Confused about $ per click in Adsense

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  1. LondonGirl profile image81
    LondonGirlposted 14 years ago

    What determines how much you get per click in Adsense? Is it the topic, or some weird witchy-brew no-one really understands?

    I ask because 2 things have confused me, looking just now at my account, for the first time in a while.

    my Easter Eggs hub has been getting lots of traffic and a few clicks every day over hte last fortnight or so. On Monday, though, it had <snipped number> clicks and a payment of $<snipped number>. Yesterday, it had <snipped number> clicks and a payment of $<snipped number>. Why the wild variation in how-much-per-click?

    My new hub on renewable energy had only <snipped number> click today, but it got $<snipped number>. Why so much more?

    If this isn't an allowed Adsense question, someone tell me quick (-:

    <numbers snipped for user's protection re: AdSense terms of use>

    1. darkside profile image68
      darksideposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      The short story: the greatest determining factor is how much the advertiser is paying for that click.

      For the longer version... read my esteemed colleague Mr Misha's response above ^

  2. Aya Katz profile image82
    Aya Katzposted 14 years ago

    LondonGirl, I don't really understand the formula, either. It is something to do with the relationship between your traffic that day and how many clicks you got, I am guessing.

    On my best day traffic-wise, I didn't make more than on an average day, and I think it was because most of the traffic didn't click.

  3. aidenofthetower profile image69
    aidenofthetowerposted 14 years ago

    Okay...first, how much money you make has nothing to do with how much traffic you got. It is a direct correlation of how many clicks and how much those clicks were worth. This is something that Google Adsense figures out based on the keywords that you use. They then turn around and sell ad space for those keywords. The more people who want the key words or the more unique the keywords, the more they charge, and the more you make per click. It can change some day to day, but it can also be based on which ads that people clicked on in your article.

    There are a lot of people out there that write articles according to key words and work hard to choose words that are worth a lot of money. But they have to take into consideration things like traffic.

    A good goal to have is to keep writing and work on getting traffic. The money will follow.

  4. needful things profile image64
    needful thingsposted 14 years ago

    Well if even if you get just one visit... and this visitor clicks... you earn only as much as the add is worth...

  5. LondonGirl profile image81
    LondonGirlposted 14 years ago

    I wonder why though on the same hub, the payment per click varies so much?

    It'd be good if more people started clicking on the $1.83 ad, though (-:

  6. Misha profile image64
    Mishaposted 14 years ago

    LOL You have to be on the other side of Adsense  - Adwords - at least once to understand it smile

    People are bidding on the place their ad will occupy on your page, the better the place, the higher the bid. Different spots on the same page can differ in price quite a bit, depending on the number of places and the number of bidders.

    You receive a fraction of what bidders pay to Google, which is nobody knows how much, but it is pretty consistent for the same webpage.

    So in a nutshell - the more people are bidding on your keywords, and the higher their expected return is - the higher your average click cost. Which still can fluctuate quite a bit depending on what exactly spot people clicked.

  7. LondonGirl profile image81
    LondonGirlposted 14 years ago

    thanks all - it's just slightly odd on the face of it! Still, now my earnings are in dollars per day rather than cents, I'll live with it.

  8. profile image52
    issinryu85posted 14 years ago

    sombody explain how to advertise ..becouse i a m lost..when i click says..please dont use forward slashes on your hub..or

    1. aniketgore profile image60
      aniketgoreposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      You don't need to advertise on hubpages. Hubpages takes care of that and they do it fanatically.

  9. lawretta profile image62
    lawrettaposted 14 years ago

    Thanks guys for the information. Its very useful to me.

  10. mugshot profile image59
    mugshotposted 14 years ago

    My first post!!!

    Im new to hubpages but know the answer to this one so thoguht I would tell all!!!

    Right when an advertisers looks to place an advert they choose the keywords they wish to target and but in the amount of money per click they are willing to pay.

    Their advert will be displayed more or less and in highly prominent to low priority placements depending on the value the advertisers are willing to pay (the amount they are willing to pay per click) and also the amount of competition for that keyword.

    There is also an algorithm that looks at the website they are paying the advertising for (the site the advert takes you too). If the website is about cars and they are bidding on keywords for eggs Google will automatically increase the minimum amount they have to pay per click for this keyword as its unrelated to their site.

    Once a person clicks on the ad on your page Google splits the income between you and one knows exactly how much they give to you and keep for themselves but its probably around 60% for the big G and 40% for you or less.

    Hope this helps a bit.

  11. Silver Rose profile image67
    Silver Roseposted 14 years ago

    Google applies "smart pricing" and has done since 2004, and this is based on the advertiser's Return on Investment.

    Say an advertiser has bid a certain price on a keyword, but everyone who clicks through doesn't actually buy. Google reduces the amount charged to the advertiser (I believe they charge just 1/10th of the amount originally bid). Of course when Google reduces the amount charged to the advertiser, the amount paid to the publisher who had the ad also falls by the same amount.

    Therefore if you are getting high amounts per click, it means you are sending quality traffic to the advertiser, traffic that buys things. When the amount per click drops it means that the traffic you are sending is not converting.

    Why does Google operate smart pricing - to protect the advertiser (even though reducing the amount charged to the advertiser reduces Google's profits). They are operating on the premise that happy advertisers are the long-term key to their business.

    This is why the quality of your traffic really counts. Social traffic from Reddit, Stumble etc rarely click and when they click they rarely buy - so you get smart priced. However if your traffic came from the search engines, where someone was actually searching for the keyword (and Google can tell from Analytics - and Adsense probably has a traffic analytics element embedded into it too), then they know it was targetted traffic and you get paid the full value of the click as you did your job (you sent exactly the traffic the advertiser wanted to him).

    1. anjalichugh profile image69
      anjalichughposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      This really makes sense....difference between social networking traffic and search engine traffic. Thx very much.

    2. profile image0
      multimasteryposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      You hit the nail right on the head ~ great post!  Also to add if you have your Google Adsense code on other low-producing sites - just One low converting site for advertisers could smart-price your whole adsense account. So be sure to only display your code on quality sites.  Also make sure you login into your adsense account and list all the 'allowed sites' that your permit to show ads under your code.

      A Word from Google ~

  12. LondonGirl profile image81
    LondonGirlposted 14 years ago

    thanks very much for the explanation, much appreciated.

  13. lindagoffigan profile image58
    lindagoffiganposted 14 years ago

    All of these posts were helpful in understanding Google. Your earnings will increase if the Goggle crawler catches text that an advertiser is looking for to bring him traffic.  In addiition to keywords as a channel to earn more listing relevant products on your site should add to your earnings too.  Ad placement and the size of the ad selected from Google Adsense is important to earnings also.

    I researched Google keywords and entered the URL of an article that had been published and Google gave me back words that I had already used in the article.  I am going to stay with the Google help module as one of the postings suggesting to stay within the Google guidelines.

  14. charlemont profile image74
    charlemontposted 14 years ago

    My humble guess is that high-earning ads were run by an advertiser who then stopped the campaign (or switched it off the Content Network, which is known as AdSense for us, Publishers). Those ads that replaced high-earners are much cheaper. Hence the value of clicks you get.

  15. profile image0
    blograngposted 14 years ago

    all the above explanations are true,

    the oneline answer is that ,

    use google adwords with adsense for one month ,

    you will understand it.

    or try asking from them ,
    that have used both simultaneously.

  16. ReuVera profile image83
    ReuVeraposted 14 years ago

    Well, just question- For 2 months in a row I don't have ANY earnings in my account, though I have no less traffic in my hubs than before.
    Actually, during several months of my membership I made big $29.29
    As I still can't make myself understand the mechanism of earnings, I even don't try.
    But it just seems not right that my account doesn't have a cent added from February.  What can be the problem?

    1. lindagoffigan profile image58
      lindagoffiganposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      My advice is to write more articles so that Google Adsense will have something to work with.  If you are not able to increase your writing production, I suggest you study Google Adwords and Google Adsense to maximize the articles you have written.  The writers that are doing well are prolific, writing maybe 10 articles a day on 20 writing sites.  You are not being told to write that much more,but try to write more often and use Google Keywords.  Wordtracker may be able to help with the keywords.

  17. wittywriter profile image60
    wittywriterposted 14 years ago

    I want to thank you all, I was wondering the same thing.

  18. ReuVera profile image83
    ReuVeraposted 14 years ago

    Thanks for your advice. My concern is that the same articles which before were giving some little money entrace, but now I don't have any move at all. Also, there are no adds are showing on some of my hubs at all.

  19. Research Analyst profile image74
    Research Analystposted 14 years ago

    I would say what determines how much money you will get per click in adsense has to do with where your traffic is coming from, what the topic your are writing on and the relevacy of your hub.

  20. gr8archer45 profile image67
    gr8archer45posted 14 years ago

    I have been a hubber for some time now, however just recently started to explore the forum. I must say that this page is really informative for relatively new hubbers like me & many more out there.
    Thank you for the advice & tips guys smile


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