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AdSense application

  1. Bishop J L Hayes profile image81
    Bishop J L Hayesposted 4 years ago

    I have 22 featured hubs but was rejected twice by Google
    Adsense. I am new - less than two weeks. I have a score of 83 presently. Can anyone tell me why I have been rejected by Google Adsense? Oh, The reason of rejection was "Lack of content." Thiss message was sent to my email within one hour of submitting my application. If anyone can give me a clue I would be grateful. Thank you.

    1. Shyron E Shenko profile image82
      Shyron E Shenkoposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Bishop J L Hayes, welcome to HubPages.  I was writting for almost a year before I created an Adsense account.  And did not have a problem. 
      Maybe in the HP Learning they have something there that will tell you, I don't remember how I did that, it was over 2 years ago.

      1. Bishop J L Hayes profile image81
        Bishop J L Hayesposted 4 years agoin reply to this

        Thank you for you unkind reply. It may be that I am in too much of a hurry. Peace to your house.

        1. Bishop J L Hayes profile image81
          Bishop J L Hayesposted 4 years agoin reply to this

          OMG I meant to type "kind reply".  I must have hit a double key on "k" and my computer entered "

    2. Christy Kirwan profile image
      Christy Kirwanposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Hi Bishop,

      I recommend waiting until you have 30-35 Hubs before reapplying. If you reapply too frequently (after every new Hub, for example) they may permanently reject your application. Depending the country you are writing from, you may also have a mandatory 6 month waiting period before you can apply. You may want to take a look at the AdSense Terms and Conditions for your country: https://www.google.com/adsense/localized-terms

    3. Marisa Wright profile image99
      Marisa Wrightposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Adsense is not very helpful and don't explain their rules clearly.  However, I've observed that they have become more demanding of late.  These days I suggest waiting until you have 30 Hubs before applying. I also notice that time seems to be a factor - people who wait until they've been here at least three months seem to have more success. 

      It's unlikely you'll earn much in the first few months anyway, as it takes time for your Hubs to attract external traffic - so you won't lose much by having a little patience.  Wait three months and try again.

  2. psycheskinner profile image82
    psycheskinnerposted 4 years ago

    The Adsense content requirements have been becoming higher and more arbitrary. I would just suggest reapplying each time you add 2 or 3 more hubs. It will go through eventually.

  3. SmartAndFun profile image97
    SmartAndFunposted 4 years ago

    You've been an HP member for only seven days. I think you applied too soon, and that may also be why you were turned down. I believe Google wants to see that writers have a little staying power. Wait 30-60 days, keep publishing material, and then reapply.

  4. tony55 profile image85
    tony55posted 4 years ago

    Welcome to hubpages,
    I had a score of 88 with 50 hubs when i applied and still got canned, so i did some major review and restructuring of my hubs and got approved at a lowly score of 79.
    hubpages had made it easy to get approved for adsense as long as you adhere to the rules of both hubpages and ad sense.
    There are certain things that should be in place before reapplying some of which i will list bellow.
    1Certain countries can only be approved after six months
    2make sure your hubs have clear hierarchy and text links, each page reachable from at least one static link.( use hubpages groups to achieve this)
    3keep links on give page to reasonable number
    4good SEO words
    5use textual content and ALT attribute to include a few words of description for your images
    6 make sure title elements and ALT attributes are descriptive and accurate
    7check for broken links and sign up with Google webmaster tool and add a site map
    8 good quality content is important
    Then reapply good luck.

  5. lissamasters profile image78
    lissamastersposted 4 years ago

    I, too, am new and just had the identical thing happen to me.  I am now reading the responses to your post, and will follow as directed...post more, wait some and try again.

  6. NathanielZhu profile image72
    NathanielZhuposted 4 years ago

    I've been on Hubpages for over 2 years, and after about a year I haven't posted anything since. Recently, I found out that my monetization had been revoked and banned?
    What the heck is going on? I like open source, but this is just plain old stealing and refusing to acknowledge my content (and my content is all high quality)

    The same shit is happening on youtube. Banning my channels for my own fucking content. What is wrong with the world today?

    1. psycheskinner profile image82
      psycheskinnerposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      I suggest that you start a new thread specifying your problem.  If adsense has dropped your account, that is beyond Hubpage's control.

      1. NathanielZhu profile image72
        NathanielZhuposted 4 years agoin reply to this

        er not adsense. I still have my adsense account. Its te hubpages earnings

        1. psycheskinner profile image82
          psycheskinnerposted 4 years agoin reply to this

          You should still start a new thread because you are discussing a new issue, although I am not sure what it is.  You should say where you looked (url) and what message you saw.  Then people can tell you what happened.  I would note that Hubads is still adsense-based, so if you lose your adsense account you hubads will not work.

  7. kittythedreamer profile image98
    kittythedreamerposted 4 years ago

    I think I had to apply twice, and I had 30+ hubs...and I had also been writing for at least a month before Google approved me.