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Now At The Beginning Of The 21st Century The Human Race Is At A Turning Point –

Updated on January 7, 2013

A Very Serious Turning Point.

But democracy can’t do anything. Democratic societies are good for society as long as the society is growing. With democracies you have to keep the people happy or they wont vote for you. So in times when things are not going to be good democratic societies fall down. We can see it now – China is not a democracy and it is heading for superpower status in a very short time.

America is a democracy and because the government is trying to keep most people happy and people in power are trying to keep the government happy, things are not good. If America ditched itself into a severe depression then it might grow back into a superpower powered by something other than fossil fuels.

But at the moment with everybody trying to keep each other happy it’s just not going to do anything that needs to be done. Most people are expecting China to be in charge pretty soon.

Actually At Times Like Now It Is Up To The Individual, You Can’t Rely On Your Government Or Anything Coming From The Corridors Of Power.

Global warming is a severe threat to the future of humanitybut no one is talking population control. All kids born this millennium will be affected but parents just haven’t put two and two together so they still have more kids. China is doing okay and they only have one child per family, but even there they will have problems.

Cities are only sustainable when backed by oiland now we are running out of oil. So now we have global warming, peak oiland possibly the greatest threat to us on planet earth is a global warming backed El Nino event. El Nino events have changed history and destroyed civilizations and what are we doing. Business as usual - in other words just walking to the edge of the cliff instead of running.

Are our beautiful cities going to crumble beneath our feet?

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