78
        CloudExplorerposted 10 years agoin reply to this

        I'm sure 100's of my hubs have been stolen, I don't care if people steal them, its fine with me. Not everyone is here for earning something with them actually. I write for humanity, I write to help my fellow man. You need not place judgement on my efforts, because if you do you are fighting the wrong battle my friend, my web presence wasn't a mistake. I am here for us all, and I hope you understand that the strength of a entire community is much more important than any single voice.

        I speak for the community and not for myself, so this is where my point hits home. Many have jumped ship already (over 100,000 authors, and it wasn't because of the infamous hubber score neither, actually before they got rid of the hubber score navigation link we had over 200,000+ hubbers flourishing here, earning money, getting discovered elsewhere online and the works).

        Me on the other hand have chosen to stay and I fought the good fight, I will never give up on humanity no matter what kind of hatred or frustrations others toss my way, I think folks need to address their issues elsewhere if they want to get personal. These forums aren't meant for such a thing. Please refrain from argumentative communications here, or elsewhere it won't do any good, and isn't in keeping with the good spirits of any social community. Thank you. (This goes to all who decide to continue this forum thread in such a manner, please be more respectful of each other)

  19. profile image0
    DigbyAdamsposted 10 years ago

    Until you and Relache brought this up, most current Hubbers didn't seem to be aware of it. As I said, for some reason Relache just loves to share that tidbit. I just want the staff to know that not everyone believes that this is a good idea. I also want Hubbers to know the down side to this. I would like this listing to disappear.

    Hubpages used to list the "Best" hubs and "Hot" hubs of every hubber. Those were usually the first to be scraped and stolen. Yes, if I decide to continue hear, I want to make sure that HubPages staff takes into consideration how easy they've made it in the past for unscrupilous people to steal ideas, keywords and niches. It might be keeping a lot of people who could help their cashflow away.

    I've had several ideas lately that would do well during the summer. Between QAP and this topic, I've decided to write them elsewhere.

  20. CloudExplorer profile image78
    CloudExplorerposted 10 years ago

    The funny thing is, we all want our content to be viewed by millions of viewers, just publishing a single article makes it viewable to the public, and if you are a powerful prolific writer all of your articles are in a greater threat online.

    This is how attraction works for the most part online, and when anyone notices that they've located a fabulous piece of content, they will use it how they see fit, its up to us to fight all we can to stop it from happening, removing such a page will not prevent such a thing from happening in my honest and humble opinion (Those who make it to the hubber score of 100-95 per say, aren't the only ones or most frequented folks to get their content scraped neither, if that's the case you might wanna bring up an issue about the hub of the day page, or any of the navigable front pages in all hub subject areas).

    If anything having a hubber score best to worse page, will help us locate those folks who are here internally and trying to do harm to us all, because we can get to the lowest scoring hubbers super fast, and they're usually the ones who are doing all of the scraping here as they load up their false profiles onto our network to keep the scraping process going. (Not all lower scoring hubbers are culprits, but a great deal of them were when I was flagging hubs a year or more ago, and many perform suspicious stuff warranted for questioning if anything.)

    I use to get there to that page, I use to flag them, and fight the good fight, if we all ban together to rid our network of spammers, content thieves and the likes, it will be minimized to a slight amount that wouldn't hurt us all so much. (Mainly because the threat to using such a page to navigate from is from internal and not external to hubpages) This is what many of us were doing here as a tightly knit community. Whether you know that or not isn't relevant, we need to unite as a force of global writers against this filth that goes on. Doing away with this page sends a beacon to the bad guys that they have backed us down into a corner and to be afraid of them. I am not, I am a fighter and I will not back down to them. I hope you can see what I am saying here, we have flagging options and buttons to rid this network of putrid and poor behaviors, we also need good navigation to detect such activities even if it hasn't landed onto our very own profile, hubs etc... (Folks have done do outside of hubpages on Facebook with the 'UGC Watch Dogs' and I'm sure in many various other ways, but we need to do it within our community here.)

    Self policing your online community is a must, so this is where my point drives home even more, I know it works and the staff knows too, this is why they have looked into bringing that link back. We need to address all angles of this bad boy before counting out anything, just for personal reasons or the likes. We all have a duty to serve our community with helping to keep it clean, and if you think otherwise than I don't know what else to type to you.

    Thanks for the participation on this forum, it has helped me to bring out a great deal of things that we all need to think about, and besides the negative aspects, so many folks continue to resonate here. (We will never ever be able to stop all the online piracy, but as for internal to hubpages is concerned it can be deterred and put to a limit, we can do this and I'm not saying its easy, but we must work together or all hope is lost.)

  21. profile image0
    DigbyAdamsposted 10 years ago

    There is nothing HubPages can do. People skim the information and then go write lenses or use the niche on their own website. You keep wanting proof. I don't need more proof than I would write a Hub and then three hours later a Hubber would throw up a Lens using the same keywords and topic. He did this a dozen times in a dozen days. That's when I threw that HP identity away.

    Without lists like that many aren't smart enough to skim through millions of pages and know what to steal. But HP just seems to want to hand it over to them.

    1. CloudExplorer profile image78
      CloudExplorerposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      How do I know who's the thief and who's the true person who cares?
      What ways can we detect such a thing?
      These two questions I ask, no more asking for proof.

      I need to know by someone who is an authority figure on the matter of online defense, and that of our articles safety is concerned.

      I bet there is no such authority figure out here yet or else none of this mess would be going on today, how do I know that you are not one of the content thieves, how do you know that I am not.

      This digital online reality is rough no matter which way we all decide to turn I agree. However Hubpages or any other writers website hasn't done anything wrong by making such a navigable page available, I sort of resent the fact that people have placed the blame on them. If anything hubpages staff has helped many of us for years on end to find an alternate route for earning a passive income. They worked their magical algorithms and web design concepts into action, and their formula had worked wonders for many years, and until Google laid the hammer down. (Many of us fled not in fear of content theft, but because our income stream diminished and shriveled up into almost nothing.)

      Today we have social elements in place that has surely changed the demographics a great deal for sure, and so I have no clue where it all is heading for us all, but we need something to change the issues we all do indeed have and we need it quick, or no one is going to be benefiting from online writing in this way at the rate of loss we are seeing due to fear of content theft and the likes. (I say again we need a miracle!)

      People would love to think that content theft is the cause for web traffic drops, but I assure you Google's penalties on infringing websites are far more harsh then anything, plus they have crushed a great deal of content publishing websites, because we breathe fresh content onto the web all day and all night, much of it is of poor quality, overly promotional content loaded to many links, spammy, fluff, and the likes.

      Maybe they felt we all could afford to lose our small paychecks, who knows. I do know that they aimed to take out the malicious and copycat activities, poorly published content and thus Penguin, & Panda being erected in the first place, which trumps any loss potential we've seen from these minor content thief fools affecting our hubs traffic a million times over.

      Whats so funny is folks are so quick to be scared, point fingers, fault finding and the likes when they feel their hard efforts and digital works is threatened (Human nature & Understandable), but the matter is far bigger of a problem than some simple content thieves stealing our precious little hubs.

  22. Mark Ewbie profile image81
    Mark Ewbieposted 10 years ago

    Jeez.  It's not that complicated.

    Hubber score - Yes or No.

    I say No.

    1. CloudExplorer profile image78
      CloudExplorerposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      Just trying to write a novel Mark smile is it possible in these forums. Hmmm.... I wonder.
      maybe I can be the first, who knows right! either way its fun, and folks I don't like these forums by the way. Just exercising my writers voice a bit in a uniquely differing way. Forums aren't my forte obviously, Hah!

      1. Mark Ewbie profile image81
        Mark Ewbieposted 10 years agoin reply to this

        Yeah OK, sorry CE.  My lack of manners.

        1. CloudExplorer profile image78
          CloudExplorerposted 10 years agoin reply to this

          Glad to see that your enjoying the sights and sounds here. You know I enjoy writing like a mad man, I guess that's what makes us all unique here after all. Why can't we just write, right! wink

  23. profile image0
    DigbyAdamsposted 10 years ago

    CE you like to talk around the issues a lot. The easy way is not to highlight the best pages. It's that simple. I don't get your agenda or you at all. I'm finally guessing you just like to BS a lot. So I'm moving on. I've made my point to the staff  and hubbers that I vehemently disagree with you. It's in their court now.

    1. CloudExplorer profile image78
      CloudExplorerposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      You you you, what is the point of doing such a thing here online by typing that You stuff!

      You know It's not about you or me or any of us (It is how the web works or doesn't I should say, nothing makes sense with it all when you truly think about what we are doing here online, so much loss of time, not enough hours in a day to care for what we have lost).

      I already said my piece here and over said it (Over stated, over stressed etc... smile an endless argument I might add) & for each time a person chose to go the opposite way I am aiming for this page to go. Thanks for letting the issue go, but I think its more about trying to have the last word in these forums for some reason, and appearing as if someone is or has the upper hand.

      It's absolutely senseless to play ring around the rosey like that, no one is achieving a thing actually. So I agree with you on that premise, I actually came to hubpages also to work on my writing and communications skills with others, so yup this is part of why I'm on this very forum, posting away as we do quite often. Have fun whatever you do, please don't forget that aspect of being a hubber, we all need to relax sometimes and simply allow oneself to let loose! wink

  24. janshares profile image96
    jansharesposted 10 years ago

    Time out. hmm Let's take a break, shall we? (No disrespect to the sharing of opinions but just wanted to chime in with my two cents)

    1. CloudExplorer profile image78
      CloudExplorerposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      Hey Jan, just having fun in these forums, figured I'd let off a bit of steam in my very own unique way! & its an awesome thing to do sometimes you know.

      I get tired of writing hub after hub, and nothing happens whatsoever, maybe I earn a good 9 dollars or so a month, but that isn't getting it. I need to earn like $5,000 a month, so I am determined to fight for the cause I believe that got us silly super highly active folks like me there once upon a time. (Maximized well balanced Hubtivity use to spell huge bucks! plus mastering the art of stellar hub writing and usage of Powerful SEO.)

      Now, If someone decides to respond to that above statement I made to you Jan, and by telling me to correct my grammar, fix my hubs, write stellar ones or the likes. Well all I will say is tell that to the best writers here, they will also tell you the same, they aren't making anything close to what they once was. Go figure!

      Yup I am in hot pursuit of earning my keep, I guess it was time for me to make my way into Forum heaven here on Hubpages, and now it feel good to be here too LOL smile

      1. janshares profile image96
        jansharesposted 10 years agoin reply to this

        Lol, hey there Cloud. The therapist in me couldn't resisit. I understand needing to let off steam. What better place than a forum, right? You certainly  have a way with words, my friend. I pray that all works out for us hubbers and that the best decisions are made to benefit all. It's a tough time right now based on the forums and questions I'm reading. I just hope we can all take the time to breathe deeply and exhale as we defend our positions. I think it's time for some hublove, ya think? smile

        1. CloudExplorer profile image78
          CloudExplorerposted 10 years agoin reply to this

          Yes indeed, I'm working on helping many hubbers who need it most today, that's all I can muster up for now, because Jan I'm all spent here LOL smile "Hub love coming right up, upon Jan's request" Haha!

  25. peachpurple profile image82
    peachpurpleposted 10 years ago

    i am okay with my hubscore always in between 89-94, never more than that. What i hated most is someone is copying my How-to-do hub elsewhere! I know that i am not the only one but very disturbing. Oh yes.. my hubscore went down to 84 when the earning went down too.

    1. CloudExplorer profile image78
      CloudExplorerposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      Ths also proves my point, you don't have to be any particular high scoring hub to get hit by them pesky pirates. Its just a sad thing for sure either way you look at it. I wish the content thing would stop, if we cannot police our own network I do believe it shall flourish like a wild fire. If there could be another way for us to detect the critters, then I wouldn't even care about bringing that page navigation back.


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