Make My Hub Better

  1. 4FoodSafety profile image74
    4FoodSafetyposted 6 years ago

    Yesterday, USA Today posted a cover story about something that I wrote about a while back.

    Can you please review my article and make some suggestions? … the-Future

    Your expertise is greatly appreciated.  I am still learning and seeking to modify my Hubs and make them evergreen and as best as they can be.

    Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

  2. Camping with Kids profile image80
    Camping with Kidsposted 6 years ago

    Not bad, good information about an effort and topic I was unfamiliar with

    but.... all the photos were a little overwhelming

    Just lead with one main photo, then disperse some of the others throughout the hub with text capsules related to each one.

    If you really want ALL the photos in the hub, maybe a few could be at the end of the hub, sort of as a wrap-up

    just an opinion...