I Found a Hubber...Has something to do with DocStoc..

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  1. thranax profile image71
    thranaxposted 14 years ago

    This hubber copied an Article from docstoc. I can't believe it. He also copied others.


    Uncatched By Google search he answered the request asked 2 weeks ago.

    Cached article on DocStoc Setember 11, 2009.
    This is Google's cache of htp://www.docstoc.com/docs/7183696/HOW-TO-COPY-DVD-TO-CD. It is a snapshot of the page as it appeared on Sep 11, 2009 06:04:17 GMT

    I also found his Drum Break one is copied from another source.

    This is Google's cache of htp://www.ihowd.com/how-to-change-drum-brakes. It is a snapshot of the page as it appeared on Oct 2, 2009 11:52:56 GMT.

    His Hub:

    This is Google's cache of htp://hubpages.com/hub/How-to-Change-Drum-Brakes-Step-By-Step. It is a snapshot of the page as it appeared on Oct 2, 2009 14:48:03 GMT

    This Hubber is copying content from DocStoc and ihowd.com.

    How come Hubpages didn't flag it as duplicate? I think because I found this..Hubpages should come up with a way to Check DocStoc and others. If we let him stay, we would be Hypocrites. I flagged for duplicate content.

    Hubber Name: lw2182001


  2. thranax profile image71
    thranaxposted 14 years ago

    Heres the Picture Cache Proof:


    Maybe some more detection measures should be made by Hubpages so people don't do the same here.


  3. profile image0
    Crazdwriterposted 14 years ago

    I notice that he has no fans too and just started 2 months ago. You have good eyes Thranax!

  4. pauldeeds profile imageSTAFF
    pauldeedsposted 14 years ago

    We check every hub for duplication as soon as it's published, and the more you duplicate the lower your Hubber Score will be (meaning the less likely you'll be to get any traffic).  There is a reason that person has a score below 60.

    However, duplication does not always mean plagiarism, and a duplicated hub that does not contain promotional links is not against our rules.  As the DMCA requires we will ban a user after repeated complaints.  So the best thing to do if you see a hub that you think was plagiarized is to let someone from the original source know so that they can take a minute or two to file a DMCA complaint with us.

    We respond to DMCA complaints very quickly.  A valid DMCA complaint is the single best way to take care of copyright issues with any reputable site.   If your goal is to have an article removed, I don't think it's worth wasting your time with any other type of communication.

    1. profile image0
      shinujohn2008posted 14 years agoin reply to this

      Even if Duplicate Hubs get low score , they are getting Internal hubpage traffic to these copied hubs through searches made in hubpages and through tag pages. What can hubpages do about it.

      If Hubpages has some system for automatically UNPUBLISHING all duplicate content along with the checking. It will have some real advantages ,

      1. Everyone will try making changes till the hubs content becomes unique , so that they can be published by the author itself.

      2. If some one else has copied the hub to other places , we can send email to Hubpages Team as we do at present.

      This will make the spammers,

      a. Delete their copied hubs.


      b. Make Changes Till their Hub is Unique (This will make the spammers changed to good writers)

      Instead , If Hubpages is giving them Low scores to their Hubs , nothing good will happen.

  5. darkside profile image61
    darksideposted 14 years ago

    Checking out http://hubpages.com/hub/How-To-Copy-DVD-To-CD and there's a link to the members profile page at docstoc.com

    HubPages HQ can't have a knee jerk reaction and start cleaning things out when they're not certain of ownership. I'm sure if there are any members at docstoc who have had their stuff lifted and published over here and they follow the correct procedure that HubPages will sort it out quickly.

    Also keep in mind that there are PLR articles that get sold that are are allowed to be published by the buyer whereever they want. They don't do particularly well if they're not given a good rewrite, but they do have the right to publish it as they see fit.

    Places like ezinearticles don't allow it. HubPages will, but a hubscore penalty might be in place. And too many of those and an entire account could have all outbound links nofollowed.

  6. Beth100 profile image68
    Beth100posted 14 years ago

    What about in the case of taking the "idea" of the hub and rewriting it in their own words?  Is this allowed?  I came across one of my hubs I wrote and there is another one similar to it that was written later.  I didn't bother flagging simply because I didn't think of doing that.

  7. thranax profile image71
    thranaxposted 14 years ago

    I guess im a little Jumpy still. Sorry Paul. I guess she owns all three of them then...


    1. pauldeeds profile imageSTAFF
      pauldeedsposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      Most likely she does not, but there is no practical way for us to determine who the copyright owner is every time we detect a duplicate.

      Also, the damage done by falsely accusing someone of a copyright violation is typically a lot worse than the reverse.  So we are pretty careful about not doing that systematically.  As we often say, we "choose to reward original content".

    2. darkside profile image61
      darksideposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      It must be all that adrenaline after the last big game catch you made big_smile

      1. Dame Scribe profile image55
        Dame Scribeposted 14 years agoin reply to this

        lol cute, lol

      2. Lisa HW profile image62
        Lisa HWposted 14 years agoin reply to this

        thranax, that WAS quite a discovery you made.  As one of the many beneficiaries of your discovery, I found it kind of mind-boggling, myself.  A lot of us are probably going to be looking a little more now.  You are HubPages' own "Columbus  (or else "Columbo", the detective) of the Day".  (Thanks, by the way.)

  8. Lori J Mitchell profile image59
    Lori J Mitchellposted 14 years ago

    I was going to say that I had an article that I wrote on a previous blog, but I felt that it was an important enough issue to me to post it as a hub here, so I did.  It is a duplicate and I'm well aware of that, and know that my hub score took a hit over it, BUT I felt it was an important enough issue, to me at least, that it was worth it to me.

    1. pauldeeds profile imageSTAFF
      pauldeedsposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      That's one of the reasons our rules are structured as they are.  Your score won't be hurt too much as long as only a small percentage of your hubs are duplicates.

      1. Lori J Mitchell profile image59
        Lori J Mitchellposted 14 years agoin reply to this

        and I appreciate that.  This is a one and only time thing and it's because rescue animals are my cause!

      2. Michael Willis profile image67
        Michael Willisposted 14 years agoin reply to this

        Since some of my hubs are about Food/recipes I have thought about also posting them on my Blogger page...of course write a little different, but have to be very similar because of the type of material. I have avoided this because of fear of being flagged for duplicate or breaking the TOS with HP.

  9. habee profile image92
    habeeposted 14 years ago

    I transfered a couple of my articles from Helium to HP. How do readers know that they were MY articles - not plagiarism?? Just curious.

    1. Pearldiver profile image68
      Pearldiverposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      Because of the way you wrote them (they had the same spleling mistakes!) lol

      1. thranax profile image71
        thranaxposted 14 years agoin reply to this



        1. Pearldiver profile image68
          Pearldiverposted 14 years agoin reply to this

          Kick Butt Thranax.... hope you got some sleep.. lol
          Ride the wave out my friend. There are many Good Things that can come out of this and certainly many things to consider. hmm

    2. Marisa Wright profile image85
      Marisa Wrightposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      They don't, and that's why HubPages won't take any action to delete them.  It's also why you're going to get hit with a duplicate penalty.

  10. habee profile image92
    habeeposted 14 years ago

    Dang! Glad I deleted my Helium articles myself!


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