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Where Do You Stand With This “World”, Is It a Dream, Reality or Nightmare? (6/5/2017, Message#79)

Updated on May 21, 2020

Which Do You Prefer?

The Dream or The Reality?
The Dream or The Reality? | Source

It All Hinges On How This World “Feels” to the Individual?!?

Basically to answer this question, it all hinges upon the individuals relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ! The closer or more intimate one is with the Lord Jesus, the less likely they will feel their life on Earth is Home. On the flipside, the further an individual is in their relationship with Christ. The less likely they will want to leave this “World,” simply because their life on the Planet feels so good and they would not be willing to lose it. Meaning What? Because this world feels so good to them and The Devices of the Enemy, they all say “I Am Just Too B-U-S-Y,” and deep down they know Who Do You Serve? If you ask them, How Does This World “Feel” to You? Their answer will be, “Oh Just Fine and All is Well…” 0_o

How can anyone say this, do you not see this world is growing darker and more evil by the day? If this same question is poised to a Blood Bought Believer (BBB) in Christ, especially one who can “Discern” the Season Humanity is within right now. Their answer to this same question is going to be very different. How Does This World “Feel” to You? This world no longer feels comfortable and has become very temporary. The only thing which is permanent is My Relationship with the Lord Jesus, it will carry me through All of Eternity!!

The longer the BBB’s who are the Bride of Christ have to stay here, the more we must endure. So many within the Bride of Christ long for and so desire to be where the Lord Jesus Dwells. To be in the place where he has prepared for us, even though we desire this so greatly. We also know the work for the Lord Jesus is Still Great, there are so many who still will not, might not and someday will acknowledge the Lord Jesus for themselves. One way or another The Age of Grace..., Is About To End! So, How Does This World “Feel” to You?

Can You See and Hear...?

What Do You See?

Or a World of Increasing Darkness?
Or a World of Increasing Darkness? | Source

Please Take a Good, Hard and Very Serious Look At Your Situation.

Look now The Age of Grace..., Is About To End, We Are Indeed the "Final" Generation and The Tribulation Period is Really About to Begin!! How Much Time Is Left to Prepare? I personally don’t this answer, but it will not be long and this is exactly Why Humanity Needs Jesus! Only He can rightly and clearly tell anyone where they stand with Him, not I, your parents, your boss or any of your Loved Ones can Tell you this. Only the Lord Jesus Himself can let you know where you stand with Him. For He is the “Only” Way to get to Father God El Shaddai (God Almighty). All I can say is this, the time is now to Draw Near to the Lord Jesus. Whether Humanity is still in The Age of Grace or within The Tribulation Period, in either case Draw Near to the Lord Jesus, Who Do You Serve and Where Is Your Love!

If those who Love this World and the Things of it so much will not wake up, they will in One of Four Scenarios. The First one, The Pre-Tribulation Rapture when the Lord Jesus Will Appear in the Clouds! The Second during The Tribulation Period, where the antichrist will force the “World” the foolish hold onto to worship him and take his mark. The Third not being Pulled People Out of the Fire and into Hell they go. The Fourth and “Final Wake Up Call,” the Great White Throne Judgment, where you are sentenced by the One you rejected because of your lack of “Faith” in Him. At the Great White Throne Judgment, you will finally meet The Creator of All Things, only to have Him tell you “Depart from Me, I never knew you…” Why would He say this, especially if he created me…? What did I do to Him for Him to say this to me?

This is what the Lord God of Heaven meant when He told you to Depart from Him. Because you rejected My Son, the Lord Jesus God in the Flesh, you didn’t know Him or acknowledge Him. Therefore the Lord God of Heaven cannot acknowledge you, yes the Creator of All Things, even you can’t acknowledge you!?! For His Holy Writ, the Bible (Book of Instructions Before Leaving Earth) say: “Therefore everyone who confesses Me before men, I will also confess him before My Father in heaven. But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven.” At the Great White Throne Judgment, there will be no time to Get Right. The Lord God of Heaven Elohim (I Am That I Am) has given All of Humanity Plenty of Time to Get Right Long Before This Day. Not to mention, all sentences are “Final,” there will be no second chances! So Why Wait until then to “Finally” say “Jesus is Lord” as the Bible forewarns and foretells? Why not do so now while you still have “Free Will” to do so of Your Free Choice and Mean it? Why Wait?

The Soon, At Any Moment, Realist; Reality Check Ever!!!

Warning, Incoming!!

I Can No Longer "Cash" These!!
I Can No Longer "Cash" These!! | Source

Why Would This “World” Be a Reality?

For those who either refuse, will not, are not going to acknowledge the Lord Jesus or are living their lives as they want to, this world and all of its so-called pleasure is their reality. This is existence is where they call Home, yes this “Life,” all of the violence and daily turmoil, they call this place Home!?! 0_o Sadly to them, this is Heaven or a Paradise, Whaaat!?! Yeah, Heaven to them or Paradise if you will. This is clearly where they need to ask, Do I Have A Reprobate Mind? How can anyone get to a point where this Earth feels like a Paradise!?! This so-called reality is very temporary, people are dying everyday or leaving this so-called Paradise each and everyday, day end and day out!

That alone disqualifies Humanity’s existence on this Planet we call Earth as a Paradise! Which means this existence is more so temporary, not permanent like how Eternity is measured! The sad reality is this, for all who reject the Lord Jesus while they yet live on this Planet. When they die or take their last breath here on Earth, they will wish someone had of been Pulling People Out of the Fire!! Once you find out Where Will You Call Home, it’s too late! Your New Reality is hell for All of Eternity. Once you enter Eternity, there are no second chances. The Lord God of Heaven gave you ample chance to accept the Lord Jesus your entire life and at the Great White Throne Judgment, you will relive each moment when the offer was provided. At the end of your Judgement, not only will you know the Creator you rejected; the “One” who created you and your “Final” sentence for All of Eternity. Which will be an Eternity away from the “One” who created you for His Glory, which you rejected for “Self” pleasure!?! 0_o

This Is Not A Dream, The Age of Grace Is Over!!! Do You Know Jesus?

The World is Bent to Fit!?!

Everything is Out of Whack!!!
Everything is Out of Whack!!! | Source

Why Would This “World” Be a Dream?

As the Appointed Time of the Arrival of the Lord Jesus nears, for those who have the Robes, White, without “Spot, Blemish or Wrinkle.” Our existence on this Planet becomes more like a Dream, rather than a Reality. The Bride of Christ long for and desire the Lord Jesus more than this World, the things of it and in many cases, more than our very own lifestyles! The Bride of Christ has reached the point of: This "World", Let It Go and the reason is so simple! Because we know The Lord Jesus Christ is Everything and the Lord Jesus Christ is A New Beginning! This New beginning is The Pre-Tribulation Rapture and the place He Prepared for us, His Bride! Up until the day the Lord Jesus Appears in the Clouds, this world and our existence here means nothing. For we want nothing more than what the Lord Jesus said He will do for those who Trust Him and Believe in Him.

This even goes for those who have rejected the Lord Jesus even up until now. They could finally have a change of Mind and of Heart, and become part of the Bride of Christ. Until the day of The Pre-Tribulation Rapture, The Lord Jesus will acknowledge you, if you will acknowledge Him! Then you too will experience this world a dream, verse being more like a reality! The Truth be told, the reality of Heaven is beyond anything Humanity can comprehend! Better than anything, place or city Humanity can Ever Design, Build, Establish or Create… Ever!!!

The reason for this point of view as our life on Earth as a Dream, is because of our “Faith” in the unseen and on the promises of things hoped for. The Reality and experience of Heaven and being where the Lord Jesus Dwells is such a Promise and more of a Reality! As with all things in this Life, it all boils down to Free Will or a Choice, where does your Heart Stand and do you even know?

The More Unseen Movement You Notice!!

This Why We Must Stay Prayed Up!!!
This Why We Must Stay Prayed Up!!! | Source

Why Would This “World” Be a Nightmare?

As of recent and especially as Humanity draws ever so closer to the Appearance of the Lord Jesus, the Dream of this place becomes more like a Nightmare. Each new passing day, the Bride continues to wake up on this side of Heaven, longing for the Lord Jesus to Sweep us of our feet and take us to where He dwells! This way sound more like those romantic novels they used to sell in the bookstores. “Man Meets Woman” and they fall madly in love and you know the rest. However that is a “Worldly” love or a Carnal Love, not the Love of the Spirit in which the Lord Jesus always portrays!

Doing the same thing over and over, each day and night, day and night, and so on. There has to be something better and that something better are the Promises of Which the Lord Jesus made to His Church before He Ascended into Heaven! To be Perfectly honest, Biblical Proof of The Pre-Tribulation Rapture is only the beginning! So yes, as “Time” goes on, the time spend on this side of Heaven becomes more of a nightmare, especially as the separation of the Barley, Wheat and the Tares is still taking place or as the divide is growing more intense each day. To the point where this “World’ can clearly tell who is part of the Bride of Christ, the Lukewarm (the Scoffers and Mocker), the Cold (the Backsliders and Reject the Lord Jesus) and the Reprobates (Say There is “No God!”). As time goes on, the reality of the nightmare grows more so darker and bleaker each new day. Even still, the Bride of Christ can’t close their mouths for the Lord Jesus, we still must share the Good News of the Lord Jesus and His Promises!! Even if we are Mocked, Scoffed or even Persecuted, all those who are doing so are merely confirming the Word of Holy God Almighty! As the Bible States: “Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts.”

This place we call Earth may be more like a nightmare, the Lord God has provided the Bride and any or All Blood Bought Believers (BBB’s) with the tools and resources necessary to stand tall even now!! The Armor of God is just one of many and Taking Authority in Jesus Christ is another!

Thank the Lord Jesus Christ for The "Veil" of Protection!!! That Which is Invisible, is as Such For Now!!

Let Go and Let God in the Flesh!!

Choose the Lord Jesus!!
Choose the Lord Jesus!! | Source

The Reason is Simple and Yet, So Many Still Miss It?

Pride, Ego, Selfishness, and Self Pleasures are the desires of the Flesh, and they will all lead to the same destination. The simple option is to let go of the traits of the Flesh and allow the Spirit to take over grow along with the Lord Jesus. Without the Lord Jesus as Lord and Savior, there is only death. Whether you know it, acknowledge it, like it or not: There Is a War Going On, its Between the Flesh and the Spirit. The enemy the devil (Lucifer, Satan) does not want anyone to know the saving knowledge and Power of the Lord Jesus. This way he, the devil can control the sheeple or the masses, they will believe and do what he wants them to do being or remaining in darkness. As explain within We Are Indeed the "Final" Generation, Humanity is born only two thirds complete or 66% of a person. One third being a Body and another third being the soul. The last third many never receive and that is the Holy Spirit or the Soul of Father God El Shaddai (God Almighty) because He is also three parts as One! Humanity is created in His Image, yes in the Image of God Almighty!!

Above All, this is exactly Why Humanity Needs Jesus! He is the “Only” way for each and everyone within Humanity to be made “Whole!” Without Him, there is no Other Way to get to Father God El Shaddai (God Almighty), No Other Way!! As the Bible says: “I (Jesus Christ) am The Way, The Truth and The Life, None can Come Unto the Father, Except Through Me (Jesus Christ).” Meaning What? All other religions, idols, the worship of other gods or any other kinds of means Humanity uses to pray and/or make gods are null and void. Every single one of them, there is “Only One” God and “Only One” Way to get to this “One God,” the Lord God of Heaven and the Lord Jesus Christ is the “Only One” Way!! Which Way will You Choose, the Broad or the Narrow? This is the real difference as to which destination you will make when it’s time for you to enter Eternity! Yes, this is really that simple, which path will you choose and Who Do You Serve for all Eternity?

Who Are You Focused Upon?

Or the Master of All Things!!
Or the Master of All Things!! | Source

The Reason This “World” Feels Like it Does, Is Because Of One Name and Where You Stand with Him!?!

Here is the reason why it is so simple; The Lord Jesus Christ is Everything! Yup, see I said this was simple and I could simply end this section on this alone. This is exactly Why Humanity Needs Jesus! The Lord God made this simple, All of Humanity Can Call Upon the Name of The Lord Jesus. Will you simply be someone who finally does, it takes all of 2 minutes to change your Eternity, two whole minutes!! The “Time” is indeed now, Won’t You Come? The Lord Jesus is Asking You To Come, Let Him Write Your Name into the Lamb’s Book of Life! This is as simple as A, B, C! A: Acknowledge you are a Sinner, born into sin because of the fall of Adam. B: Believe in your Heart that the Lord God of Heaven Raised Him from the dead. C: Confess with your mouth "Jesus is Lord" and you will be Saved!

Yes changing your Eternity for the better is just that simple, if you have Faith in the Lord God, the Lord Jesus and their Promises! If you desire a Closer Walk with the Lord Jesus, the time is indeed now! Father, I know my sins have separated me from you. The Lord Jesus went through literal Hell for me and I am truly sorry; now I want to turn away from my past sinful life towards you. Please forgive me, and help me avoid sinning again. I believe that your Son, Jesus Christ died for my sins and Loves Me so Much, was Resurrected from the dead, is alive and hears my prayers. I invite the Lord Jesus to become the Lord of my life, to rule and reign in my heart from this day forward. I Never Knew I needed You so Much, and I meant so much to You Lord Jesus. Lord God I ask you to Please send and fill me with your Holy Spirit, to help me obey You Lord Jesus and to do Your Will Lord, for the rest of my life. Become My “Center” and make me Whole again, in Jesus Holy Name I pray, Amen.

In two minutes time, you have just changed your Eternity forever! Not to mention, your name will be found in the Lamb’s Book of Life and Heaven will be your Eternal Home! Choose Life and Choose Christ Jesus or not, Choose Death and an Eternity in Hell. The Choice is Yours.

Who Do You Serve?

Take His Hand!!

Take Hold While You Still Can!!
Take Hold While You Still Can!! | Source

The “Signs” Are Clear, The End is Near and In Christ Jesus, There is No Fear!!

If any of this cause you to feel concerned, have fear, worry, doubt or you are not able to answer truthfully where you will spend your Eternity. Then is indeed time to act and Get Right with the “One” who hold all of Eternity in His Hands!! The Real questions is this, are you going to be someone who will be found in His Hand when Eternity comes? Because One Way or Another, We Are All About To Enter Eternity. This is exactly Why Humanity Needs Jesus, The Lord God of Heaven El Shaddai (God Almighty) gives His Children a Spirit of Peace, which surpassed all understanding. Father God does not provide a Spirit of fear, so if you are experiencing any feelings of fear, doubt, worry, concern or even dread. These feelings are not of the Holy God of Heaven but from the father of lies, the devil (Lucifer, Satan).

Mean What Exactly, now you know who you are serving and it is clearly not the Lord God Elohim (I Am That I Am) or the Lord Jesus Christ. Again, they do Not Provide a Spirit of fear, worry, doubt and so forth. These feeling can only come from the proper source and the devil is the source of these feeling, even a reprobate can still feel these same feelings. The source is still from the same place and the same source, and they too are serving the same master, the father of lies.

The time to get right is now, I have no idea how much time there is before The Pre-Tribulation Rapture. I do know time is short and I also know many people would rather I stop putting forth message I receive, but I can’t even though I want to. My Love, Will and Desire for Father God, as well as for the Lord Jesus will not allow me to simply stop. Even as close to His Appearance in the Clouds, I can’t stop writing, making YouTube Videos or talking about the Lord Jesus no matter where I am; People need to know the good news of the Lord Jesus!! As each new Tick-Tock on the Clock takes place, the anticipation builds as to when the Clouds will part and the Lord Jesus will be standing there, calling His Bride forth from this World!! When this happens and so very soon it will…, Will You Be Ready In Time?

How Does This World Feel To You?

Where Does This World Stand With You?

See results

Tell It... Like It... Like It Is!!! The Lord Jesus is The "Only" Way to Achieve Real, Lasting, Love!!!

Which Is More Real?

Can You Decide?
Can You Decide? | Source

Be Honest Now, How Does This World Feel?

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