Adsense Warning on Reel Rundown Hub

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  1. misterhollywood profile image94
    misterhollywoodposted 11 months ago

    Hi, folks,

    Just got an email from Adsense with a warning about a hub that is close to five years old. Long story short, the email said that imagery on the page may contain sexually charged material and therefore violate their TOS.

    The hub? … -Dark-Side

    Can anyone at all find anything sexually charged or graphic on the hub? I sure can't. There's only one link on that hub as well and it goes directly to an interview to

    Here's the exact text of what they sent:

    "As stated in our program policies, we may not show Google ads on pages with content that is sexually suggestive or intended to sexually arouse. This includes, but is not limited to:

    - pornographic images, videos, or games
    - sexually gratifying text, images, audio, or video
    - pages that provide links for or drive traffic to content that is sexually suggestive or intended to sexually arous

    Out of an abundance of caution, I have deactivated the advertisements on that hub. That said, I have to ask if the domain is under scrutiny by Adsense? That hub has been up nearly five years. If you can find something that violates the above mentioned points, I'd love to know.

    PS HP if you would like me to forward you the actual email from Adsense, let me know where.

    1. Jean Bakula profile image97
      Jean Bakulaposted 11 months agoin reply to this

      Hi misterhollywood,
      I read the whole piece (nicely done)! and can't find any evidence of sexual content. It's also odd that the article has been up for five years and no complaints were made, so nobody else seemed offended by any of the content either.

      I would write the and ask specifically what they find to be offensive here. They are quite busy and are training new editors. But this is adding to the frustration of hubbers, as different editors have different opinions.

      The latest controversy here is that they brought in "experts" whose names appear ABOVE the writer's names, and often give a negative opinion of the hub..There is a long forum going on about it, and many are fighting this new move. If readers see a negative review of your hub, they won't read it. Like you, I move articles written a few years ago, and they do better on a niche site. But on my main niche, I feel that I am the expert! Check out the forum, it's interesting.

      I hope you get this straightened out. You may get quicker results writing to Robin Edmonson, same address. Good luck.

      1. Dreamworker profile image98
        Dreamworkerposted 11 months agoin reply to this

        How do you know nobody complained?  Someone could have sent a private complaint to Adsense.  It's not a good idea to make assumptions about things when you don't know the facts.

        1. Jean Bakula profile image97
          Jean Bakulaposted 11 months agoin reply to this

          I only had the info provided in John's post. He will get the best results by asking for opinions, either from other writers here or the administration, which he did. I gave him good advice. No need for a lecture, I've been writing here for seven years.

    2. Dreamworker profile image98
      Dreamworkerposted 11 months agoin reply to this

      It doesn't matter what anybody here says.  If Adsense tells you it's a problem, you had better find a different image.  If you don't, they could shut you down.  They are very strict about their policies and, in fact, about a year ago required every writer who uses their services to sign an agreement stating that they would not produce any material that is not safe for children to read.

      1. misterhollywood profile image94
        misterhollywoodposted 11 months agoin reply to this

        Thanks for the comments but there have been instances where a glitch happened because of something not related to images. I've turned off the ads out of an abundance of caution.

        And it does matter what people say here. At the very least, collective feedback from people helps folks to understand what may be happening, what may not be OK to post and what's changing in the world of Adsense.

        Why such a stern response? This may not be your intent but it comes off as very strong.

  2. misterhollywood profile image94
    misterhollywoodposted 11 months ago

    Thanks, Jean! I appreciate all the info. I was unaware of the controversy. Wow! I'm going to that thread now.

    I'll see if I can reach Paul E. As well. Thanks, again for looking at that hub!!


  3. AliciaC profile image97
    AliciaCposted 11 months ago

    Hi, misterhollywood. Your article is interesting. Like Jean, when I first read it I couldn't see any problem in it that would have triggered the warning that you received and thought that the message must have been a mistake. Then I noticed the word "links" in the warning and decided to check all the links in your hub to see if there was something completely innocent which had caused the Adsense message. It sounds ridiculous, but a sentence in the interview with Paul Walker may have done it. In the "Did You Document This?" section, Paul Walker is referring to the gender of sharks. There is one sentence about male sharks that if taken out of context might have triggered the warning. It's just a thought.

    1. misterhollywood profile image94
      misterhollywoodposted 11 months agoin reply to this

      What's interesting is the Cinema link is running Adsense. If that really is the issue (shark gender) than we truly have jumped the shark.

  4. Glenn Stok profile image98
    Glenn Stokposted 11 months ago

    Hi misterhollywood,

    I agree with Alicia about that reference link to Cinema . com. You’re taking a chance that they may have something on their site that is against AdSense TOS. (They did list that as the third point). A solution would be to reference the source without making it a hyperlink.

    While we’re discussing your hub, I would also suggest you update it with the new HubPages standards as well. Your images need to be centered. Within the next week or two they will automatically be centered for you, and you may not like how it turns out. So it's better to do it yourself ahead of time. You are also missing an author bio, which can be used to show authority with the subject.

    I realize you are doing extremely well, with over a million views on only 28 hubs, but it never hurts to do what’s needed to do even better.

    1. misterhollywood profile image94
      misterhollywoodposted 11 months agoin reply to this

      Thanks. I was aware of the hub information and will be changing to standardize. My main concern however is the Adsense issue. I appreciate the response and thank you!


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