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Girl On Girl Action

Updated on October 8, 2012

Girls like Girls

It's summertime in Chicago and as always the beach is full, family cook outs, block parties, and of course the hunt for that new special lady, but something feels different this year. For guys it's our chance to showcase our cars, riding from block to block talking to any female that looks good in short shorts, but there is a new beast on the prowl, other females. Gay relationships have been around almost since the dawn of man, but always in small numbers. Females have become the males of the relationships, but why? Is it that women have become tired of the games that we play? Are straight relationships becoming the minority? Or is this the hottest new fad?

The hottest sexual fantasy a man can have is to either watch or participate the notion of two women kissing or engaging in sexual activities. Could the years of encouraging these acts have altered the future of our species. As men we have not lived up to our end of the bargain to be a provider, bread winner, or even the emotion to properly respect our woman. We help create children and then leave them and the mother to fend for themselves. Only about half of the population are married which insist that couples are not as committed as before. And of those that are married how many are same sex?

Is our acceptance of homosexual relationships further encouraged some of our standards, or is this the new hot thing to do? Over the past two years a couple of females in which I attended school with are both dating other females. They said that the inability to find a good man, and being around other gay women were key factors to their change in persuasion. But how much of the over exposure to that lifestyle have to do with it? Every time you watch a t.v. show there is at least one gay character per show. This many feel gives viewers the idea of acceptance to these ideas.


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