Is there a way for you to choose the ads that display on your Hubs?

  1. Seek-n-Find profile image91
    Seek-n-Findposted 6 years ago

    Is there a way for you to choose the ads that display on your Hubs?

    I've looked for the answer in other Hubs but for some reason when it comes to understanding how to do anything "manually" in the adsense--I just seem to get confused.  I set up my adsense account and it does whatever it does that is default but are their options for customization and if so, is there an easy way to set it up/make changes?  I don't feel like the ads that they place with my articles are very closely related to the content.  Thanks!

  2. shailudhakad profile image60
    shailudhakadposted 6 years ago

    yes it is very possible to display related adds with Adsense. But either you need to write very good and a lengthy article on the topics or you work on a particular niche. The keyword density is also a factor for the same. If you extensively use 3-4% of keyword density in an article over 500 worlds then it is almost possible to see related adds on you hubs. You can check out my articles on Audi A9 and audi A8 and the add which are being displayed in between the content. where I have tried to do best at this part.

  3. relache profile image88
    relacheposted 6 years ago

    The way that AdSense works results in customized ads that are going to vary from visitor to visitor depending on what data that Google has about their online habits and what area they live in.  What you see can be very different from what anyone else sees in terms of advertising.

    You can block certain ads via a control panel in your AdSense account.

    However you need to remember that 40% of the time, HubPages affiliate codes are associated with your Hubs and during those times, none of your account preferences will be in effect.