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what is your highest viewed hub?

  1. Brie Hoffman profile image65
    Brie Hoffmanposted 3 years ago

    I'm just curious.

    1. The Frog Prince profile image80
      The Frog Princeposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      The name of it is "So Just Who Is Harrison J. Bounel" with 14,322 hits and counting.  Quite intriguing and relevant today as it was then.


    2. janshares profile image97
      jansharesposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      Brie, I've read in forums that hubbers are wary of revealing their most successful hubs because of thieves and copiers. I will only say my most successful hub is old and evergreen. I had no idea it would end up getting as many views as it has. Now I understand why. If you write hubs on topics that address people's needs or that they find useful, or answer a particularly pressing question, the views will increase exponentially over time.

      1. ChristinS profile image96
        ChristinSposted 3 years agoin reply to this

        Yes, this totally smile My best performers are one's that solve problems or show people how to do things.

    3. profile image0
      sheilamyersposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      My highest is for a hub titled "Should women be police officers?"

  2. Barbara Kay profile image90
    Barbara Kayposted 3 years ago

    I agree. It is better not to share that. About 2 years ago, I shared the niche that earns me the most money and within a month someone right here on Hubpages wrote about 20 hubs in that niche using many of my topics.

    1. moonlake profile image92
      moonlakeposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      I agree

    2. TIMETRAVELER2 profile image99
      TIMETRAVELER2posted 3 years agoin reply to this

      Barbara Kay:

      Someone here did the same to me, although only with one hub.  The joke was that I deleted the hub because it was not earning!  So, you see, there IS a God!

      1. DrMark1961 profile image99
        DrMark1961posted 3 years agoin reply to this

        Maybe I should put down that my best performing hub is "Taoism and the Dog on the Beach". If I am lucky someone will copy it.

        1. profile image0
          calculus-geometryposted 3 years agoin reply to this

          smile  Every time I see a thread like this I'm tempted to post one of my (many) duds and rave about how wildly successful it is.

  3. Brie Hoffman profile image65
    Brie Hoffmanposted 3 years ago

    I didn't even think of that but I guess you guys are right..too bad I wanted to read them.

  4. Paul Edmondson profile image
    Paul Edmondsonposted 3 years ago

    I'm always surprised.  The number one hub was created about  1 month ago. It got over 100k views in the last 24 hrs - mostly search traffic. It covers a newly released product in detail.

    1. rebekahELLE profile image90
      rebekahELLEposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      That's so crazy.  It has to somehow be celebrity based, my guess.  I read about a certain celebrity mobile video game going absolutely viral.

      My hub with the most views happens to be a very popular search term, which I wasn't aware of when I wrote the hub.

  5. MizBejabbers profile image90
    MizBejabbersposted 3 years ago

    My most successful hub was, and still is, my review of my underground house. It was an unfavorable review of what can go wrong, and people have flocked to it because society has been programmed by advertising hype to think that underground houses are everything that is holy about housing. I don't worry about it being copied because it's already happened. It was copied in its entirety, by that I mean personal photos and all, on some website that professionally steals and reposts other people's work without attribution.
    It is one of my oldest hubs, and like the Energizer bunny, it is still going strong.

    1. Brie Hoffman profile image65
      Brie Hoffmanposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      I read that article, it was very good.  What is the website that copies articles?  I want to check and make sure none of mine are on it.

      1. MizBejabbers profile image90
        MizBejabbersposted 3 years agoin reply to this

        Brie, it's been so long ago that I've forgotten. Since it was all theft of copyrighted materials from other people, it may have been taken down by now. I googled and can't find it, so I assume it has been removed.
        I did come up with up with this in my search. It is a pdf
        http://www.scribd.com/doc/220458009/we- … ound-house
        And I don't know what the heck this is. It is a hideous jumble with a working link to my actual hub inside the pdf, but my text seems to be scrambled and out of order. This interests me enough to do some more checking.

        1. MizBejabbers profile image90
          MizBejabbersposted 3 years agoin reply to this

          I forgot to say that it has been retyped. Words are capped that weren't capped in the original, and I think I may have seen some typos.

  6. brakel2 profile image81
    brakel2posted 3 years ago

    My hub with most views is a technology article about fixing something. Users want knowledge, and we need to keep writing articles to help them.

  7. Zelkiiro profile image94
    Zelkiiroposted 3 years ago

    My highest-viewed Hub, for some reason, is my review of Hajime no Ippo: New Challenger, the extremely mediocre 2nd season of the awesome Hajime no Ippo franchise.

    Not only is it not that popular of a franchise, it also has nearly triple the views of my second-most-viewed Hub, my review of Monster.

    Does not compute.

  8. weezyschannel profile image83
    weezyschannelposted 3 years ago

    My highest viewed hub would  be "what to expect when you're getting dentures"

  9. lady rain profile image94
    lady rainposted 3 years ago

    My highest viewed hub started off as a trial and error niche, and it is evergreen. It has been copied all over the internet and I spend a lot of time filing DMCA complaints. But, this hub does earn me money at the end of each day, my effort is not wasted.

  10. K Kiss profile image81
    K Kissposted 3 years ago

    My Highest viewed hub is on a topic that I had no idea when I wrote would interest so many people. I guess I stumbled upon an evergreen topic. Published it first in 2009 and it still draws in a chunk of my views. In total it got about 500k views in the past 4 years

  11. JoeYoung22 profile image80
    JoeYoung22posted 3 years ago

    My best performing hub is a simple Excel tutorial. It shows how, using conditional formatting, you can make a cell appear red when the value therein falls below zero - quite a useful function really.

    It hasn't reached the astronomical heights of some of the hubs mentioned above, but I'm pleased with it.