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Is my hub out of bounds?

  1. Direxmd profile image84
    Direxmdposted 8 years ago

    Hey all, I made a new hub that I feel a little off about.  I see people who write for tips and success to make revenue on here and what not, so I decided to do the same--except that it's about a different site.

    The hub:  http://hubpages.com/hub/Tips-And-Advice … Liveperson

    I don't make money or anything off of referring experts or anything, but I still feel funny about posting a different site.

    I dunno, I'm new, maybe one of you guys could help.  Thanks all smile

    1. Pest profile image78
      Pestposted 8 years agoin reply to this

        I am offended and pissed!  Kidding!   big_smile  ...  What Cris said /\ /\ /\ /\

    2. sassychic profile image57
      sassychicposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      No I think that's cool whatever your proagative is I guess. If someone doesnt like it they either 1. respond in an agitated way, or 2. ignore it and dont take it personally or realize that there really wasnt harm in teh one writing the stuff. We're cool!
      Hey nice to meet you!
      Im Sasha!

  2. Cris A profile image58
    Cris Aposted 8 years ago

    there are no hard and fast rule as far as what you can write about is concerned. i have seen hubs about other sites, even "rival" sites, and if people are interested they will read.  and nobody will take it against you cool