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Why did America replace their personal relationship with God for a worship of sc

  1. tonybeck profile image58
    tonybeckposted 8 years ago

    Why did America replace their personal relationship with God for a worship of science?

    There is a strong dislike for life, family, truth and all that is good.  I'm desiring for life to return to that of common law, which is already imprinted on our hearts when we were born.  God gave us all the rights we ever needed and the government cannot do anything for us other than keep order and protect our borders.  Now the worth of people via "health care" will be decided by if it's cost effective to save grandma's life or treat mentally impaired people, for example.  I thought history already taught us this is morally & ethically wrong by eugenics, communism, Nazism, socialism, etc?

  2. Kebennett1 profile image61
    Kebennett1posted 8 years ago

    I wish I had an easy answer to this question. Man has simply taken the wrong path. We have become stuck on needing a tangible and visual answer to everything that is wrong in this world. Science it seems provides tangible and visible answers for people.  Faith seems to be put aside for a quick fix! If man would return to his roots, his heart: God, he would once again realize that only God has the real answer to the problems facing all of us right now. Through reading God's Word, reflecting on it, praying about it and asking God for guidance, so much of this world can be healed. So many of its problems alleviated. We are a lost Nation. Lost in a network of Science, Politics, Religion (Not God) and Technology.

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    TheRealEstateGuruposted 8 years ago

    People want to feel like they have the right to act anyway that they choose without any consequence.  They fear a higher power that they have to answer to and love, but a computer is easier for them because they control it.

    I hope that the vast majority of American's realize what a blessing it is to love, and honor Heavenly Father=)

  4. Eaglekiwi profile image81
    Eaglekiwiposted 8 years ago

    Is Christianity still in America, like Jesus talked about? or have they lost the plot.Creation or Evolution?
    Who decides what our kids are being taught? Do you even know. Its not Science like I remember being taught!
    Slowly over time ,mankind has been hell-bent on removing God from our schools , our courts , and our Governments...to replace it with Science? Will Science heal our nation and broken families? read more

  5. Galaxy Gazer profile image54
    Galaxy Gazerposted 8 years ago

    Why did America replace their personal relationship with God for a worship of science?

    Because its easier to believe in science, when it can explain the whys and where fores as to how it comes to its conclusions than it is to believe in a God that has no explanation of rhyme or reason!

    Its easier to say Science and its theories are real where as God and those theories are not, But I have to ask if science is a theory or many parts of it anyway why does that mean that God cant be a theory to?? Just a thought

  6. profile image43
    shharposted 8 years ago

    i do not believe we are replacing god with science i think that we are trying to use science to proove that he dose exsist . more than just blind faith.remember the root of all evil is the(  greed ) of money and power over someone else

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    thoughtsbydrgposted 8 years ago

    This question is based on an erroneous premise.  America has not replaced a personal relationship with God with a worship of science; if anything, it's the opposite.  First of all, no one worships science - scientists use and understand science and scientific principles and processes - they do not worship science.  Some scientists have a personal relationship with a god, many do not.  And there is no common law imprinted on our hearts.

  8. clg47433 profile image55
    clg47433posted 8 years ago

    Science is just ultimately more beneficial to us as a species than that of a religion (one could argue). The reason our life expectancy is longer than any other civilization is due to our medical, biological, physiological, and psychological achievements and advancement, not the god, gods, or God we worship. This is of course one point, but for the sake of writing a massively long list of such pros, I'll leave this one on the table. A counterargument might be something like "God (a god, gods) is granting us with longer life or something "mystically" related to that." Is this really even an answer? Most people, namely scientists and educators, will more than readily accept empirical data over a "magic act" answer. And this common law you speak of...I believe it is called natural selection...and the reason we have come thus far and have accomplished the goals we set out to do is all due to our scientific mastery...not based on angels and demons.

  9. mrwerd profile image73
    mrwerdposted 8 years ago

    Have they?  Remember that "In God We Trust" is emblazoned on the most powerful currency in the world!

    I agree that the love for money and wealth is now the key driving force for the majority of people, but don't be too hard on people for this trait; without the quest for money, I think America would turn into an anarchy, and it's money which is in fact keeping the (relative) peace!

    I've often wondered what the deal is with health care in America; I live in the United Kingdom where health care is a given right, regardless of whether you are in the country legally or not.  It does strike me as barbaric to let someone suffer for the sake of wealth, and there isn't many places it would happen.  In order to understand why there isn't a national health service, you'd have to look at who would lose out by providing one.

  10. prettydarkhorse profile image64
    prettydarkhorseposted 8 years ago

    humankind always search for answers and they always like to discover things to better themselves, dishwashing machines, washer and dryer, society becomes lazy......as technology develops, improvement is inevitable....modernization and industrialization will continue, thse are more important to people now,

  11. vrbmft profile image81
    vrbmftposted 8 years ago

    I wasn't aware that we had.  No one informed me.  You mean if I am caught talking to God, I will be arrested.  I sometimes laugh at science, but I also  appreciate it.  I talk to God a lot.  I just assume God is listening.  It sures seems that way, a lot.  Anywho, I know my answer is sort of trite, perhaps, but when I saw the question, that's what came out of my mouth.  "I wasn't aware we had!"  BUT, this is definitely a good discussion.

  12. Mikel G Roberts profile image79
    Mikel G Robertsposted 8 years ago

    I think your putting to many concepts in the same question and they are all getting mixed up.
    1 America is not a country that resides south of Canada and north of Mexico. It is two Continents.
    2 Science is an aspect of God, therefore "worshiping" science is worshiping an aspect of God.
    3 the use of the word "worship" to signify a perverse or exagerated love of science, I think is unfair, scientists are impassioned by their work in scientific research and the possibilities that their work is capable of uncovering.
    4 science helps us to see a clearer and more realistic vision of God.
    5 science cannot disprove that God exists, so holding back science only holds back human evolution, human growth, human development and the greater understanding of God and all that God created
    6 there is NO discovery that a human scientist can discover that God didn't already know. Brand new things to humanity are old concepts to God.
    7 God did give us rights, Governments take away God given rights everyday, so Governments not kept in check do, do things to us besides "keep order and protect our borders"
    6 Governments including the United States Government fail at their jobs, often, and the failure to protect "We the People" from the illegals from Mexico that have invaded our country, is a good example
    7 Money will always be a major "player" in any legal or political arena, that is the nature of the arena
    8 People all have to die at some point or other, deciding if the financial burden out weighs the good points to keeping a person alive, is an unfortunate reality of the nature of mortal entities.
    9 your last point has me completely baffled, I believe your saying you thought we had already learned that it is morally wrong to contemplate the financial burden of point #8 and if that is what you intended, my response is: unless you live in a world of "unlimited" resources(money) you MUST contemplate the best use of the resources you have. Even when giving in to the mortality of humans might be the result. (paying a million dollars a day to keep your 120 year old grandmother alive in a hospital bed??? the life isn't worth the cost. especially if you don't have the millions.
    10 God designed us to die, we must all eventually die, no matter what.
    11 Finally, your opening statement???? I'm not sure where you live but on the planet I'm from, people LOVE family,truth life, and all that is good...

  13. the pink umbrella profile image79
    the pink umbrellaposted 7 years ago

    I dont want to offend or upset you, but it was never intended that this be a nation of God. I forget who it was, but one of the founding father's beliefs was that if it werent for religeon, this would become the perfect nation. That being said, as long as time moves on, we are all going to make acceptions for behavior that is seemingly or truthfully ungodly. Its sad that we do not share all of the same moral values that would make everyone respect each other, and keep everyone in line...but thats what also makes this nation so great. I love that we all have different choices, and that making them is personal...not criminal. Id hate to live in a country where certain things that are acceptable here are illegal elsewhere.

  14. mmoeller profile image60
    mmoellerposted 7 years ago

    That is a very good question.  A large change in the social family structure has focused on entertainment and the next new thing, without an effort to place God at the center of your family life, and home.  With that, a larger disconnect has been taking place between individuals in the home.  Everyone does their own thing, without a care to how everyone else is doing.

  15. dahoglund profile image80
    dahoglundposted 7 years ago

    It isn't so much replacing faith with science but with pseudo-science, such as the global warming cult. I say cult because it has the earmarks of  a cult. A leader-AL Gore- taken on trust, a divinity school dropout. A body of beliefs taken on faith-not fact.Unwilling to consider debate or challenge its beliefs.