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abstinence-only sex education

  1. IntimatEvolution profile image79
    IntimatEvolutionposted 7 years ago

    I thought this was hilarious, especially since us Americans have failed so miserably at it.  Why can't my fellow Christian brothers and sisters, grow up, become more practical and apply a little common sense into their belief and ideas.  Is that too much to ask for?

    Who out there thinks this is a good idea?  Do you honestly think it will work for the Chinese, even though the policy failed so miserably over here in the states?  What is the best way to teaching kids about sex? 

    It seems to me that abstinence only should have died off with the Victorian period.  Seriously folks- abstinence only sex education in China??? Wow!  Do you realize how stupid that makes us all look?

    The Chinese are very spiritual people.  They believe that sex is beneficial to obtaining enlightenment.  Why can't Christians grasp this idea?  Do they honestly believe that Christ was a virgin?  For more on this topic, http://www.care2.com/causes/education/b … -to-china/

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      writer268posted 7 years agoin reply to this

      The abstinence only mentality will not work for every child. I think much of it depends on what the attitudes about sex and sexuality are in the home. Imparting family or spiritual values and beliefs starts early on in the child's life and even then, the family has to contend with each child's unique personality and thought process. It is impossible to implement a "blanket solution" to this type of life issue

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        kerrygposted 7 years agoin reply to this

        I agree. Teens need to be encouraged to abstain, but they also need to know how to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancy and STDs if they don't.

        Unless they're Quiverfull or something, they'll need to know how to protect against unwanted pregnancy even if they DO choose to abstain until marriage. Abstinence during marriage sort of defeats the purpose, after all, yet very few people in this day and age want or can afford 14 children!

        1. IntimatEvolution profile image79
          IntimatEvolutionposted 7 years agoin reply to this

          However, teens in China are completely different than teens in America. 

          Their basic belief system is Buddhism.  Sex is viewed as a way to enlightenment.  So the whole idea of the ad is ridiculous.

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    Greek Oneposted 7 years ago

    The problem with sex in China is one you have it, you are horny 20 minutes later again

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      ThoughtfulSpotposted 7 years agoin reply to this


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    alternate poetposted 7 years ago

    Sex in China has very few issues that are not to do with basic personality.  The contortions and damage that come with Feminism and from the promoted ideas that love and sex are separate issues are not evident here.  It is possible to see a fair share of most 'normal' deviations that come from normal personality issues, such as peeping toms, overactive sexual fantasising by teenagers occasionally - but these are rare as would be expected in a normal society.

    Sex is viewed with a healthy privacy but people openly and unihibitedly buy wholesale sized boxes of condoms at any supermarket checkout and small shop. As in most things the Chinese are exceptionally well balanced and sensible.

    The recent spat with Google about censorship revolved around the flood of pornography that comes with open access - and Chinese genuinely don't want it and think it is really bad for anyone, especially young people, a view that I find it hard to disagree with.  Making sex a product invites degeneration of a primary human behaviour.

    With regard to birth control, whilst every family would like lots of kids - most agree with the one-child (actually more like a 2 child) policy.  Birth control is an open and easy subject with no issues about abortion etc.

    The Christian group will have used pressures from their government to force the Chinese to let them in, their underlying purpose is to get Christians among Chinese young people - and to promote their stone age anti-abortion thinking.

    1. IntimatEvolution profile image79
      IntimatEvolutionposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Yeah I don't see it working either.  I'm embarrassed.

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    Dr. Haddoxposted 6 years ago

    Concerning abstinence-only sex education, for the Chinese, or any of the other global communities, I would suggest fore-going this unrealistic approach. I could write a few paragraphs to try to make sense out of this issue but I feel it would be a wasted effort. Those who believe that this approach will work cannot be changed in their belief systems. Of course, this is not the best approach for a serious sex education program. Some people will practice abstinence. Most will not. Dr. Haddox

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      Cagsilposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      And you raised a 16 month old dead thread for a meaningless/valueless post?

      Did you not get a warning that if you didn't have anything of value to add to the thread, then you shouldn't be raising it from the dead?

      I could have sworn HubPages administration put in warnings. I get them everytime I check out older threads and attempt to post to them.

      Just thought I would throw that out there considering you've posted now a total of 8 times to the forums.