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Specific Colors Reveal Esoteric Clues for Benefit/ Pleasure/Disparity

Updated on January 27, 2013

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psychology

Encased Gratitude
Encased Gratitude | Source

MODE Of Cosmic Therapy Email O Gram Invitation: Colors of Pleasure/Benefit/Distraction In Relationships

Gratitude is a naturally imbued quality of man. But, not the indebted gratitude one feels for another human being but authentic gratitude to live as you choose.

To awake in the morning with adulation and adoration for yet another day of unsurpassed unexplored unexpressed undefined unconditional living is instinctual. Human beings are ‘natural and convenient’ divinely inspired two-legged animals.

Sexually driven, artistically ravished, musically endowed and dramatically enthralled, we know what it feels like to be raw and real. Nothing else will suffice.

The unhampered day, including all of its inconsistencies and problems, allows us once again another opportunity to face ourselves and remove those stubborn, resistant, rebellious and cynical parts that do not benefit us.

No better method is offered for us to laugh at ourselves than to form the ridiculous shaded/thwarted world around us. Our need to be so well thought of reduces quickly when we are granted the opportunity to see, witness and take part in the universal scheme of things under our own self-induced terms.

Aren’t you grateful that you don’t have a clue to what’s really going on? How it’s going on? Or where it’s going on? You will create whatever’s going on! To embrace the delectable day, removing expectant thought, with any/all the people involved, lows you to ‘run with the script’ (wolves) as it unfolds in a glorious mystery to behold?

What divine action! What sublime ecstasy involved in the NOT knowing, not yet revealed, not yet discovered. The ability to experience life BRAND NEW every second, wow!

What sublime ecstatically imbued gratitude for that which is concealed!

“Hide it from me, so I might not see, that I’m the one who covered it up to fool/confuse/infuriate the blatant killjoy bee”. From the Poem: It’s All about Me (Paula Andrea Pyle, Ma)

You are ever thankful though not necessarily realizing how or why or to whom exactly but it is not to or for a GOD far removed from your presence. You are grateful for the Sacred Sexual God revealed in every passing second and in every single moment of experience in action!

You connect with your personal God because you are one with the exalted/debased him/her/it. The trouble arises when one attributes this automatic impulse to other humans or events instead of to the Ineffable Creator from which it originates/depends.

Gratitude invokes an extra-ordinary sense of well being no matter the circumstances. But, when you inadvertently attribute this natural sense of human sensual artistic electricity to something or someone on the outside of yourself, you lose your sense of sublime integrity. You alone are the conduit of sacred vibration including each aspect of multi-flavored, multi-colored, multi-faceted life experienced.

The Omnificent Creator resides within and is reflected without in and through all things, and is never separated from himself or from the human vessel that transports the inexplicable energy. In order to be truly grateful, you must be ever watchful, making certain you do not elevate people or objects with inordinate affection.

Learning and remembering to appreciate the true value and merit reflected in all aspects of your life, you regain innocence, mastery and serenity with which you were born. True Gratitude requires diligence, patience, indifference and belly-bustin’ laughter. When/because you expect too much from another, your sense of gratitude is diminished.

SELF-gratitude inevitably raises the patience/tolerance level you have for others. You must be ever watchful of your fleeting moods of turbulent emotion. Like urine, (sensations of overwhelming joy, adoration, excitement, and variance will pass when the bladder is full, returning to its natural state of neutrality.

Thankfulness arises from being focused, detached and centered. Plugged in doing exactly what you want to do and nothing else. When you lose your ‘point of contact’ to the Divine within, you often act harshly, irreverently and abruptly by blaming others for your apparent discontent.

When the attention is brought back to the self with keen observation of the ‘real issue’ at hand, you will soon discover that the fault lies not outside but inside due to the obvious disconnection.

You experience your life in the exact same faultless manner as you filter it through your mind’s molding machine. Your life fits precisely well into a sexually artistically constructed picture plane of innocuous colors, sounds, and aromas.

Anytime, you allow some foreign alien disconcerting energy to penetrate your veil of celestial rapport, you must detect and eliminate immediately. It does not matter who it is. Simply move out of range from the debilitating force. When you are disconnected, all manner of sickness of mind/body/spirit can prevail. It is you sacred duty to pay close attention to what is going on within you at all times!

Look for obvious esoteric clues:

Red-sexual compulsion/attraction- agitated frustrated energy

Blue-music deprivation-need artistic recharging

Yellow-deception abounds-end conversation

Green-frantic nervous distraction-unfocused

Orange-soul’s interlude-pay attention

Purple-Nutritional Alert-Body is hungry/thirsty

Your reaction to outer events determines your ever-present fluctuating existence. If you would but learn to gauge your emotional responses in accordance with your conscious level of understanding/comprehension of your true motives, you will soon realize that the unpleasant event or uncaring, seemingly uninvolved, disinterested person is not detached from the emotional turmoil but rather experiencing is through you.

Whether the outer circumstance involves great pleasure or pain does not matter.

That’s merely inconsequential. What is important is that you attentively demand yourself to come back in (home). [Your absolute unconditional irrefutable one and only TRUE love!] NOTICE what false sentiment occurs behind the obvious display of projected emotion (color) that has lured you away.

Being grateful requires the utmost self-discipline.

Gratitude states emphatically to laugh for no reason. To halt midway, release defense and pretense. Stop being a phony. Realize how much of what you say you don’t even care about.

Caress Me
Caress Me


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    • katyzzz profile image


      9 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      caress me, but where is he to caress, Paula you obviously love words and you come up with some novel ideas, it's good to see and this especially for me who loves colours from the palest softest pastels to the deepest and most threatening blacks and reds. I'm mad? That would not surprise me.


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