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They Cometh; Earth's Survival part 5 Novel

Updated on October 18, 2016

Coming together of knowledge

Coming together of knowledge

Master LLamb and Doctor Jim are now on the same idea and team, but still at odds of what to do. They have the picture, the puzzle and some answers, but no designs of a working plan to combat the opposition. The elite and the political groups have all the ends tied up, with communication channels secured. The LLamb group and Doctor Jim’s family brainstorm and search for information, knowledge and facts, making a pact with themselves to see this to the end, dedicating their lives and well being to the foundation to overthrow the overtaking of Earth by the evils there-of.

With the vast resources available, though the Internet, books, old manuscripts and documents, they begin the search for anything possibly related to the planet of Nibriru. Many statements in the Bible, ancient manuscripts and writings have references to the beings coming from heaven, sons of gods, angels and creatures from space or having different chemistry and blood make-up. Some of the documents refer to the dominant blue blood types that the Queens and Kings have flowing in their veins. The creatures that have the blue blood types consist of a copper based blood substance, instead of the iron based blood that creatures of Earth. The documents that have reference to the blue blood creatures also refer to the tree of life and the fountain of youth also originates from Nibriru. The references refer to the returning of the 12th planet, the 10thplanet, or Nibriru, every 3600 years, creates lightening from east to the west in Earth's sky. This is deduced to be caused by the electrical and atomically different composition of Earth and Nibriru, being that the Earth is made of an iron base core and Nibriru being a copper based core planet. These two elements coming together, creates an electrical field and builds up enormous static and electrical buildups and discharges.

All through history, recorded data refers to gods, beings, creatures, and other non-human involvement that man have come in contact with, but without solid proof to substantiate. These same documents and writings refer to mutilation of humans and animals and also with genetically modified creations of humans and animals. Further research confirms that the inhabitants of Nibriru purposely chose Earth to farm, to construct and induce creatures and inhabitants to reproduce for consumption and for the mining of gold. The life forms of Nibriru, according to all the ancient manuscripts, will not resort to cannibalization, but to insure the survival of their race and world, had to resort to farming of the planets that they journeyed in the orbit.

With the group concentrating on a single focus, as a team, the information gathered seems to be a rock-solid base. The information gathered tells of a planet, called the 12thplanet, also called Nibriru, that has a duel sun orbit, in which it circles the sun in one solar system, then circles another sun in another solar system. This planet, according to most of the manuscripts, nears the Earth about every 3600 years. There seems by mutual agreement, that there are highly intelligent beings on Nibriru, but would die without substantial gold to keep their atmosphere active and food harvested on other planets for the journey around the two suns. It seems that the weaponry is highly advanced to that of humans, but Nibiruians cannot risk using the weapons against the Earth beings because of the short time frame, the prolonged war, the destruction of their food supply and for the endangerment of future supplies and resources, that they need for their survival.

The information gathered is just that. The understandings and knowledge that the LLambe Group has about the Nibiruians is based on very old writings and may not be the accurate and precise. With 3600 years that have past, new technological advances may have occurred, including genetically alteration processes for their food and weapon expertise. These Nibiruians know the human race far more in great detail than we know ourselves and know our weaknesses, strengths, our weaponry and have watchers to discover more about our lifestyles, minds, military, weapons, chemistry, DNA make up, fears, and our will to live.

One thing about this encounter with the Nibiruians is that they must harvest whatever they can harvest in a short time frame or risk of failure, resulting in certain death for part of their civilization. As the planet Nibiru passes the Earth, the Nibiruians must embark Earth while the planet Nibiru continues around our sun, then the invading forces of Nibiruians must have harvested the Earth by the time that Nibiru starts the return voyage past Earth. At this time, the Nibiruians must transport themselves and the harvest to the Nibiru planet for the return trip, or perish.

The invading force of Nibiruians must have enough beings or robots to conquer the resistance, be able to establish collection points, be able to process the harvest, be able to overpower any military forces, and be able to locate and transport the gold. This would be a huge operation, with precise accuracy, pinpoint precision and with tactical operational programs. With the diminutive time duration, every detail of this enormous operation would have to go without interruption or resistance to be entirely successful.

At this point, Master LLambe’s group does not have enough information about the Nibiruian’s harvest methods or their attack mode. It is surmised that the Nibiruians have some type of telecommunication frequencies that can instruct the humans to not resist and come to a central location for processing. A lot of information that is desired and needed has still not surfaced. An insurmountable amount of information has to be deciphered and gathered about the Nibiru planet and its beings. The key idea is to find out more about the attack, the beings and the weaponry, so the people of Earth would have a fighting chance.


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