I guess I was hungry! I just ate an entire Taco Bell 'Big Box'! AHHH!

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  1. profile image0
    girly_girl09posted 13 years ago

    I thought I would come on here and embarrass myself. wink

    I went to KFC/Taco Bell with the idea of trying their new grilled chicken tonight, but saw the ad for the Volcano Big Box and I got that, instead.

    I got home and opened it up and it had two tacos, one huge burrito and a thing of cinnamon churros. I was like, "there is no way I can eat this all" - but I just did ! ahahaha I can't believe it. It was pretty good!

    Have you guys heard of Taco Bell's 'Big Box'? I got the Volcano one, which is spicy. I'm scared to look up the nutritional info...probably like 1,500 calories. At least I got a Diet Pepsi. wink

    1. Maddie Ruud profile image76
      Maddie Ruudposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      Not quite.  About 1200 cals, total.  wink

      And no, I've never had one.  I haven't had fast food in... Whew... No idea.

    2. Eaglekiwi profile image75
      Eaglekiwiposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      You go girl!! Ive cut back on the fast food and increased the good foods...but not one to let the team down ,I have taken note of your yummy dinner! smile

    3. TrinaLynne profile image73
      TrinaLynneposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      I've never had one of these but it sounds good. Thanks....now I want tacos for dinner.....lol

    4. goldentoad profile image60
      goldentoadposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      I smoke weed too.

  2. profile image0
    girly_girl09posted 13 years ago

    I don't eat fast food much, either. KFC's grilled chicken meal appealed to me because I was looking for something different. I succumbed to the advertising for the Big Box, though. lol

    I also have a massive headache now...probably from all the salt!

  3. profile image0
    girly_girl09posted 13 years ago

    lol It is HUGE; would be a suitable dinner to share with someone.

  4. carpesomediem profile image59
    carpesomediemposted 13 years ago

    I just had a Big Box for the first time a few days ago, and I was so surprised by how much was actually in it.  It took me about 8 hours to finish everything.  And was it just me or was the Volcano taco HOTTER than the burrito?  Even my roommate - who had one, too - thought so.

  5. profile image0
    girly_girl09posted 13 years ago

    I loved the volcano taco (I might consider getting one of those again...I love spicy food!)

    As for the burrito, it wasn't spicy at all because of all the sour cream...I had to scoop off about 3 tbsp of sour cream from it.

    1. carpesomediem profile image59
      carpesomediemposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      My roommate had the same complaint!  She ended up pulling the burrito apart, taking all the sour cream she could out and wrapping it back up before eating it, lol.

  6. Kidgas profile image64
    Kidgasposted 13 years ago

    The KFC grilled chicken is very good.  Next time, you will have to ignore the big box.

  7. profile image0
    girly_girl09posted 13 years ago

    I've heard their grilled chicken is pretty good, too...will definitely try it sometime when I'm in the mood for fast food again.

  8. profile image0
    Leta Sposted 13 years ago

    Girly-girl!  For shame, wink

    I don't eat fast food much either...  But fried chicken, yeah, OK...I admit it!  You know...and it's 600 calories to one piece.

  9. fortunerep profile image69
    fortunerepposted 13 years ago

    I am hungry now, I sent my daughter to Taco Bell.

  10. Ladybird33 profile image68
    Ladybird33posted 13 years ago

    Why not?  Come on people, it's ok every now and then!  I worry about weight every day, every day...when you do it, enjoy it and then work out extra the following day, I mean really, really hard.

    1. Maddie Ruud profile image76
      Maddie Ruudposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      Let's stop with the food-guilt, ladies.  Eating is not a moral transgression, nor do you have to "atone" for it.  It's that kind of thinking that contributes to the ever-growing number of eating disorders.

  11. Colebabie profile image59
    Colebabieposted 13 years ago

    Look up KFC before you eat those chickens smile

    I eat a lot more than I think I can sometimes too girlygirl smile

  12. darkside profile image71
    darksideposted 13 years ago

    Now I want myself a big box of Taco Bell!

    And I've never had Taco Bell before!

    1. Uninvited Writer profile image78
      Uninvited Writerposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      You don't want it. My friends and I used to call it Taco Hell. smile

    2. Mark Knowles profile image58
      Mark Knowlesposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      Taco Bell is the Mexican fast food equivalent of McDonalds. Only cheaper and with more fat. wink  I only ever ate there once - and that was in a town in the mid west, where at ten o clock it was my only option.

      I can honestly say it was one of the worst dining experiences in my time in the US, second only to a pasta carbonara at a Holiday Inn in Indiana where they used canned cream of mushroom soup as the sauce. And they refused to make me something else when I complained.

  13. PaulaShaftoe profile image60
    PaulaShaftoeposted 13 years ago

    My brother worked at a Taco Bell when he was high school age. I learned too much from him to eat at fast food joints any more =/

  14. EYEAM4ANARCHY profile image74
    EYEAM4ANARCHYposted 13 years ago

    I want a big box of taco hell.

  15. profile image0
    \Brenda Scullyposted 13 years ago

    Thanks a lot you could have shared it with me, or better still bought me one..... diets on hold til tomorrow

  16. profile image0
    \Brenda Scullyposted 13 years ago

    maybe i am glad i did not have any now then.... sometimes it is just eating, not what you eat that is a pure delight,

  17. profile image0
    dennisemattposted 13 years ago

    awwww  LUCKY!~!~I live about 40 minutes away from the nearest Taco Hell...I had to settle for a pound of pasta salad and a beer.

  18. Lisa HW profile image61
    Lisa HWposted 13 years ago

    I've never been to Taco Bell.  I have, however, recently discovered how easy it is to eat a whole bag of microwave popcorn all by myself - a shocking, evil, and yet satisfying experience.   hmm

  19. profile image56
    Urias K. Rimposted 13 years ago

    Taco Bell rocks! The "Big Box" is awesome, but my favorites are the hard shell taco supremes, mexi-melts and Mexican Pizza. I need it at least once a month.

  20. profile image0
    boppsterposted 13 years ago

    I don't have a Taco Bell near me so I make it at home.

    http://hubpages.com/hub/Restaurant-Food … to-Supreme

    1. alekhouse profile image75
      alekhouseposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      It's much better made at home and that way, you know exactly what's in it!


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