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Is it against the rules to link a hub of someone in a comment you make on a thir

  1. Lapse profile image61
    Lapseposted 6 years ago

    Is it against the rules to link a hub of someone in a comment you make on a third party's hub?

    I commented on a hub of an author I had never read the hubs of before and linked a hub of a third party to explain a reference I made.  I was told that this link is a violation?  Is that true and if so why?  I'm semi-new and was wondering because I certainly don't want to violate rules here...  Thanks in advance!

  2. missolive profile image96
    missoliveposted 6 years ago

    I went to check and it seems there was a misunderstanding in the comment you posted. I believe the hub author may have misunderstood you - correct?
    As for sharing a link. I was under the impression that if you share a link other than your own it is ok. You were simply making a reference. I have shared your question - perhaps we can get a better perspective. Will follow as well smile

  3. Lapse profile image61
    Lapseposted 6 years ago

    missolive!  a trusted face, thanks for looking in here...
    You saw it as well?  You saw my response comments?  Wasn't sure if they were blocked or not...  I'm not too worried, but you never know right?

  4. cheaptoys profile image60
    cheaptoysposted 6 years ago

    haha i am confused what is a third party hub? i think it is ok as long as the owner of the hub whom u posted the link to is ok with the link, i.e, it is not offensive to him in any way and he approves it

  5. barbergirl28 profile image76
    barbergirl28posted 6 years ago

    I am guessing that it was my hub that was the link... ok... not guessing because I could tell by the comments. I hope that nothing happens by this. I think it was purely taken out of context. And for future reference, I am happy if anybody wants to share my hubs with others.
    However, I do think it was wrong of the other hubber to not only flag Lapse, but to flag my hub as well. I don't think anything will happen, but seriously, some people just need to realize as writers we twist words. There was nothing offensive in it. sad
    I just can't really say anything but how sad that someone can't see the humor - and if not - just choose not to read it!

  6. somethgblue profile image87
    somethgblueposted 6 years ago

    Is this an ethical question or a Hub page rule question? Isn't the whole point to get folks to read your hubs and other peoples hubs.

    The most popular hub I've ever written which is the last one I published four days ago on the Illegal Criminalization of Marijuana the first comment was negative and voted down, which lead me to read four of this persons hubs.

    Since then all of the comments have been positive and I've gotten over 1,300 readers in four days since I published it. Coincidence or just subject matter . . .

    The point is that whether or not the comments are positive or negative as long as they lead us to read each others hubs, then they are serving a purpose.

    I have found that most folks are way too serious for my taste and should lighten up, have a little fun with each other. Criticism is a good thing as I only learn from my mistakes not my victories.

    As far as I'm concerned any one is free to link any one of my hubs to anything they deem worthy and feel free to provide scathing criticism, it is impossible to insult me . . . or give me some good feedback, but since I'm the greatest writer the World has never known I need very little!

  7. capricornrising profile image60
    capricornrisingposted 6 years ago

    Please feel free to link my hubs anywhere you like... :-)

  8. ThoughtSandwiches profile image79
    ThoughtSandwichesposted 6 years ago

    I leave Hubpages for six hours...all hell breaks loose...

    Bribes will need to be paid...probably to me.  Media will need to be saturated...by linking my hubs everywhere.  Witnesses will need to be removed...to the Bahamas...I saw it all...

    I like to think I added enough to this dialogue (that I don't really understand) to have earned "one more notch" towards my next "whatever number of questions answered" accolade. 

    Kennedy was right..."Ask not what your Country..."

  9. Internetwriter62 profile image81
    Internetwriter62posted 6 years ago

    That's an excellent question Lapse, unfortunately I don't have good answer for you. I would highly recommend and this helped me tremendously, when I had a question concerning the counter last year, I went to the forum section then went  to the "Need help ask Here" then went to "Frequently asked questions" I am suggesting this because I want you to get correct information, Relache also helped me, believe me she's an expert, I on the other hand don't know very much about the rules that have to do with hub linking, they use hub karma here which kind of works the way you described, you might want to try that, but for a definitive answer I recommend going to the forum section and checking it out.

  10. Cardisa profile image92
    Cardisaposted 6 years ago

    Okay, I am reading the answers and realized the question has not really been addressed,

    Seriously, every one.

    Posting links in the comments is a violation of HP TOS. There might be an exception if the link is directly related to the content of the hub you are posting. But some hubbers are very strict about links in their capsules, so be careful about doing it even if the link is on the same subject as the hub.

    HP specifically states that there are to be no URLs in the comments box and you are not to promote your hubs there.

    One of the reasons why it's a violation is that you are posting a link on someone's website without their consent. The hubber must be the one making the choice to have the link posted there. Next time you need to ask the hubber permission.

    The next reason is that unrelated links hurt that person's hub. The scores will drop and the Google search ranks will also suffer.

    As for the flagging.There are some really over zealous hubbers who will flag anything. The hubber of the hub could have easily denied the comment instead of flagging the persons involved. What I have done in the past is to contact the person and let them know the rules and telling them I cannot approve the comment.