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Does it hurt your feelings when someone unfollows you?

  1. xanzacow profile image72
    xanzacowposted 5 years ago

    Does it hurt your feelings when someone unfollows you?

    I must admit I feel disappointment. I feel I have let my followers down when I notice my following number has decreased. Why do you unfollow?

  2. Mr. Happy profile image84
    Mr. Happyposted 5 years ago

    Haha!! I might be an a-hole but I don't care. It is what it is ...

    I do not recall unfollowing anyone but I have seen my number of followers fluctuate a little sometimes. To be honest though, when we get to hundreds and hundreds of people to follow or following us, it is a little hard to keep track of things.

    I do wish I do not offend anyone too badly ... lol


    P.S. I appreciate the discussion I have with people more than the following or not part.

    1. xanzacow profile image72
      xanzacowposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      I too have never unfollowed. No offense. Thank you for your comment. Maybe I am too sensitive!!!!

  3. jlpark profile image87
    jlparkposted 5 years ago

    I guess, as with anything, when you notice it you think - huh? What did I do? So it's  little hurtful at the time.

    But people can't manage to follow every single person they try to - it just get to be overwhelming on their feed page etc - I guess, what I'm saying is - when someone unfollows me - it may be to focus more on someone else's hubs - that may be what they require in their life at that time.  I like to think that maybe, someone would be doing that to focus on mine (when I get around to getting some more written - looking for a job does not leave one much time!).

    1. xanzacow profile image72
      xanzacowposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Great attitude! I will try to incorporate this myself. Thank you for the insight!

  4. securityproducts3 profile image40
    securityproducts3posted 5 years ago

    I honestly never even pay attention to who follows or unfollows me for that matter. Even If I did, I don't really care.

    1. xanzacow profile image72
      xanzacowposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      I should not as well, but as I said, I feel as though I have disappointed my readers....thanks for answering.

  5. WryLilt profile image91
    WryLiltposted 5 years ago

    99% of followers are there in hopes you'll follow them or just random interest. Most won't interact with you or read your content. I only follow a handful of people and even then I rarely interact with any of them. It's just like a Facebook like - doesn't mean a lot.

    1. xanzacow profile image72
      xanzacowposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Gee. You shot down my expectations. I was hoping we were all here to help each other. But seriously, I kind of knew this. I try to read at least 2 hubs from each person I am following. If I can not I do not follow.

    2. WryLilt profile image91
      WryLiltposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      I'm here to get traffic from Google. Internal traffic doesn't do a lot - I only follow people usually with Google knowledge to share. Or my referrals. smile

  6. nanderson500 profile image88
    nanderson500posted 5 years ago

    It is it a bit disappointing, but it wouldn't bother me that much unless it was a lot of people.

    1. xanzacow profile image72
      xanzacowposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Is disappointing. Will try to not let it break my stride. Thanx!

  7. Jay Dano profile image58
    Jay Danoposted 5 years ago

    Nope! I figure one less stalker in my life is a positive! Paparazzi, BEWARE!

    1. xanzacow profile image72
      xanzacowposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Lol. Good point!

  8. iefox5 profile image58
    iefox5posted 5 years ago

    Nope, it is normal. Some hubbers always post boring hubs, which makes me unfollow.

  9. Sherry Hewins profile image96
    Sherry Hewinsposted 5 years ago

    I occasionally notice my follower number had gone down one or two. It does not hurt my feelings at all. You can't please all the people all the time. As long as the general direction is up, I feel OK about it. As for why I unfollow, I don't do it often, but usually it's when a person is very active posting and sharing something I don't want to see. It could be offensive, or uninteresting to me, or just too much of it..

    1. xanzacow profile image72
      xanzacowposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Very interesting. Thank you.

  10. relache profile image88
    relacheposted 5 years ago

    As I don't know any of those people, it doesn't bother me in the slightest.  Followers have free will, just like I have when it comes to who I decide to follow or not. 

    Besides, they aren't making me any money.  The folks who come from the search engines are and I pay a lot more attention to how many of them show up or not.

  11. tirelesstraveler profile image81
    tirelesstravelerposted 5 years ago

    Last week I was on a quest to acquire 500 followers. I upset some people and they unfollowed  me.  I got upset, then realized I hurt some feelings. The  500 followers will come to me soon enough.  You have to be philosophical about the whole thing.

  12. kj force profile image72
    kj forceposted 5 years ago

    Dear xanzacow....I can understand the dilemma of #'s falling by the wayside...it has happened to me..and I question myself, but, I also understand I have a unique sometimes to society "twisted" approach to life..I write about the quirks in life regarding society.relationships, family,friends,co-workers..young and old..no one is spared..( sometimes pictures may be necessary to explain) .I realize not everyone understands my humor and may take offense ( it's not vulgar or obscene)..HOWEVER....if we are ALL here for one purpose, then we should critique each others works good or bad...at least if you don't like it or agree..do so as a courtesy...As writers, we have to realize we aren't going to please everyone..
    and yes I feel disappointment when my #'s fall...so anyone out there who is no longer following..please take the time to notify ME as to WHY ?...thank you for asking this great question....

  13. MickS profile image71
    MickSposted 5 years ago

    Why should the loss of a little electronic signal bother anyone?

    1. xanzacow profile image72
      xanzacowposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Mick you simplify it so wonderfully! Thanks!

  14. Mazzy Bolero profile image79
    Mazzy Boleroposted 5 years ago

    There are followers who read my hubs and post helpful comments and I'd ask myself what I was doing wrong if one of them unfollowed me. However, there are many who only follow you so you will follow them. I found this set out all too clearly in Google Analytics, when I discovered that someone who followed me had spent all of 3 seconds reading one of my hubs!  I don't follow hundreds and yet find my mailbox filled with notifications of newly published hubs and I used to end up spending hours reading them. Now I've decided I just can't read everything, but I don't want to unfollow them, because in each case I followed them because I thought their hubs were worth reading.

  15. Seeker7 profile image96
    Seeker7posted 5 years ago

    No I don't feel hurt. I think Hub Pages is a very dynamic site and people and situations change all the time. Someone may unfollow just because they feel they have too many followers to keep up with everyone. Also there are a few that I follow but I honestly never get round to speaking to them - there are just too many. So I think there are many reasons why a hubber will unfollow you or any of us and it's not personal, it's just things moving on and changing as they always do in life.

  16. annart profile image87
    annartposted 5 years ago

    No it doesn't bother me, though it's only happened once - so far!  I agree with a few here that it makes me think about what I could do better; maybe I need to pull my socks up!  But generally, I think it is a matter of having so many to follow that reducing the load is sometimes a good idea.
    Good question.

    1. xanzacow profile image72
      xanzacowposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Yes these are helpful ideas. Thank you annart.

  17. lburmaster profile image83
    lburmasterposted 5 years ago

    Nope. They must have a reason. Though I don't know what the reason is, I respect their decision.

  18. Leroyworld profile image60
    Leroyworldposted 5 years ago

    I really have not thought about it.  If someone stops following me, then i assume they are no longer interested.  Unless they tell me why, I have no idea if I let them down or not. 

    I use this particular account to follow food issues, so I might delete someone if they delete all of their food related articles.   On my other account, I used to delete inactive writers then I remembered that I didn't write much for a few months.

  19. FatFreddysCat profile image98
    FatFreddysCatposted 5 years ago

    I don't obsess over my number of followers, so the only way I would even notice a difference would be if a whole chunk of them suddenly disappeared at once.

  20. profile image0
    danielabramposted 5 years ago

    I do not notice people who unfollow me. I think people should not take it personally and instead look for reasons for how they can attract more followers in the future.

  21. Diana Lee profile image82
    Diana Leeposted 5 years ago

    I've noticed the numbers drop and then bounce back up maybe on the same day.  No I'm not concerned about it. I do wish I could draw more traffic. I'm still learning a great deal about how the internet tics. I'm here for the experience as well as the exposure.

  22. bhargvi sharma profile image47
    bhargvi sharmaposted 5 years ago

    Yes it really hurts when someone who follows me sudden unfollows me as then I feel that the standard & way of my writing is degraded thats why they had unfollowed me...